Want to Know Where All Those Gorgeous NYC Weddings Are Coming From?

You know how sometimes you look at a photographer’s portfolio and it becomes very clear what their favorite poses and locations are because…every wedding is shot the same? Well imagine the opposite of that and you’ve got L&L Style Photo. In fact, it wasn’t until we started looking through their portfolio that we realized how many of our favorite New York City wedding photos were shot by Leila and David (like this and this). Instead of relying on the same old standbys, L&L Style Photo pride themselves on knowing New York like the back of their hand. And if it seems like the end result could belong in a magazine (like an artsy editorial one, not US Weekly) that’s because L&L Style Photo is made up of not one, but two trained artists—photographer Leila Jacue and her art director husband David Leon. Oh and let’s not forget about the part where you can hire these guys starting at $2,100. In New York. I KNOW.