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  • I’m very proud of my sister Camille and brother-in-law Ryan! In fact, I am proud of how my sisters and I prepared for our all our weddings!

    Yes, all three of us sisters liked DIY weddings and all of us did the same thing! We were hands on with everything and we were all blessed with very supportive fiancés then (now our husbands) who helped in the conceptualization, planning and paying for everything. My sister Cheska personally designed her liturgical wedding materials. Her fiancé (then, now husband) JC, helped bought and coordinated the arrangements of their flowers and make their personalized wedding souvenirs. I designed and painted our invitations/ wedding souvenirs and our wedding rings. My fiancé (then, now husband) Peng coordinated the food (it had to represent each of our mom’s cooking). And most of all, all three of us conceptualized our entourage’s clothes and designed our own wedding gowns!
    I guess it runs in the family and every time we all look at our wedding photos, it makes it more meaningful to remember how much our wedding venue means to all of us, how much fun it was to be with our guests whom we’ve shared much of our lives with and how blessed we all feel to have supportive parents who respected all of our plans. I also loved coordinating for both my sisters’ Camille and Cheska’s wedding as I am grateful for both of their help in catering and preparing for my DIY wedding as well!

    Thank you for sharing my sister’s wedding here ;) I hope this inspires others to make theirs meaningful as well.