5 Tips That Will Help You Pick the Best Wedding Band

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by Stephanie Kaloi

wedding bands from brent & jess

I have a tattoo of my son’s feet on the back of my right calf. I love this tattoo because it reminds me of so many things: my son, obviously, but also of his early struggle (he spent a month in the NICU), and how tiny his feet once were. While this tattoo is perfect for me, tattoos aren’t for everybody—which is why the custom fingerprint wedding bands from Brent&Jess are genius. These rings are such a great option for anyone who loves the idea of permanently inking the fingerprints of the one they love on their own body… but aren’t so into that, really. Maybe you don’t want to ink the prints, but you’d totally wear them for your entire married life.

Diving into the world of wedding band shopping can be scary. What really matters? What doesn’t? With that in mind, we came up with tips for wedding band shopping—and ideas for how Brent&Jess can help you get the wedding bands you’ve been looking for.


you should set a budget early

Generally speaking, you’ll want to spend 3 percent to 5 percent of your wedding budget on rings. Obviously the real dollar amount will vary as wedding budgets do—that’s fine. Luckily, really great rings don’t have to cost as much as you might think. For example, Brent&Jess’s narrow women’s bands (2.5 mm wide) begin at $195, and the price goes up if you want a gold or platinum band instead.

28807552842_8965465f6e_kget a ring that feels like you

When it comes to picking out wedding bands, your lifestyle is way more important than you might realize. If you’re the type of person who is forever knocking into things, you might want to spring for a hard metal. If you tend to lose things, you should probably consider going with a lower dollar ring, just in case you need to replace it. Likewise, you don’t want to spring for a band just because it’s pretty—you should get one that feels comfortable on your finger and is aesthetically pleasing (like this olive branch ring for $245).

Narrow Olive branch interior tip fingerprint ring

think about the future

I’m all in for trends, but when it comes to a wedding band, I encourage you to think long term. Wedding trends come and go (oh boy, do they ever), but a timeless wedding band is forever in style. Plus, if you opt for a fingerprint wedding band, you’ll always carry one another with you (which is way better than falling in line with a trend because the Internet says to, right?). As Brent&Jess explain:

We don’t offer rings that won’t hold up over time. You may love the trend of the halo ring, but they are cocktail rings that will lose stones and break if worn every day. We make rings that are practical to wear every day.


it’s okay if ethics matter

Shopping around for ethically sourced wedding bands can give you a headache most of the time, but Brent&Jess make it easy with their line of custom organic fingerprint rings. On that note, if supporting small businesses gives you a high, you can trust that you’re absolutely doing so when you get your own Brent&Jess band, since they’re one hundred percent family-owned business that puts customers at the very, very forefront.

matched sets are super adorable (if they’re your thing)

One of the things I love most about Brent&Jess is that they offer so many matched set options: I think there’s something impossibly romantic about wedding bands that go together. That doesn’t mean that unmatched rings are any lesser, but if matching bands are your thing, these guys are the best. Of course, if you’re sitting there scheming up a custom ring design, Brent&Jess can handle that, too:

No two rings are alike in detail and design. We have to confirm and double-check every detail to be sure we deliver the ring they had in mind. We create beautiful custom work that is made by hand, and also have customer service that is rarely seen these days.


Whether you’re looking for something for your wedding, a special event, or to remember a loved one, Brent&Jess have wedding bands, engagement rings (including gemstone options), childhood inspirations, and memorial items you’ll treasure.

Get in touch to find out more about snagging the best wedding band for you!

Stephanie Kaloi

Stephanie is a photographer, writer, and Ravenclaw living in California with her family. She is super into reading, road trips, and adopting animals on a whim. Forewarning: all correspondence will probably include a lot of punctuation and emoji (!!! ? ? ?).

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  • Dess

    We got our wedding bands from Brent & Jess and could not be happier with them!! The process was straightforward, they were great to communicate with, and the rings are perfect. :) We’re already talking about what other milestones in our lives we want to mark with their jewelry.

  • LJ

    Can I get some anecdotal evidence (hah..) on rings that aren’t gold? I would love to upgrade to gold eventually but that might be something I save for to have a few years down the road. I have heard silver is so soft that it scratches quite easily, and also tarnishes. I ride my bike a lot and am quite active (although I remove my ring, as well as all other jewelry, for most of the sports I do) and I am a klutz so durability does really matter.

    Affordability-wise, silver or similar would be amazing but I just can’t help but thing it’ll be ruined beyond recognition within a year or two. I can get a plain small gold band with my budget, but I would love more…

  • Natasha Romanova

    I know sponsored posts are necessary and I won’t complain about that, but I wish you wouldn’t give them such misleading titles. These aren’t really tips, they’re one liners designed to make this company look attractive.

    • khshire

      Tips can absolutely be one-liners and I think these tips hold up without any mention of a sponsor. But it is fun to look at the pictures of rings…

  • Lisa

    I’d love to hear what others have done with finding a wedding ring that looks good next to a vintage engagement ring. My engagement ring has a stone that is raised up a bit, and a hexagonal shape (like so: __/ ) so most wedding bands would leave a gap. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • LJ

      A lot of jewelers selling matching engagement-wedding sets and you could just buy the wedding half?




      Style-wise, I’m sure matching the metal goes a long way (white v yellow v rose gold)…. but wedding bands with cutouts for giant rocks seem fairly common where I’ve been looking….. (I do not have a giant engagement rock so it has actually been annoying to find often haha)

      • LJ

        My above comment had a link to a jewelry store page just to show the cutout ring styles… I don’t work for the store or anything, just thought a concrete example would be awesome. It was obviously edited out by a human (hey APW!) because some text was removed too. Is that not allowed? Cmon, censorship is lame. The store wasn’t even in the USA so it’s not like it could even provide products for the majority of the readership here…..ffs

        • stephanie

          Hey! I actually emailed you about this, but am happy to answer here. I removed the links because this is a sponsored post and our sponsors are a) very important to us and b) a big part of what keeps APW going—but you can always share the links in Happy Hours or in non-sponsored posts.

          Also, personal note: “lame” is offensive language. Helpful info: http://www.tolerance.org/blog/let-s-disable-word-lame

      • Hey now, mixed metals is on-trend at the moment! You do you!

        • LJ

          ………..she was asking for an opinion and I gave mine……?

    • Catherine McK

      I had a ring custom made to match my vintage engagement ring’s band in the same type of metal. I just embraced the gap because I wanted to be able to wear it solo too.

    • guest

      My ring is emerald cut, but a round shaped ring fit it just fine (I even regularly get complements on the unique look):
      Also, where I am it is becoming common to wear a wedding band on the left hand and an engagement band on the right hand because of the engagement ring/wedding ring fit issue. Of course this is a ludicrous NYC our diamonds are too big thing. But if you like the idea, then do it!

      • toomanybooks

        Lol. It’s not always a too-big diamond thing! My ring is really big but most of it is just metal – the center is a big circle with a star shape on top and then a small diamond in the center. I’m also assuming I’m either going to have a gap (because I don’t want a “diamond cutout” ring shape) or wear the rings on different hands.

    • toomanybooks

      Lang Antiques! They sell mostly vintage jewelry, but also have a line of their own vintage-inspired wedding bands that go perfectly with vintage engagement rings (especially Art Deco, which is what I needed). Here’s one that might work for you:

    • Just wear your engagement band on your right hand, and your wedding band on your left if the gap bothers you. There really are no rules [that matter] about which rings should be worn where/when/how.

      This is sorta important if your engagement ring has any filigree or side detail. Having another ring rub up against it for eternity will rub out all that detail over time! Especially if the two rings are of different metallic hardness.

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  • Just want to say that the link you posted to the “organic” custom fingerprint rings is a bit misleading. From looking through their website, it seems that “organic” refers to the shape of the edge of the ring. I’m not sure how that’s organic (and how metal can indeed be organic), but please feel free to educate me! Additionally, there’s no information on where the metal comes from–is it recycled? Ethically mined? I’m not convinced that these rings qualify as being the right fit for an ethically minded shopper. On the flip side, as you mention, buying custom items from a small, independently run business is great! And, they don’t automatically plate their rings with rhodium which is a chemically intense process that can easily pollute water if not done correctly–phew!

    • Hi Caitlin! You are right the design is Organic in feel. We do use ethically sourced materials too! We use vendors that use recycled materials! The other things we do in our shop are use products for crafting that are more environmentally friendly, citrus based cleaners vs traditional acids, recycling all things possible and buying supplies locally where possible. Yes, and no Rhodium plating as standard practice!

      • That is awesome, thanks for your reply!