This Is Why I Love Maggie Mason (nee Berry)

Do you read Mighty Girl? If you don’t, you must, because Maggie is just about my favorite blogger of all time. I’ve been reading her for, well, years. It helps that she’s five years older then I am and lives in San Francisco, so she’s like that super cool slightly older girl who gives you something to live up to.

Anyway, I was digging through her archives, and stumbled upon this snippet from when she was getting married, filed under What Year Is It Again? I trust you will enjoy it:

An all-too-familiar excerpt from Here Comes the Guide Companion magazine Spring 2003:

“Don’t forget: That man in the corner is your fiance. While you may have intended to plan the entire wedding yourself, consider including him in the process. Because he loves you, he’ll tag along with you to the florist, caterer, photographer and wedding planner. And because he loves you, he’ll forgive you for saying stream-of-consciousness things like, “Oh honey don’t you just love this it’s so adorable how does it look on me oooh I just have to have it!” Even though he probably won’t share your boundless enthusiasm for picking out party favors or linens, he’ll do what he can–chauffeur you around and say “uh-huh” a lot, despite the fact that he really doesn’t understand much of what’s going on.”

Dear anonymous author,

Bite me.

Maggie Berry

Excellent. I’m crossing that off my list of open letters that need writing. Phew.

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  • It’s good to see that Bridal magazines haven’t wised up in the past 5-6 years or so. *sigh*

  • Oh, lovely, the first giggle of my day. Thanks!

  • Great advice.
    Funny because I know Maggie as a mommy blogger, and it’s not often that my two blogging universes (mother and bride-to-be) collide!

  • Meg

    Oh, maggie is so much more than a Mommy blogger :) (I’ve been reading her since pre-baby… as I have most of that crew)

  • Yep, good open letter.

  • oh it is perfection.

  • She cracks me up, that Maggie.

  • Haha! Very nicely put.

  • Lovely blog!

  • nc

    Haha– Maggie says it like it is. Love it.

  • Word.