Practical Save The Dates

First of all, I owe you all a huge thank you. I was freaking out about our Save The Dates recently, which is a nice way to say I was freaking out about wedding stress (how is it that even when you try not to stress about weddings, you stress about weddings?). You all were so supportive in the comments, sharing tales of stupid wedding fights, and crafty Save The Date ideas. A few of you emailed me your amazing Save The Dates, and gave me permission to share them. Here we go:
This email Save The Date comes from two writers. It’s simple, but so effective.
This email Save The Date cracks me up! This was a snapshot of their real fridge, turned into a wedding announcement. Apparently guest had tons of fun guessing the fridge contents and finding things on the fridge.
This cool DIY Save The Date has a map inside, marked with places in New York that are important to the couple (and got our creative juices flowing!) See more details over here.

The wisest words came from Jessica who said: You know, it doesn’t matter if something is cliche or everyone does it – just draw something you like and send it out! Think of it as an invite for a really kickass, over the top dinner party.

Our Save The Date is now under construction… when they go out, I’ll update you.

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  • These are so great! And look very easy to do, too. Love these ideas. Because it’s true, you really should have fun with the Save-the-Date. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Cheers, Jen

  • Can’t wait to see yours!

  • I like the books! So clever. Our save the dates are bookmarks. Our guests seem to really like them, but don’t want to use them as book marks.

  • All three of those are great, but i especially love the fridge one… so cute!


  • I love the book one. Very cute.

  • I love the top one with the books (I am a huge bookworm). This makes me want to change my mind and do STD’s!

  • Soo cute! I love the one with the books… personal and clever… :)

  • great post thanks for the ideas.

  • love these!