Thinking about eloping?

Eloping generally means running away, just the two of you. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, read this frank discussion of what to be emotionally prepared for, from someone who did it. Also, notes from calling off a big wedding. (And, if you’re thinking of something more along the lines of a small courthouse wedding, we have tons of resources for City Hall Weddings over here.)

Flowers! To clutch!

Even at a simple elopement, most people like to have flowers. If you’re throwing together something simple and quick, check out our grocery store wedding bouquet tutorial, or our single flower bouquet tips. If you’re going a little more complex, check out all our flower tutorials over here.


You might not have your best girlfriend with you to help you do your hair and makeup, so we’ll be your pretend best girlfriend for the day by giving you whatever hair and makeup pointers you need, ok? OMG SO EXCITED FOR YOU EEEE!

The Delayed Reception (or hell, wedding)

When you elope, it’s not unusual to throw a party later. Maybe, like our erstwhile managing editor Maddie, you elope and then have a big wedding a year later. Maybe one (or both) of your moms throws you a reception after the fact. Maybe you invite friends over to your house for pizza and beer before you get hitched. Regardless, remember that just because people didn’t see you make it legal, doesn’t mean they don’t want to celebrate with you.

Dress (or Pants!) Shopping

The very best thing about eloping is that you can just wear the prettiest outfit in your closet, and it immediately becomes the most special outfit you’ve got. But if you are trying to find a cute white dress quickly and affordably, check out our shopping section. We’re constantly looking around for the best stuff, with you in mind.

Elopement Announcements

If you eloped, you might be thinking of sending out announcements to let the world know. If you are, I’m sort of obsessed with these. I hope I get one in the mail one day. Romantic!

Notice I'm not talking about logistics?

That’s because the point of an elopement is that you DON’T have to plan much.

Oh yeah! RINGS.

Need a wedding ring right quick? Check out our ring roundups for our favorite stuff. Our jewelry sponsors have beautiful and affordable options too.