When Wedding Elves Desert

A long time reader sent me this great story, and how could I not share?

A recent grad from the campus church was married this past weekend. She had your typical small, white wedding. But once the guests arrived at the reception, itbecame apparent something was very wrong.

The caterer never showed up. Frantic phone calls were made, and once it was determined that they were a no show, the bride simply shrugged and said, “Well, I’m still going on my honeymoon!” So they all ate the cake and punch, and then the parents of the bride steered the guests in the direction of the local family diner (courtesy of the catering company) for some sustenance. The bride and groom ended up sharing another piece of carrot cake at the diner.

Team Practical, meet our new rallying cry: “Well, I’m still going on my honeymoon!”*

*Even if that honeymoon is nothing fancier than the rest of your life.

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  • That is just wonderful… what a happily blessed couple! And I bet everybody there didn’t care one bit. Who couldn’t help be blown away by that sort of infectious positivity!?

  • That is so cute! I love that the bride wasn’t bridezilla and kept things in perspective, she still got married!

  • Amen! I want this bride to be my friend. And I’m personally seriously considering having the “reception” at a (great, historic, vintage, quirky) dinner, because how fun would it be?

  • It’s so great to hear about couples who, when things go wrong, don’t lose perspective about whats important. It’s a nice change of pace from the “bridezillas” you usually hear about!

  • It’s good that the guests were cooperative as well. It’s funny but it seems that the issues are more with how will they react anymore than the Bride and Groom.

    At that point any down to earth person would just be happy to be married and have that part over. Or maybe I just know my relatives.


    It’s a Snow Day in blog-o-land!

  • Yes, that’s it! Kinda reminds me of our day after the wedding pub lunch nightmare, which I should get to over at my place at some point.

  • that is so cute! i love that. she sounds awesome.

  • Lee

    yay! How sweet that it all worked out just fine. When planning my wedding, someone told me that all the guests would follow the bride’s lead if anything were to go wrong. How wonderful that this bride was so relaxed. I bet that family diner was awesome and the staff had a hoot waiting on the wedding party–you can see that might be the case by looking at the waitresses in the background of the picture.

  • Hooray!

  • That is awesome!

  • Amy

    That’s pretty much the most awesome, laid back bride ever. I’m pretty laid back, but I think I would have freaked for a few minutes.

  • That is wonderful! It’s refreshing to hear about brides who are relaxed and have their priorities strait. Thanks for posting!

  • That’s so awesome. Although, I would have a mini freakout at first (out of sight of the guests, natch). But then I’d probably be OK.

    So fantastic they had such a great outlook about the whole thing!