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Are You Stressed About Booking Wedding Transportation?

Skedaddle can fix that

Coming fresh off of planning a remote event for a hundred people (not unlike, say, a wedding weekend), I can tell you this: transportation really takes the cake for the thing that seems like it shouldn’t be that hard, but somehow requires a half dozen phone calls (phone calls, really?) resulting in random price quotes scribbled on scraps of paper until you’re not sure which one was for round-trip, which one had the driver at a separate hourly rate, and which one was your friend’s cousin who agreed to give you a discount under the table.

Which is why when I heard about Skedaddle and their instant prices and easy booking process, I was like, “Um, yesss, finally?! THIS is the way to book a charter bus.”

People in formal clothes drinking champagne in a skedaddle limo-like bus

Unlike traditional transportation services, Skedaddle is refreshingly simple to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to their site or download their app.
  • Type in your starting and ending location, and enter a few details, like how many passengers and whether you’d like a one-time ride (maybe, say, to bring your wedding party from the ceremony to portraits to reception) or to run continuous bus shuttles (as in, taking your guests from their hotel to the venue and back again).
  • Instantly browse a range of vehicle sizes and types, from executive vans to festive party buses to classic school buses—with, drumroll…
  • Totally transparent pricing info. As in, you don’t even have to hand over your email address!
  • Skedaddle vets their trusted operators for you to provide a safe and comfortable ride, so all you have to pick is the configuration that best fits your needs, then add your credit card to book your trip, and you’re good to go.

Right now, Skedaddle operates in the New York City and Boston metro areas, but they are expanding to select cities all over the US as early as this month, so check back to see if they are in your area! (You betcha I want them around for summer camp next year.)

Wedding party on a skeddadle bus, toasting

Because our job is to be your personal guinea pigs, Keriann and I took Skedaddle’s software out for a spin to see how streamlined the process really is. And y’all, you should have heard the two of us on the phone. You know the faces people make when they walk into a freshly renovated house on HGTV? Well, instant prices for literally anything in the wedding industry is our shiplap. Here are a few different wedding scenarios we tried out:

skedaddle webpage interface showing a map of New York and bus options

Case 1: You’re getting married in the Hudson Valley, but basically all of your wedding party and your guests are Manhattan-based and are like… what is driving? With Skedaddle, you can take 25 people on a medium-size bus for $1,401.66 or a classic school bus (which holds up to 40) for $996.16.

Skedaddle website interface showing a map of hudson valley and bus options

Case 2: You reserved a hotel block close to your venue and want peace of mind that your guests are going to get back to their rooms safely after the rockin’ reception you and your partner are throwing. With Skedaddle, you can shuttle up to 40 people on a large bus for $1,264.68 or on a school bus for $730.05.

black wedding charter van from Skedaddle

Also, as someone who recently planned a bunch of wedding adjacent events for friends, it’s worth noting that Skedaddle isn’t just for big events. Had I known about them last year, I would have told my sister to book one of their buses for her Boston bachelorette party in a heartbeat. In fact, Skedaddle was originally started as a way to offer city dwellers bus-pooling options to get out of the city, so if you’re in the Boston or NYC-area and not planning a wedding, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if they will take you somewhere you want to go (think $10 trips to the beach in the summer or $10 trips to Gillette Stadium for Patriots games this fall, which is way cheaper and chiller than the train).

bride and wedding party in a large black skeddadle van

If you’re anything like us, you probably waited a little too long to think about your wedding transportation (what, you were busy!) and are now feeling just a tad stressed out about the giant question mark in front of that task. So go ease your worries and see if Skedaddle has services in your area. Heck, you could even book a bus in the time it took you to read this post. Now, if we could just get every other wedding vendor on board with this methodology, well… that would be too easy.

This post was sponsored by Skedaddle. Skedaddle takes wedding transportation off your to-do list with easy, streamlined booking and instant price quotes. Skedaddle vets all of their bus operators to provide the safest and most comfortable ride without the hassle of a traditional charter experience. Click here to get an instant price and book with Skedaddle today.

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