Yayyyy Cevd! Yayyyy Pretty Pretty Paper!

Speaking of married ladies doing projects that keep on inspiring my own list, my amazing friend Cevd of Pretty Pretty Paper just opened her own store. I try not to use piles of exclamation points, but I feel like this requires some, so !!!!!!!!Christine designed/helped David with his design of our invitations (which I swear, one day I’ll get a good picture of and show you). She poured her heart and soul into those pieces of paper, and they ended up being one of my favorite projects from the wedding because they were beautiful and they felt like love. And now, she has taken a empty store front and made it magic.
If you are anywhere near Los Alamos California, you have to go visit. And if you need paper stuffs, well, Christine is as amazing as they come. Yay for new projects and businesses! Yay for inspiring me to reach a little higher, for making me feel like more things are possible! Congratulations Christine! I could not be any prouder.

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  • Marie

    AND she has a Boston…clearly she has impeccable taste :)

  • ooooh! I'm in the Los Angeles area! But am a bride with a low paper budget who is pretty sure all pretty paper goods will have to be forfeited. sigh.

    but i'll go take a look and support!

  • you are a dear, dear.