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  • Class of 1980

    Totally YES!!!

    We ALWAYS let a customer know when they’re getting a deal. And we make it very clear whether or not the deal is a one-time thing.

    It’s good to price yourself competitively after you researched what others are charging. But if you drastically undercut your competition, what you have done is set the bar too low for everyone, not just yourself. You are then just “giving it away”. Over a period of time, what was a perfectly decent business for everyone involved can become so devalued that it becomes worthless to pursue anymore.

    Most new products make good money until someone comes along and decides to give it away. Then it’s “Game Over” for everyone else. ;)

  • This post is so great, because I feel guilty about my lofty goals. I feel guilty having lofty goals because I am already so blessed and feel very happy with my life (and try my best to focus on the simple pleasures), but I still want MORE. Mostly professionally – I really want to start my own ecotourism consulting firm but the path there will be so difficult. And then even if I manage to get there, will it take me away from my potential future family?

    But every once in awhile, a great post like this will come along to remind me that its OK to want these things . . . so thank you!