Thank You.

It turns out y’all are just like me. You LIKE surveys.

True fact,* when I was a preteen/teen, I would lie to telephone pollsters and tell them I was 18, because I wanted to answer their questions so BADLY. (especially if it was about politics. I felt I was a much more informed non-voter at 12 than most voters were). And when blogs I read do surveys, I get so excited, and I get so sad if they only ask demographic information because I HAVE SUCH GOOD OPINIONS!

Which is a long way of saying, um, whoa. We had to turn off the survey, becuause in 12 hours a THOUSAND of you took it. And they were going to start charging is per response after that, which was a no-go. Also, super interesting fact: the percentages on every answer have held totally firm since 6 AM. You guys know what you think and you’re sticking to it. I like that in people.

So, thank you. I consider myself blessed to work on any project that so many of you care so much about. You’re all darlings. (And yes. Once I have a chance to put together some pie graphs, I will share the results.)

*Megism, in real life

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  • Wow, congrats on that! That is some serious traffic! Yay pie charts!

  • damn, i didn't even get a chance to take it!

  • So I read this in my blog feed this morning and felt like I had to tell you that when you said you would share the results I actually mimed the work "ooooooh" and Tom looked up and asked what I was excited about. I lied and said "nothing" while looking all guilty. "uh-hu" He said looking unconvinced and went back to his morning Lord of the Rings Online session. See we are both very cool!

  • Yerin

    For future reference, it's really easy to do a survey in Google Documents, and I very much doubt there's any kind of limit on that.

  • Haha wow, I knew we liked this blog a lot, but a thousand? that's a whole lot. Yay!

  • weee I'm excited to see the results. it's funny that "practical" ends up meaning "effing loves surveys." or I guess it just means we're opinionated.. either way I'm really excited for you about the response you got! what a huge community we have–!

    and I second Yerin's comment, maybe try Google Forms next time, it's wicked fun and easy and awesome, no idea if they put a limit on responses or not but I don't think so. they even make the pie charts for you..

  • I'm mostly just sad I didn't get to participate. I think I just missed it based on when other people commented that it was saying it was closed, but I'm still very excited to see the results of the other readers.

  • Yay!! I think it helped that you made the survey super easy and didn't require us to write paragraphs for every question. (Not that it would have been a problem for the more verbose among us…and by us I mean me.)

    And I just badly dated myself when I read "True fact," because in my head I went, "Truuue Storrry!!" like Jon the Virgin Cowboy used to do in the opening credits of Real World: LA.

  • i LOVE pie graphs…especially ones where I've contributed data!!!

  • Meg–I just wanted to say thanks for having a survey for us! I'm a looong time lurker, but I jumped at the chance to take the survey. I'm pretty proud of myself for being one of the 1000. I'm glad I stopped lurking for a bit!

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the AMAZING work!

  • Sarah

    hellz yea!!! ;)