Team Practical Meetup

I’ve gotten a flurry of emails asking for a reminder on the details, so here you go! All you ladies of the Bay Area: mark your calendars for Friday, April 16th (that’s next Friday) at 7:30 pm, Booksmith on the Haight.

I’m helping to host the San Francisco Offbeat Bride (second edition) book reading. Which means, that’s right, Ariel and I will be in the same room at the same time for the first time ever. So, here is how it’s going down… if I’m helping to host, that means you’re helping to host too. So can you show up, be lovely, SAY HI TO ME (I seriously love people so much it’s insaine, and I’ve only met two of you ever*). Then we will listen to the reading (yay! I love readings), ask Ariel questions, chat with each other, and then go have drinks. Done? Done. I’ll see you there.

PS I’m always scared of meeting bloggers who I read, so I have to re-assure you that I am not very scary at all. Unless I’m mad. Which I won’t be.

*Though I’ve started getting some very conspiratorial grins on the bus from ladies that look a lot like me… which always makes me wonder….

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  • Oohhhhh i SO wish I could go…seeing as how I’m from the bay area…but I can’t…and that sucks. But have an amazing time!!

  • sigh. I missed the Seattle reading, not that you were there, and here I am, 830 miles away, wishing I could go. have an amazing time!

  • Rachael Eisner

    Don’t worry, we can find you a bouncer.

    • Louisa

      Is this the super nice, bottle red head, awesome ring Rachael? If so, it was nice meeting you!

  • I want to go. So jealous. Alas, I live on the other side of the country.

  • jen

    I’m still super bummed I’m going to miss this. I live in the bay area- but that weekend I’ll be in Pittsburgh, hanging out with most of my best friends on the planet and eating fondue/getting sloshed. i think its called a bachelorette party? :P

    anyway, if y’all have so much fun that you decide to meet up again, I’m so there!

  • Allison


    (I’m kind of excited as I haven’t had much of a social life lately!)

    • meg


  • Kyley

    So jealous! You will all have so much fun! Post pictures so the rest of us can live vicariously?

  • robin

    Whee! I’m going to try (really hard) to make it!

  • Nicole

    Oh, so exciting! Would it be strange to de-lurk for the first time in person?

    • meg

      Nope. 99% of the site is lurkers, so. I hope you guys de-lurk!

      • kahlia

        wow, that many of us are lurkers? Does that include occasional commenters (like me), or is that just the ones who never comment? How interesting, either way. I hope people don’t think that their comments aren’t cool enough to post publicly… I’m not very cool and I comment sometimes anyway! ;)

  • I can’t wait!! And I just realized I know 3 other people in these comments (besides you, Meg). I freaking LOVE this community!!

  • I’m shy as hell, but it would probably help all the “I don’t know what I’m doing” engagement feelings. So. See you there!

    • meg

      I was totally hoping you’d come!

  • So Meg, you think you’re just going to sit there and LISTEN at the reading? You think I’m not going to make you stand up and read your sidebar!?

    *tents fingers*
    *evil smile*

    • meg

      Well shoot. There goes the weekend. Must figure out what to WEAR.

      But you know. I’m so SHY it will be horrible. (good luck getting the mike back…)

  • Also, my publisher agreed to provide cupcakes. THERE WILL BE CUPCAKES!

    • kahlia

      ok, now I’m REALLY jealous I live on another continent!
      Have fun, all of you!

  • Cat

    Can you guys come to Australia next? I know it’s kind of a hike, but it makes perfect sense. We’re known for being practical and laid back, we’re all really friendly and it’s warm and sunny…

    • Elissa

      seconded. And don’t forget lil old Perth when you do it :)

  • Ahhh, I’m way over on the East Coast, or I would SO be there – my two favorite wedding bloggers, in one room, eating cupcakes and drinking [alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) libation of your choice]? Ugh! If only teleporting was possible. :)

    • I’m on the east coast too, which makes it really tough to get to see my favourite two wedding bloggers. *sigh* Alas…

      If you guys ever make it out to Nova Scotia, drop me a note!!! :) I’d be happy to play tourguide!

  • Y’know, there are any number of reasons why I wished I lived in San Francisco, and here’s just yet another bummer. DAMMIT. Okay, the next time you’re in Boston, we should organize an East Coast meetup. First margarita’s on me.

  • Hey NYC ladies– let’s all chip in for a plane ticket for Meg so we can have an East Coast meet up!

    • Julianna

      I’d contribute to that cause!

  • Brendarling

    Why do I live on the other side of the ocean again?
    I hope you both cover this with fotos and stories?

    • meg

      Funny story that. Emily Takes Photos will be taking photos. And maybe Christina Richards too.

      • SHRIEK! Now *I* have to figure out what to wear!

  • Bah! I’m from SF but living briefly in Boston for grad school. It is so tragic that I am missing this! I used to live within walking distance of Booksmith.

  • sarah

    i wish i could go!!!! alas, i live in chicago.

  • Dang, if I were uber practical or anywhere near San Francisco I would be there!