Yes. I’m Still Adding APW Bells & Whistles

Just in case you guys thought I didn’t listen to you:

  • Everyone was saying they wanted to be able to “like” comments like on Facebook. And the word “like” and “on Facebook” made me have a little deep sighing moment. But I totally listened (if slightly tweaked). If you go into the comments now, there are little purple stars next to your comments, and now you can “Exactly” each others comments. I.E., “10 people said, “Exactly!” Heeeeee. Ok. Seriously. I’m hoping this will allow some of you not-so-brave lurkers to put your toe in the water of commenting, by hitting “Exactly” when you like something. And no. You don’t get a “this comment should die” button. That’s called the “report this comment” button.
  • When you look at the top of the posts, the YEAR is now included in the date stamp, so you won’t be confused when I back-link. David suggests that you should only really pay attention to things I’ve written in the last three months anyway, because they are “fresh” and the others are “stale.” Ha.
  • Wedding Elves Forum! The forum for sponsors of this site to discuss… well… how they are going to secretly take the WIC by storm, put The Kn*t under siege, and overwhelm the wedding world with a flood of awesome… IS OPEN. I have five 3-month guests passes to the forum, for Wedding Elves who are part of the APW community, but are not advertisers. Email me if you’d like one – first come first serve.
  • Also, I just wanted to point out the purple submit bar under my picture. If you click on it, it will give you all the instructions you need to send me your wedding. I have a new email set up at weddinggraduates at apracticalwedding dot com, so send your weddings there. (And, erm, if you’ve sent me your wedding in the last few months and haven’t seen it go up, could you re-send it there? I’ve been a little…. overwhelmed…. and I probably haven’t dug out your email yet.) We’re going to talk about the total horse sh*t that is the idea of “blog worthy” weddings soon, but for now, just know it f*cking hogwash, and you should send me your damn wedding already.

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  • AussieAndy

    Totally neurotic (and probably only bothering me) but whilst I love the addition of the year to the time stamp – makes me feel like APW will be around for a long time (YAY) – the year seems to be overlapping the blog entry heading. Which for my poor computer strained eyes (12 hours in front of a computer MINIMUM per day makes you blind… this I have found out the hard way) makes it hard to read the heading. Just thought I’d flag it.

    • meg

      That’s a browser problem. Watcha on?

      • AussieAndy

        Internet Explorer 7.

        • IE7?

          That, right there, is your problem. (I noticed it when I was on the site earlier today at work – where I use IE.)

          It works fine in Firefox! :)

  • Meg, you’re going pro! Love the new site. Even if you are overwhelmed, the new APW is looking pretty cozy and everyone (even you) seems to be settling in just fine! Thank you!

    • I just wanted to try out the “exactly!”

  • Jessie Decker

    Um – EXACTLY to all of this.

    PS – I LOVE your use of “the KN*T” – let’s bring it down! :)

  • Jennifer

    One of my favorite reasons that I love this blog so much is because unlike other site (erhm…The Kn*t) you cuss. Which is what real women and real brides too. When something pisses us off, when something makes us crazy, we cuss. Whether is a crap! a DAMMT! or a WTF@?!&***%)&^ mother F*&*(ker. Its great to know that I can trust this website in that respect.

  • Amandover

    Meg, I must’ve missed it somewhere, but how do I “Ask Meg”? I need some advice, but ‘m not sure where to post/send my question.

  • Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to talk about the idea of “blogworthy” weddings because I saw a blog post on another (cough cough) not so practical site that made me sooooo angry. It basically implied not all wedding were special (even if it did not mean that). I wasn’t brave enough to call the writer out on her not-sane gaffe, but maybe someone else from Team Practical would be brave enough.

    • meg

      Dude. Please send me the link. I need fodder. Well really I don’t, I’m feeling pretty pissed off already, but STILL gotta see it.

      • I am starting to be really “over it”… I LOVE design, I LOVE looking at so many pretty pictures, but the idea that you have to do something super-ultra-special so that you can be featured somewhere (rather than because, duh, you want it to be a personal expression of your love or something) does seem to be taking over the blogosphere a bit. APW is a breath of fresh air.

  • Sparklekitty

    Dearest Meg,
    I adore you and this blog. Thank you so much.
    A long time “lurker”

    • Alyssa

      See, here come the lurkers!!

      (And that was me who said exactly. Cause I agree….And I got a little excited and wanted to use the button.)

    • caitlin

      i was excited to ‘exactly’ something, too!

  • Alyssa

    This is so exciting! I love the “exactly” button, though no complaining when it makes the lurkers brave and then they actually start to post and then your comments are like 500-strong ALL the time…I’m just sayin’.

    This just gives me hope that “Have all the laundry done” and “Buy me a puppy” buttons are on the way.

  • meg

    I have a feeling there are going to be a few days where everyone is excitedly hitting Exactly on everything just because they CAN ;) You should have seen the first few days you could report things…. everyone was hitting report all the time.

    • KD

      ummm….maybe it’s just me, but I accidentally clicked report when I was trying to click “exactly!”. I’ve also almost hit report when trying to reply to a comment too… especially when I am using my phone for the internet my fat fingers do silly things.

      Not sure if everyone has that problem, but maybe if the “report this comment” button was under the timestamp or something I wouldn’t make oopsies anymore. Though it’s probably just me, and you can ignore it… just my two cents that I’m trying to pass you, but my fingers are too and they can’t pick up the pennies. :)

  • Yay for new features!

    You know, it’s funny, cause APW is kind of the least “sappy-seeming” of the wedding blogs, but yet I get all teary at almost every post – you are the only blog that does that to me.

    It’s kind of like…. if I were to marry a blog it would be APW… although I might have to fight it out

  • Haley

    Yes… I admit it… I’m a lurker…. :)

  • An “exactly” button is a fun idea.

    And your asterisk cursing is endearing. ;)

  • I <3 "exactly!"

  • Kristen

    Thank you for adding the “Exactly!” I did request something similar and I may have used the term “like” but I think of it in terms more of comments on news sites. So don’t worry about the fact that Facebook uses it, too. But “Exactly!” I think is more precise.

  • Chelsea

    As a former lurker turned avid commenter, I think the turning point was really when you released the survey results. When I read that everyone here is, um, almost scarily like me in pretty much every respect, it felt like permission – even an obligation!– to open up. It was almost as if before you shared the survey results, all of us were sitting around in this dark room with a few voices talking to us, and then you turned on the lights and I saw that everyone there was someone I really did want to get to know! So now we’ve all started speaking up and having little side conversations and getting to know each other better, and I love it. With the new site you’ve moved us into a better, more beautiful room where it’s easier to converse, but I really think that it was the survey results that got us (at least me) started.

  • Krystel

    Thank you for the “Exactly!” because the fact is, sure I could add a comment but when I have NOTHING new to add or say, it seems like pointless posting. I’d rather be able to say “EXACTLY!” to someone else’s post and not clutter the comments.

  • KD

    I also feel like the new comment format really opens up a bit more of discussion format since you can reply to people posts. This makes for a lot more shorter posts and more multiple posts/person.

    Like here I’m saying this, but also separately commented on Meg’s comment about how I’m completely clumsy and wish the report button wasn’t so close to the buttons for when I like things!

  • Julianna

    love the Exactly! button. also still loving the Meg’s-comments-in-purple feature, in case you’re still waffling on that one.

  • ddayporter

    I wonder if it’s possible for this “post a comment” section to zoom up and sit directly below the comment on which you hit Reply.. it’s not really a problem until we get into the hundreds on comments, and then you’re typing away at your response but you want to reference the original comment again to make sure you’re responding in a thoughtful way, it’s darn difficult to go scrolling back up to find it. is this making any sense?

    I am enjoying the exactly button! and I agree with Julianna, still loving the Meg’s-comments-in-purple. and the gravatars. and the sorting. and thanks for the year in the heading of each post, that’s really helpful!

  • Analise

    Can I just say?
    I love how unabashedly (and yet m*odestly) you swear all over the place in your posts! It makes me feel all feisty and riled up about social injustices and design prejudices and mean WIC-believers.
    Go Meg!