Prop. 8 News

I know quite a number of you care about what is going on with Prop 8 in California – and some of you really care, since its your marriages that are being legislated away. So, I had to pass on the most informative article I’ve read so far: The Law and Prop. 8 (which just happened to be written by my better half’s Constitutional Law Professor.)

And, now that I’m done informing you, the front page article from the San Francisco Chronicle today just feels good: Prop 8 Backlash Grows. Now that we’re done feeling sad, lets start getting angry, because we’ve got work to do.

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  • This is a really interesting article. I sincerely hope that the court of CA will decide against considering Prop 8 as an amendment and this assault on equal rights can be invalidated. But the scariest possibility is the retroactive application of this measure which would truly be a degradation of the legal system.

    Please continue to keep us East coast supporters in tune with anything we can do in this struggle. Your right we have plenty of work to do and if we keep fighting for what is right I am sure that we can win this fight. Thanks for posting on this!

    (sorry for the deleted posts above, they had a typo, teaches me to try to write comments at night when I should be in bed)

  • Sad is so last week, this week is all about anger and action.

    Bridechka, check my blog for the link to Saturday’s protests, going on all across the country at a City Hall near you. The link is at the top of the right column.

    If your city is not on the list, organize a protest of your own!

  • Thanks Luis! I will definitely check it out.

  • I just cannot wrap my mind around the idea that one couple is better than another. I have never heard a single sane secular reason for why conservatives think that they must have more legislation just so they don’t have to think about something icky.

    It’s just like interracial marriage and hopefully just like that people will start to wise up and it will be protected as well.