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Amy Gray

  • Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia, PA
  • $2850 - $4600
Amy made our wedding. She was not only a photographer but a confidante through the process. The photographs she took crystallized not only the most important moments in our lives, but they truly captured the joy of our friends & family and the essence of who they are!

Danielle L.

Travel Policy

Travel is a big part of my personal life and business! I love to photograph, am inspired by new locations, and always excited to discover cities and towns across the country and world. So whether it's flying to a destination or your hometown, I'll be there! All I need, in most cases, from you is a room with a working lock. I'll take care of the rest so you can focus on the important things, like marrying your best friend!

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

Hi I’m Amy, the artist and boss lady of Amy Gray Photography. I’m originally from a small town in Pennsylvania and now call Los Angeles home. I use the word “yay” frequently and love to create images that are full of color, emotion and meaning. My business is centered around getting to know you, my client—connecting with you and your family and friends so that I can capture images that highlight you and the people you love as they truly are. I’m inspired by human interactions and drawn to the stories behind relationships. I’m captivated by weddings because of the sacredness and beautiful exchanges that unfold when people from all areas of a life gather together in shared celebration. Above all I believe a wedding is a story about the many loves in your life and should be as unique and intentional as you are.

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

In short, APW couples are down to earth and have risen above the unnecessary and outdated wedding pressures. They know that what is most important in a wedding is celebrating who they are, their love, and their friends and family. APW couples value beautiful photos that are as intentional as they are about their day. They want to be true to themselves, with a wedding that honors who they are as well as the people they love most. They don’t want to lose their story in the sea of wedding pressures, details or looking just like everyone else. And while the dress, the flowers, the little touches are special, what they really want is to capture the essence of the day, and the people they shared it with!

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

When we work together, you can expect a heartfelt, professional, enthusiastic mix of artfully, not overly posed images of you & your family and lots of real candid moments with images of your intentional details peppered in. Imagine me like a smiley photojournalist at your wedding, capturing heartfelt tears, reactions to a best man’s speech, and all the memories you’ll treasure. Weddings are filled with both joyful, fun moments and sincere, emotional ones—I seek to capture the many sides of a wedding so that you can revisit the range of emotions you felt on your wedding day.

It’s paramount to me that your images represent the day as it happened. This means I don’t use heavy filters, make drastic photoshop adjustments or ask you to do cheesy awkward poses. When you look back at your images, I want you to see yourself and YOUR wedding, not a stylized, altered version. I believe your day and you are just right the way you are! It is the imperfections, the in-between interactions, the quirks and unplanned moments that make the day uniquely yours. Your wedding is meant to be lived in and enjoyed to its fullest; so don’t worry about it being pinterest perfect, keeping your attire pristinely clean or pleasing everyone. Skip the little details that are driving you nuts, trade the clean outfit for one that got to stroll through the rain, take a hike or jump in the pool; don’t worry about others: be true to yourself and honor who you are as a couple.

Along the way I’ll be there to help you with little things like vendor referrals, fluffing your dress, and pinning boutonnieres; but I’ll also be there to help with the important things, like reminding you it’s about the people not the details, helping ease nerves, and encouraging you to pause and take it all in. I will be there hugging, crying and dancing alongside you all the while photographing the day, creating images for you to look back on and cherish forever.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

A few of my favorite things: ceramics, hiking, coffee dates, Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams, traveling, hand writing letters and exploring Los Angeles (our current home). I also love to photograph with polaroids. I use digital images for clients and film for my personal work!

I spend as much time as I can with my loved ones, especially my two young nieces. My family is scattered across the country so I’m often in Philadelphia, Chicago, Michigan, Florida, and DC. All places I’m extra happy to book weddings!

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