Walters Commons at St. Charles Preparatory School

Columbus, OH · Prices from $2800 - $5000

What we loved about this venue:

There was plenty of space and the room is nice and open so the tables were nicely spread out. The ceiling is so high that it almost felt like we were outside. The room was an addition to the high school in the last few years so one wall is entirely brick and makes a pretty back-drop. The people at St. Charles were very easy to work with.

Tips for working successfully with this site:

They have a list of approved caterers and at our wedding in 2009 the list was a grand total of two, so be prepared for that. You also do not have the reservation until you pay the deposit which is the full amount to rent the space. When we had our wedding in 2009 the Walters Common was fairly new but starting to gain in popularity so there might be a large lead time for booking it now.

The drawbacks of this venue were:

The short-list of approved caterers could be a drawback for some, however the caterer we wanted was on the list. A part of the fee for the venue includes police security for the parking lot, as the location is not in the best area of town. Also, there aren’t any “walkable” hotels near-by and we felt kind of bad that our hotel was a significant distance away for our guests.

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