Taking A Joke

Remember when wedding graduate Nicole wrote about her wedding cake disaster? Yeah, she just had an exact replica Christmas ornament of their wedding cake made. Hilarious.

A perfect wedding day? Heaven forbid!

Picture by Pcorreia

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  • awwww.. what a great idea, Nicole… sometimes it’s good to have wedding mementos that make you laugh!

  • I love it!

  • Nice! It’s so great when a moment like that can be transformed into a really great inside joke.

  • that.is.awesome.

  • So cool. It really is the things that go wrong that make the day.

  • hehe! what a great sense of humour. My sister’s wedding cake had little red hearts iced all over it. While the cake was being transported to the venue by my dad and a family friend, some of the hearts fell off. What did they do? got a red marker and drew the hearts back on. Noone got sick (thank goodness!) and I don’t think my sister ever knew ;) it’s been a bit of an inside joke ever since, and WAY more fun than having things go perfectly.

  • One Love Photo

    That is exactly something I would do and think is SO FUNNY!Love that!

  • Christy

    Whoooooo my… oh, lordy, that’s the best ab workout I’ve had in some time. Thanks for that. I needed a bit of levity in the middle of my existential oh-my-god-this-wedding-stuff-is-so-not-me crisis.

    My new rallying cry is, “It’s just a cake/tablecloth/bunch of flowers/piece of chicken/napkin/candle”.