The Wine Is The Key

I got home late today, and am swimming under piles of Stuff To Get Done (which is, as usual, not wedding related) and I was feeling freaked, and a bit blogged out, and then I got this email, which I really wanted to share, because it’s a thank you for you guys too. Plus, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone at… you know… not having time to make everything crafty-DIY-awesome for this little *party* we are throwing in August:

Hi Meg!

My name is Lizzie and I just got married (technically “weddinged”) on Saturday. Getting married at the courthouse was easy, but we really wanted to celebrate and gather with all the amazing people in our lives. So we planned a wedding. And renovated our home, because you know, everyone we knew would finally be traveling to our town and would see it. And we are raising two boys. And because I didn’t really have too much going on, I went back to school to finish my degree.

We wanted to be reasonable with our budget, because our children come first, and putting money into our home is more important than getting diamonds and fancy dresses and limos. But of course, pictures on the various blogs are breathtaking, and I had moments of wanting the chandeliers strung from trees and chiavari chairs and a million beautiful details. And because I was crazy busy and didn’t have enough time for all the pretty little detailed projects, I got stressed out sometimes. I came back to read your blog again and again to center myself and remember what was truly important to me: Family, Friends, Music, Wine, Love. Period. So thank you so so much for being a voice of reason, and thank you to all of Team Practical for being fabulous, smart, open-minded and open-hearted women!

Best wishes, Lizzie

Thank you Lizzie! And thank you to all of you, for being so freaking great. I’d be very sad if I had to plan this wedding by myself. Also, I have many posts in my head, lining up, waiting to get out. So fear not, they are coming…. I just need to get a moment free….

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  • It’s nice to be appreciated.

  • What a sweet note of appreciation! I also love that she included “wine” in her list of priorities. My kind of woman! :)

    It is true though – I love your blog. It’s so insightful. And I don’t comment nearly often enough. I hope to change that!

  • I’ve been reading for awhile now and just haven’t commented. Thanks for the inspiration and for providing examples of weddings that I can actually relate to.

    I’m getting married this summer in Indiana, but I live in Colorado. Luckily, I used to live in the town in IN where I’m getting married, so almost all of our wedding “vendors” are people my fiance and I either worked for or know personally. However, no one we know owns a tent/table/chair/linens rental company, all of which we’d like to have for our outdoor reception. Have you thought about making a place on your site for people to share information about those sorts of things? I just love the sense of community your site provides, and think that this could be awesome.

    Thanks for being such a great wedding AND marriage inspiration! I love your focus on the parts of weddings that matter.

  • Lizzie

    That’s super cool that you posted my email, and thank you again Team Practical (aka Team Awesome). You make a point here of emphasizing what is important about a wedding, and you know what? When all the planning is over, and you wake up the day of your wedding, you could care less about details. There was a ton of stuff on my to-do list that didn’t get done, my cake was in a car accident on the way to the lodge (no one was hurt, just the cake :)), 100 candles didn’t make it out of the box, and we had to move the ceremony inside b/c of impending hail and tornadoes. Really. And I had the best wedding ever! I laughed the whole way through it! Who ever heard of a wedding cake in a car accident? Hilarious! We had a heartfelt ceremony, kick-a** music, and we drank all of the wine the restaurant had. Best wedding ever!

  • Cyd

    Ooo I agree I agree on the wine. And I hope to laugh my way through the whole day, too. So glad Lizzie was in touch to share!

  • Flo

    “Family, Friends, Music, Wine, Love.”
    Yes! This is why I read this blog. Thanks for the reminder.

  • so, so true. i read a number of wedding blogs, but this is by far the one that speaks closest to me and reflects my values, my experiences and the spirit in which i want to experience my wedding (and marriage).

  • I ninth that motion. Even if only in the last few days, you have been such an inspiration to me. And you were right, your blog is full of beautiful weddings that don’t always include white dresses. Thanks for everything.

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