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Teaching a Four-Year-Old About Marriage Equality

The other night I was playing with my four-year-old niece, and she was marrying off all her little dolls in some sort of cultish mass wedding ceremony. On a school bus. Anyway, she had two extra girl dolls and said something to the effect of, “I wish these two girls could just marry each other, but they can’t.” I said sure they could, and she said that was silly. “Girls can’t marry other girls.” I insisted that they could. She said fine, but it would have to be a silly wedding and not a real wedding. “Like not in real life, not for serious.” So we had a little conversation about it and she kinda believed me, but still seemed skeptical. “I’ve never seen a girl-girl wedding before. Only boy-girl weddings.”

At which point I said I could prove that weddings don’t have to be girl-boy. So I went Facebook and pulled up the beautiful wedding photos of a dear lesbian friend. She looked at them carefully and said their dresses were very pretty and she guessed it was a real life wedding after all.

Then she asked if boys can get married too. I immediately thought of APW, and a quick search pulled up “The Mad Gay Wedding” (with Mickey Mouse no less!). Well, that clinched it. We looked at a few more diverse weddings and she exclaimed that, “Any kind of people can have a pretty, real-life wedding!”

Then the two girl dolls got married with the rest of the dolls on the bus. “Because girls can marry whoever they want to.”

The end.

Photo: The Mad Gay Wedding, by SkyeBlu Photography

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