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by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Dear Team Practical,

Today is the day! The APW Book Tour officially launches today at 6pm at Green Apple Books in San Francisco! It’s been… more work than I can even comprehend getting here. But here we are! So, in honor of the day, we’re doing a full day of book related content. We have Big News this afternoon (get excited!), but this morning, we thought we’d start with something fun.

When Maddie and I were daydreaming about online advertising for the book last fall, we kept coming up with funny slogans. And then we came up with more funny slogans. And then even more funny slogans. And we wanted to use them all. So, we finally decided to make downloadable book badges with All The Jokes. Because that’s how we roll here. So these ads will now run on the APW site, but we’re also giving them to you. If you loved the book (or just want to support APW), pick your favorite button (there is one for everyone) and share it wherever you want: Facebook! Twitter! Your blog! And link it back to the book. Or, you know, just read them and giggle. Because this was totally the most fun part of planning the book launch.

But mostly? Happy APW Book Launch Day you guys! This wouldn’t have happened without you, and I expect to raise a glass with as many of you as possible tonight! And now, ze ads!

APW Book Ad

This is how I sold the book. Right here. Everyone told me, “Blah blah, there are a lot of wedding books.” And I was like, “Right. You totally have a job. Now just take a look-see and tell me if you can afford the wedding they are selling you here.” And, “Oh wait. Why are you sobbing now? Told you I needed to write this book.”

APW Book Ad

Ok, fine, it’s more of a Marx allusion. But putting it in there was totally a joke. Special commendation goes to the commenter who noticed it, laughed, and can tell me what page it’s on.

APW Book Ad

The Unity Candle has its origin in a 70s era soap opera. And God only knows who invented the aisle runner. Which doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Just that people can’t keep telling you that you are disrespecting tradition if you don’t. Related: People, man.

APW Book Ad

I know. Right?

APW Book Ad

I am annoyed that none of my reviews are mentioning that the whole book is gender neutral. GAH! This is the single best secret feature of the book. It was also a super pain in the ass to write, since The Chicago Manual of Style has not caught up with gender neutrality. (Also, Liz told me I should say that the book “isn’t your Granny’s etiquette book.” And I was like, “But it sort of is.” Your Granny knew a thing or two about weddings.)

APW Book Ad

You’re getting married. The last thing you need is another G-D list. Or timeline. Or a passive aggressive reminder that real brides have… dressers? Favors? Millions of dollars? No. What you need are some helpful hints about how you’re going to let all the planning go when the wedding day arrives, pass your spreadsheets on to someone else, and bliss out.

APW Book Ad

Because that’s just a historically documented fact.

APW Book Ad

Ok. Maybe you think you don’t need this book (though I’d argue you probably do). But let’s say you don’t need the book. I betcha know someone who does…. (cough, cough, cough).

APW Book Ad

This is possibly the most important message of the book. What I didn’t get before the book was published was how much everyone needed to hear it because almost no one else was saying it. Which makes me want to punch people, but I digress. The tear spattered emails full of relief are the very best part of the book being out there in the world. Hurrah.

APW Book Ad

Indeed. F*ck em.

Happy APW Book Launch Day you guys. Happy, happy.



Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • Oh these are so funny and exciting ! I am at work during a break now, but will totally put one of those in the blog as soon as I get home . Now the difficult decision is WHICH of them.

  • Carbon Girl

    Oh man. Those are great! I especially like the last one. It is amazing how the WIC can make otherwise sane women agonize over chairs! Like I had ever noticed them before unless they were a) dirty or b) broken.

  • Oh these make me so happy!!

  • Karen

    I did catch that it was gender neutral and I’m sure that it was a pain in the a** to make everything agree (although the book does appear to be written just to women). I was wondering if you had big conversations about how to make it clear that this is a book for everyone, including glbtq folks. Truly, if I didn’t know about this site and just saw the book on the shelf, I would walk right past it because of the woman in the white dress on the cover. I am a femme and I think it’s pretty but I wouldn’t think it was for me, a woman in a same sex relationship.

    But because I know what this site is about I was willing to take a chance that the writing was gender neutral. There was one spot where you said a man’s name “and his husband” which I really appreciated. It must have been hard to try and figure out, “do I have a specific place that says this book is for everyone, including glbtq, or do I just let everyone figure it out on their own?” Both ways have their pros and cons, of course. But if I didn’t know this site and the little bit I know of you through your writing, I wouldn’t have bought the book. Kind of sad when many of the glbtq focused wedding books aren’t anywhere this good. Guess I’m tired of being bashed and try to stay away from anything that continues the hetero norm; it gets old living in two worlds. Perhaps a blurb on the back that says “this book is for everyone! I’m not kidding!”

    • meg

      I consciously took the tack that weddings are weddings, and I would rather have a book with gay people and straight people and queer people all being treated the same way (because there are lesbians, gay men, and queer couples all quoted in the book), then to make a big deal about having a section on GAY WEDDINGS. There is an argument to be made on both sides, but at least for the book, I fall on the side of “weddings are just weddings, because love is just love.” Plus, I’d rather have someone who’s NOT gay friendly pick up the book, and have the message slowly filter into their brain.

      So! Now it’s about spreading the message through word of mouth! You could write an Amazon review on the subject to start (hint hint!).

      As for the cover, there wasn’t a particular way to message that it was for everyone. But, I fought hard to have it just be a bride on the cover, NOT a bride and a groom. Yeah, it’s a sort of femmy bride, but some of us are femmy and some of us are not, gay and straight, amiright?

      • Karen

        I will write a review on Amazon because I did find it helpful and appreciated the way that all weddings are treated the same. I really appreciate your conscious thought around how things are worded and being clear that having a strong, healthy relationship is what this is all about.

        May I suggest an ad on Equally Wed, a gay website? Of course, ads on the Curve website, the Advocate, etc would also help in spreading the word. I know you have a lot on your plate right now and I certainly don’t have any contacts at those organizations, but it would be one way to say that yes, this book is for everyone.

        What matters most is the thoughtfulness and intention of the words in the book, much more important than the cover (and I really dig those red shoes!). You did an amazing job of putting it all together.

        • meg

          What I really need is PRESS with those organizations, not an ad. But yes, I have lots on my plate right now ;) If anyone knows anyone though, and wants to give me a contact, I will get my publicist on it in a red hot minute.

  • Oh my god I love these! One is going up on my site right now… I just can’t choose which!!

  • Ok…these are great. But for the blog illiterate, how do I put one on my blog like for reals, not just in a post?

    • I feel your pain! I just figured it out in WordPress for anyone who is wondering. If you go to the Widget section in your Dashboard there’s a widget to add images to your sidebar. Just drag that over to your sidebar and add the image URL and link it to the book. Voila!

  • Done!

  • Jessie

    Just last night I was telling a friend how I had BRIEFLY toyed with the idea of renting chairs for $8/chair before I reflected back on the wisdom of the two wedding blogs I read (APW & OBB) and had realized that anyone who would obsess & complain over my chairs isn’t someone I need to listen to. I’m sending her the last poster now!

  • Aaahhh THE CHAIRS! Yes, the chairs. That was one of the best lessons before my wedding. Pay for the pretty white chairs or the cheaper, ugly brown chairs? Picked the brown and no one cared. :)

    I eagerly await your new Plotz and Planz!!

  • Lauren

    Those are fantastic!

    I’ve read the book twice now; it’s all covered in scribbles and post-it notes so I can bring myself back to places and say SEE! I’m not doing it totally WRONG!!

    Best of luck tonight.

  • These are all so cool, I just want to use them all! I was going to blog about APW today anyway, so, duh, reading my mind?!

  • Laura

    These are awesome. That is all.

  • PA

    I love them all, but the last one is unequivocally my favorite – I am DEFINITELY putting it on my blog. Also, pinterest, if that’s okay with you, as we need to have something to counter all those pictures of Chiavari chairs…

    • meg

      Pinterest is great. ROCK IT OUT ladies.

      • Um yes because I need to see the “F*ck ’em” one in my wedding inspiration board for sure! Glad to know it’s okay with you Meg!

      • PA

        As you wish! *bows* (Okay, Pinterest…and then time to watch Princes Bride!)

  • So adorable! Love the quotes.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. F*ck ’em.

  • Laurel

    Funny story about aisle runners. We got married outside. The aisle was a cobblestone path. My dress was made out of lace. My bridesmaids were all wearing tall (scary looking to me) heels. My Mom was super concerned the cobbles would snag my dress, I was concerned that if we covered up the (uneven) cobbles with fabric one of the bridesmaids would go down.

    We came up with a plan. The bridesmaids would walk down the aisle and then our two ushers would unroll the runner and my Dad and I would walk down the aisle. We neglected to factor in the wind. They unrolled the aisle runner in 10 seconds, and then the whole thing blew up in the air like the enormous sail that it was. They barely managed to catch and contain it. But I got to walk down the aisle laughing with my Dad. My dress didn’t get torn either.

    In conclusion, “your mom doesn’t need that aisle runner.”

    • meg


  • I had a serious mental struggle here. Do I plug the gender neutrality or the fuck ’em-chairs??!!

    I went with the chairs. WIN.

  • Kate W.

    That last one is totally my favorite. F*ck ’em.

  • practical cat

    For the less tech-savy, how do we add one of these to facebook?

    • meg

      Just save the image, and post it! Or post the link, and pick an image as a thumbnail.

  • sarah


    … because it reminds me of my Momma’s mantra, which she passed on to me: “F*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

    Somebody doesn’t like something you’ve done? thinks you’ve done it wrong? that they could do it better? but you’re totally down with it, think it’s effin’ great? Well, f*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!

    So. Liberating.

  • These are so great; I can’t wait to put one on my blog!

  • These are awesome, how to choose? I just saved them all and might have to rotate them every once and a while. But one is up! Have a great time tonight we’ll be ready for you in Brooklyn on the 28th!

  • That last one made me laugh outloud! ha ha

    Related story: I gave the book to my 2012 couples just a week or two ago and got this Thank You email from one of them just this morning before I came and saw this post – I kid you not… “Oh, before I forget THANK YOU for the APW book! It was a great read and really gave me permission to not give a shit. When my mother-in-law is all, “you have to pay for comfortable chairs instead of using the free metal ones provided, ” I’ll be all “I don’t care unless you want to pay for them. ” So liberating. Thanks again.”

    haha. So “F*ck ‘Em if they don’t like the chairs” was all too perfect this morning! HA!

  • Kathleen

    Do you know that I have been married for 8.5 months and I did not know until RIGHT NOW that I did not throw a bouquet? I had talked about it, decided unequivocally against a garter toss, but I’m pretty sure I had decided in favor of throwing the bouquet. Well, maybe not. But I think that as recently as reading yesterday’s wedding graduate post, wherein the bouquet toss and garter toss are mentioned, I actually thought I had done it. I didn’t remember it, of course, because it didn’t happen, but I didn’t miss it so I assumed it was there. Or something like that.

    Point of the story: It’s okay if you don’t throw the bouquet.

    • meg

      I was going to throw my bouquet as I left, but then I looked down at it and decided I wanted to keep it. Oops!

  • Lisa

    LOVE these. Have promoted it on my Facebook and Livejournal :)

  • I want to use all of these. I may just rotate ’em through.

  • Laura

    Y’all. (By which I mean Meg and the whole APW team)

    I just need to say that you and Super Runaway have some seriously awesome design mojo. Seriously. Every time you roll out a new APW feature I am so delighted with the design. It is delicious! How is it so delicious?! The new book promo badges are no exception. They are super.

    Nice work, team!

    • meg

      Liz and I say thank you :)

  • Lacey

    I pinned the F*CK EM one on Pinterest. 3 repins so far :-D

  • Done as well.

    Hope book sales continue to go well for you Meg :)

  • Well, now I feel bad for wanting the chairs. :-(

    • If having the nice chairs makes you feel happier, then go for it! I think the point was more that those who really don’t care what kind of chairs they have don’t have to agonize over it.


    Haha great ads!!! I just wanted to say that I JUST got my book in the mail and ran upstairs to my bedroom and am going to start reading it now!!! So excited!

  • Love “wedding planning for normal people” and the chairs one! Pinned them on my pinterest board already :-)

    Also, I feel super lucky that as a brand new reader (well..started reading in December) I was able to meet Meg last night at the book signing…it was so much fun, I’m sure more people will post on Monday but I will say that…the rumors are true, Meg is just as funny, charming and spunky in “real life” as she is on the aspect of real life we experience on the blog :-)

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