Shrugs and Feathers

I stumbled upon pictures of this amazing wedding on photographer Thayer Allyson Gowdy’s site, and I had to share them. First off, I’m in love with the bride’s jacket. One of the very first things I ever posted on this site was about bridal shrugs, and now that I know what my dress is going to look like, I’m going back to my roots to try to figure out how I’m going to stay warm. I’m getting married in the Bay Area in August, which means it will either be hot-hot-hot, or freezing and wrapped in fog. So, needless to say, I need a backup plan.
Second of all, can we *talk* about her flowers?? Swoon! I know that everyone says that when you are DIY/DIT-ing your flowers you should keep it simple, but I’m absolutely not in that camp. Be brave! Be brave! Flowers are not scary! (Perfectionism is scary) Which is a fancy way of saying: I love feathers! I want feathers in my bouquet! I need to remember to buy some feathers.

Mmmmm…. feathers.

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  • mmm feathers is right! and the shrug is right on.

  • mmmmmmmmm!!!!! I want feathers and a shrug as well! I really wanted the JCrew yellow shoes with feathers, but they are way over priced, so i’m going to DIY with feathers and all.

    I totally agree with you that it’s not scary as long as you’re willing to be flexible!!

  • I love the feathers and I love the shrug!

  • I love this bouquet! Gorgeous.

  • Woooow! I love how dark her bouquet is too – the wine colours! The shrug is gorgeous as well.

    I saw here a couple of winters ago a bride wearing a very cute fluffy cape sort of thing – like a mink (faux of course) white caplet about her shoulders tied with a white satin ribbon. I loved the look but I guess it would only look appropriate if your wedding was in winter.

  • ooh flowers are awesome!

  • ahem – feathers, I meant.

  • yes, the jacket is so beautiful!

  • Feathers are so in right now! Don’t be scared, embrace, there are so many cute things to do with them.

    Ditto for shrugs. It’s a good time for killer details.

  • I know how cold SF can be if the fog rolls in! I’ve ordered the cute lace shrug from holly on Etsy, but maybe this wool capelet would be able to keep you warmer:

  • i had feathers in my bouquet … in my hair … in my jacket … i just can’t get enough of feathers. and i am totally into the shrug.

  • I love the qual/hawk/turkey feathers that have a more rustic, natural feel to them, as compared to the showy peacock and white poofs that some brides opt for.

    Be bold. Go for the turkey feathers. :)

  • Yea! My bouquet is going to be almost all feathers. Check out some other gorgeous feathery goodness: