Looking for gay wedding advice?

Some of my favorite advice posts are: Gender Roles in Your Big Gay Wedding and this getting started advice (the section on handling well meaning but stupid questions is the best).

Butch & Femme Wedding Style

While we have tons of shopping roundups for you to have fun with, may I also point out our Butch and Femme wedding style posts? Personally, I want every single thing in the femme post. Fake eyelashes foreva! We’ve also got bow ties for the ladies going on over here. Also, check out our Brides In Pants Tumblr and Brides In Pants posts, if that’s your thing. Oh! Oh! And our Tomboy flower girl roundup.

The Story of Planning a Queer Wedding

Contributing editor Elisabeth’s story about marrying her hunk, K, in New York City in 2013, is by turns thoughtful and hilarious. It’s also a damn fine way to spend an afternoon.

The Fight for Marriage Equality

If you’re having a political day (as I am, most days), you can read APW’s long history of posts about marriage equality right here. I love this articulate essay on the case for (and against) queer marriage from within the LGBTQ community. This post on the aftermath of DOMA, and this post on the gift the overturn of DOMA was to a relationship, are tear jerkers. And finally, a no bullshit article you can email around to anyone who asks, about what they can politically do to support equality.

APW Pride Week

Every June, we have the staff’s favorite week of the year: APW Pride. Some of our best posts are buried in that pile. Get reading!

LGBTQ Marriage

Because no, it’s not just about the weddings, it’s about the marriage. Poke around in our LGBTQ Marriage section (and, you know, the rest of our marriage section). While you’re at it, may I suggest Secrets of a Gay Marriage, which is one of my all time favorite posts about marriage, period?