Till Next Week…

I’m taking the day off to unpack, take a deep breath, and just generally take it all in. Everyday since we’ve gotten back I ask David if we’re still married *today* and he says we get to be married EVERY day, till we die. How cool is that? He also says we get to take lots more honeymoons, so I think I’m keeping him.

Next week, though, will be full of goodness. I have a fresh round of amazing wedding graduates including, um, ME. (That feels so weird to say.) We also have the first gay male wedding ever on this blog (Finally you guys! Geeze!) and some sponsors that I’m very excited about, and I think you will be too.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a picture I took in London of a headline:Because seriously? Wedding emails quite often caused me terror swoops.*

Done. With. That. Wheee!!

*David is quite upset about this headline. He thinks it should be ‘terror sweeps,’ and that the grammar is incorrect. I, however, think that my stomach often swooped and lurched with terror after getting some email with a crazy million dollar price quote.

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  • It is pretty darn cool.

    (Last night I told the mister, "I'm totally going to marry you" without thinking, as it was my cutesy habit to do so throughout our engagement. He was like, "dude, you already did.")

  • Ha ha, I know the "terror swoop" feeling in the stomach well. I experienced it most frequently in the two weeks leading up to our wedding, as I came to realize that most e-mails with "wedding" in the subject meant trouble. Terror swoop!

  • how i love the UK tabloid press. do we get more honeymoon snaps next week? i do believe i need more honeymoon snaps.

  • Enjoy your weekend my married friend.

    Wedding emails still cause me terror swoops of an occasion.

  • I *still* tell H, "We got married." Or I ask him, "Want to get married?" I'm not sure he finds this as amusing as I do.

  • Lisa

    Congrats on the wedding!

    Terror swoop is correct, they mean "swoop" as in a police raid.

  • Meg

    Ah yes Lisa. This is all just a play on words.