Simple, Simple, Simple, True.

Um…. in case you guys are like me, and don’t actually read a ton of wedding blogs* and hence missed this… you need to check out the amazing simple surprise wedding that happened in Central Park on Valentines day, on the always lovely 100 Layer Cake.

I don’t know why I love simple weddings with simple short planning as much as I do (I mean, ours wasn’t THAT simple). But, I think it has something to do with looking at them and seeing the point of the whole thing. There is no fluff in the way, and that seems so right.

*Secret’s out. I only read a few (obviously including 100LC). But then, I’m not getting married again.
Photo: Scott Clark, who shot the wedding last minute. Awwww….

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  • Luuuuv the red boots!!

  • I am all about those red boots too! Killer.

  • I want that cardigan. Right now.
    What a great wedding, sometimes, I think that's how they should all be done. Short, low-stress and beautiful.

  • Those boots are amazing. I, too, have a thing for simplistic weddings, especially since I'm now on the married side of all the craziness. Before we got married, I was (obviously) interested in the deeper side of things, but equally interested in making pretty things for the party and keeping calm. With those two things out of the way, it's so much easier to have a clearer view of the day (see:

  • Loveee those red boots!

  • I completely agree. Simple, understated, frank weddings like this one and small parties at the court house with restaurants afterward always get me excited. But I want to know more about them- how do they simplify? How do their families fit into their lovely, simple plans…???

  • Meg

    Take it from the other direction. It's not simplifying, it's starting with the basics – partner, vows, officiant, immediate family, maybe an outfit, and then only adding extra's if you really really want them.

  • Little red boots! I have a thing for these:

  • ME TOO. (few wedding blogs) but, LOVE simple weddings. a girl just emailed me to let me know she is getting married at out venue, WITH 12 PEOPLE. YAY!