What Are You Even Doing Here?

So I was going to post this amazing gay wedding, to urge you to get out and vote today, but I’ll post it later this week. I am dead tired from waiting two and a half hours to early-vote at San Francisco City Hall. Had I realized I would be waiting so long, I wouldn’t have worn my red high heels, but live and learn.

So here is the thing. Your wedding does not matter today. My wedding does not matter today. What are you even doing here? Go to Politico, go to Real Clear Politics, go to the Twitter Election Feed, or just watch the news. It’s election day, and that’s about all that matters.*

And California voters, go vote no on 8. If I can make it through two and a half hours of pain, so can you.

*I know, I have lots of international readers too. But who are we kidding? All you care about today is this election too.

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  • Your support and the cyber support of so many bloggers has meant so much Meg, thank you.

    These last few weeks with prop 8 have been so trying. Every yes on 8 sign and rally I come across feels like a personal attack. Reading blogs like yours and so many others makes me feel connected to something positive and wonderful, thanks.

  • You’re so right. Here’s the thing, though, you guys are 5-7 hours behind us. So as I’m writing this, it’s already 10:20am here. Which means all the action happens in the middle of the night tonight, while I’m asleep. Will I be able to sleep? Will I get up at 4am and go turn on the TV? This week, when I need my sleep most? I don’t know.

    I’m holding my thumbs for an Obamarama, that’s all I know.

  • Ooh, make that 8 hours according to your blog time stamp. Interesting…

    P.S. My work verification for this comment is ‘fumfock.’ Seriously.

  • You’re damn right it’s all we care about! You (American)guys have no idea how the whole world is watching right now, how we’re hoping the tide will finally turn after 8 very gloomy years.
    It’s up to you! Go vote!

  • I have to distract myself somehow! I already voted, now it’s just 12+ hours of anxious nail-biting. And the news channels just aren’t helping.

  • Balboabride

    I’ll be geting the vote for “No on 8” her in San Diego today! Thank you for your support!!

    My wedding is this coming Saturday– and I will be brokenhearted if this proposition passes!

  • I’m so nervous!..just crossing my fingers all day…

  • I am with you Meghan, I got up early to get it done and now I am just nervously killing time till the results come rolling in.

  • Vote, vote, vote!!!! Even if it’s for the wrong candidate. Just vote! It’s a woman’s right that many WOMEN actually died for. If not for yourself, then do it for them. Just vote!

  • I’m distracting myself in a desperate attempt to save my nails. So I flip back and forth between my blogs and pollster and then make some sort of lame attempt to get actual work done.

    I want to jump out of my skin at this point! Election day should be a holiday, so we could all rally around and agonize over the polls with our friends.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Good lord, I’m excited.

  • I’m so nervous and sick of all the election stuff and desperate for Obama to win that I think I’m going to puke. Either that or suffer a complete breakdown and shave my head Britney-style.

    CA voters, good luck!! I’m pulling for a resounding Prop 8 defeat.

  • Anonymous

    I am so deeply touched and impressed with the support I see from you and so many wedding blogs for No on Prop 8. Prop 8 will be significant for the whole country. I am planning to marry my partner next year but our wedding will be only symbolic. I hope one day it can be legal for us, too.
    Thank you for your support

  • thanks, again, meg for your AWESOME support….i volunteered this morning at the election polls for NO on prop 8…we had about 90% NO support at the poll i worked. i know it’s just 1 poll in LA, but it was fantastic to have all the support!

  • but i already voted! can’t i look at wedding porn while i watch the news? there aren’t even any returns coming in yet!

    : )

  • It’s true, it’s true. Even in Australia!

  • Ok, I voted, I got my free cup of coffee, and my free scoop of ice cream, so no matter what happens, I think today was a pretty good day.

  • I am anxiously awaiting the returns on 8! Here’s to hoping and voting it doesn’t pass.

  • SamB

    I voted, and now I’m reading the archives… teehee