Want to Know Where All Those Gorgeous NYC Weddings Are Coming From?

L&L Style Photo marries NYC knowledge with editorial skill


Who: Leila and David of L&L Style Photo in NYC

Why: You know how sometimes you look at a photographer’s portfolio and it becomes very clear what their favorite poses and locations are… because every wedding is shot the same? Well imagine the opposite of that and you’ve got L&L Style Photo. In fact, it wasn’t until we started looking through their portfolio that we realized how many of our favorite New York City wedding photos were shot by Leila and David (like this and this). Instead of relying on the same old standbys, L&L Style Photo pride themselves on knowing New York like the back of their hands. And if it seems like the end result could belong in a magazine (like an artsy editorial one, not US Weekly) that’s because L&L Style Photo is made up of not one, but two trained artists—photographer Leila Jacue and her art director husband David Leon. Oh and let’s not forget about the part where you can hire these guys starting at $2,100. In New York. I KNOW.

Where/How Much: L&L Style Photo covers weddings and elopement in and around New York City, but they’re also more than happy to shoot your wedding wherever it might be. Elopement packages begin at $875 for two hours of coverage, and wedding packages begin at $2100 for four hours. Each additional hour is $400, and transportation expenses are included within the Manhattan area.

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You don’t have to know anything about photography to look at L&L Style Photo’s portfolio and know that their clients are having a blast. And that’s exactly what Leila and David set out to do at every wedding. As their business philosophy goes:

We believe in contemporary wedding photography created with a stylish and fun approach, capturing the excitement of the couple, showing love and connection and interactions with the guests, depicting real moments full of life.


But these guys have more than just an exuberant approach to wedding photography. They’ve got the credentials to back it up—Leila has a master’s degree in photography with experience as a photojournalist and fashion photographer, and David is a seasoned art director. Which means, if you’ve done the math, you get amazingly talented photographers for a song (oh right, because their prices start at just $2,100). As one recent client raved:

Leila and her husband David were an absolute pleasure to work with! From our initial meeting to the moment we received our gorgeous photos, I can’t praise them high enough. As a photographer, Leila is calm, soothing, and unobtrusive. She has an eye for both portraits and candid shots and is completely open to your suggestions and requests for certain shots. Our guests remarked how seamlessly she moved around the event, I’m sure helped immensely by the assistance of David who gave her the freedom to work. Leila is a fantastic value as well. She shot for six hours and even stayed a little longer at the end to capture one final song at our request. The turnaround for our photos was very quick as well. She puts them on a thumb drive and it arrived in a lovely little pouch. All in all, wonderful experience and I highly recommend L&L Style Photo!


Wedding packages with L&L Style Photo begin at $2,100 for four hours of coverage, and every package includes:

  • Leila as your primary photographer, assisted by David
  • All your digital negatives delivered in high resolution without a watermark (aka you can print them wherever you want)
  • A private online gallery with all your photos and a la carte print options (meaning your family can order prints without bugging you for files)
  • Location suggestions and trusted vendor recommendations (Because why stop at just being talented when you can be talented and helpful too. My words, not theirs.)

Oh and if you’re looking to elope in NYC, they do that too. Two hours of coverage is just $875. And all wedding packages (big or small) are inclusive of travel within Manhattan.


I don’t have to tell you what a hassle it can be planning a wedding in New York—it’s all the regular frustrations, doubled in both price and complexity. But getting fun, stylish photos and not spending your whole budget doing it? Ta-da, suddenly that part’s easy. Now go check out L&L Style Photo before everyone else figures it out too.

Looking for super hot nyc wedding inspiration? Check out Leila & David’s RECENT WORK. 

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