Wedding Awesomeness Elsewhere: The Cake Solution

Sometimes you discover a new blog, and the day brightens. Well, today is that kind of day. I bring you Lefthanded-Rightminded and the wedding cake solution:

Problem: wedding cake

Every bride-to-be says these words: “Groom-to-be and I tasted our wedding cake last week and it is the best cake we’ve ever had.” When I was a child and thought like a child, I took the happy couple at their word. Now that I am an adult, I realize that wedding cake is actually the worst cake in the world. While the bride and groom taste freshly baked mini cakes, wedding cake is actually baked days before the wedding, and it is made in bulk. Anyone who has ever tried to turn spaghetti for four into spaghetti for forty knows that a multiplied recipe never tastes as good as the original, even when the math is done correctly.

Solution: Leighton’s shawarma cake

Since the best cake in the world is obviously Pillsbury’s Moist Supreme Funfetti cake with Betty Crocker’s Rainbow Chip frosting, but since it would look sloppy to have a table at the reception covered in homemade cakes, I have decided that the ideal way to serve this to a large crowd would be in the style of the shawarma: bake twenty Funfetti cakes, pile them on a vertical spit, ice the tower of cakes, and then hire someone with a machete to shave off slices.

When this takes off, I would like you to remember where you first read about it.

Now go enjoy her blog.
Thanks Lauren for the tip. Photo via Flickr.

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  • donna

    funfetti cake is the best cake EVER. i agree. wedding cakes are awful. we have opted out and decided on an ice cream sundae bar.

  • Mmm, shawarma…

    Actually, I knew someone who took a similar but slightly more practical approach — bought 3 round cakes at a bakery, and stuck them on top of one another. Instant “tier cake”, fresher and at a fraction of the wedding-cake price!

  • ~M

    This post had me rolling on the floor laughing. :P

  • Better yet, put the batter into sugar cones, bake, ice and give one to every guest. highlight of childhood. yum

    we aren’t doing wedding cake. easy decision. we’re serving pie.

  • I’ve seen people already serve funfetti cake at their wedding. Though I’d argue that red velvet is just as moist.

  • mmmm…funfetti really is the best!!! We’re thinking about doing multiple small, yummy cakes and deserts instead of 1 large not-so-good one…they’ll be fresher, taste better and cost less…YAY!!!

  • Shauna

    Though not nearly as cool as your idea, I had funfetti cupcakes at my wedding to supplement the regular wedding cake =)

  • hee, glad you liked leighton’s blog! she is indeed hilarious (little sis of a friend of joe’s from college).

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    What a good idea! Although my mind boggle at the thought of what sort of toxic crap is in those multi-coloured bits.

  • mmmm is 9:15 AM too early for funfetti?