Sponsored Post: Gabriel Harber Photography

I get to write about Gabriel Harber Photography again, which is always nice for me. I always say this, but I’ve known Gabriel and his work for a long time, pre-wedding photography, and way pre-wedding blogging. And I am very very fond of his work, by which I mean to say I love it. And we’ve been known to attend his slightly bohemian parties, which means I have a feeling you’d like him too. And now he’s shooting weddings and you can hire him for that? What? Yeah, I think that would be a very good idea.

So! Gabriel Harber Photography operates out of Oakland, CA and serves the San Francisco Bay Area… and beyond. This post is about beyond. He’s offering APW couples free travel for Los Angeles, San Diego, and anywhere within 2 hours drive of San Francisco. That opens up a great APW option for some of you couples outside of my current sponsor reach. Yay! Now go browse.

Picture is from Hannah & Jared’s wedding, which I might be slightly obsessed with because (rather obviously) they are team practical members, and (rather obviously) they had the best wedding in the world… and they have not written us a wedding graduate post. Sigh.

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  • Alyssa

    Nobody commented? Probably cause they are still all reading the Name Change comments…

    But hey! You guys in the CA area should take advantage of this deal! You don’t know how awesome free travel is; my photographer provided it and after having heard what other photog’s charge for travel, I am immensely grateful.