50 Wedding Thank You Cards You’ll Be Excited to Send

Photo cards, personalized cards and wedding thank you card sets, we've got you!

So, you’re finally hitched. Congrats, friend! Just when you thought you had crossed the planning finish line, we’re here to remind you that you have one final (and, frankly, necessary) planning task: send those wedding thank you cards. Like for real.

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Get Organized: Since you already sent wedding invites out, chances are you already have physical addresses for your guests compiled (win!) but there are a few more folks that should be added to the list of recipients. Like your wedding party (if you had one), wedding vendors and anyone that sent a gift, even if they couldn’t attend the wedding.

Be Timely: We’ve all heard that you have a year to send thank you cards post-wedding, but realistically, most folks expect a thank you in the mail 2-3 months after the wedding. (Pro tip: if you receive any gifts prior to your wedding, start writing your notes of gratitude then. Post-wedding you will thank yourself later) 

Get Personal: It’s all about the details here. Your dream stand mixer that Aunt Joann gifted you? Let her know all the things you and your betrothed will be cooking up in the kitchen for years to come. Your friend that helped you through planning with their undivided support and attention? Let your bestie know how much you appreciated it. Now is the time to share your (detailed) gratitude for your people.

We know you just worked your butt off planning an amazing event and now we’re asking you to write a whole bunch of thank you cards to your nearest and dearest. It all sounds a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got you covered with templates for writing your thank you notes, plus we’ve pulled our favorite gorgeous and affordable wedding thank you cards,  just for you. It’s time to grab your partner, get those pens ready and get to sending your notes of gratitude. You got this!

Wedding Thank You Cards

Photo Thank You Cardsphoto wedding thank you card with couple smiling

Hand-lettering Thank You Card via Artifact Uprising

colorful folded card

Retro Grid Thank Your Cards via Minted

simple photo thank you card

Minimalist Casual Script Wedding Thank You Cards via Zazzle

painted trail graphic thank you card

Painted Trails Folded Thank You Card via Minted

wavy wedding thank you card

Scallop Border Card via Papier

watercolor card

Softly Layered Card via Minted

with gratitude card

Simple Serif Card via Artifact Uprising

yellow, black and white thank you card

Goldfinch Wedding Thank You Card via Minted

Modern Bliss Card via Minted

love and thanks card

Love and Thanks Card via Zazzle

green floral photo card

Aquarelle Foil-Pressed Wedding Thank Your Card via Minted

speckle card

Speckle Photo Card via Papier

with love wedding thank you card

Us Folded Card via Minted

simple wedding thank you card with couple holding balloons

Hand-Lettered Modern Photo Thank You Card via Zazzle 

Grand Escape Card via Minted

illustrated flower frame card

Lush Bouquet Folded Card via Minted

Personalized Thank You Cards

personalized getaway car card

Personalized Thank You Cards by Nice to Greet You Shop via Etsy

watercolor mountains wedding thank you card

Scene Card via Minted

floral crest wedding stationery

Floral Crest with Banner Wedding Note Card by Landis Gifts via Etsy

mrs. and mrs. card

From The New Mrs. and Mrs. Card by Main Street Greetings via Etsy

On the Horizon Letterpress Card via Minted

modern pink and white thank you note

Modern Personalized Couple’s Stationary by Petite Poppy Designs via Etsy

blue flower card

Vintage Frame Card via Paper Culture

floral banner note card

Botanical Thank You Cards by Petite Poppy Designs

blue folded thank you card

There Will Be A Party Thank You Cards via Minted

Newlywed Stationary by The Swoon Paper Co.

bold text black and white card

Fortune Favors the Bold Card via Paper Culture

windy palm tree card

Palmetto Card via Minted

simple flower personalized thank you card

Floral Minimalist Cards by A Tad Sparkly via Etsy

bow tie wedding thank you card

Beau Tied Card via Minted

red rose wedding thank you card

Weaved Roses Card via Paper Culture

custom crest card

Amore Thank You Cards via Minted

Wedding Thank You Card Sets

seed paper card

Seed Paper Cards (Set of 15) by Flower Seed Paper via Etsy

gold border card

Papyrus Gold Border Thank You Cards (Pack of 16) via Amazon


beyond grateful card

Beyond Grateful Thank You Cards, Pack of 25 by Bliss Collections via Amazon 

set of pink and gold cards

Foil Pressed Thank You Cards (Set of 10) by Pape In Co. via Etsy

blue floral box card set

Eucalyptus Leaves Thank You Card Box Set by Papyrus

green floral card set

Greenery Thank You Cards (36 Pack) via Amazon

rose gold embossed flower card

Notecard Box (40 Pack) via Target

variety pack wedding thank you cards

Thank Your Cards (50 pack) via Amazon

from the happy couple wedding thank you cards

Hallmark Happy Couple Cards (100 Pack) via Amazon

Green Inspired Bouquet Cards (Set of 24) via Target

pink cards

36 Pack Run2Print Thank You Cards via Amazon

floral thank you card

Modern Floral Thank You Cards (Set of 10) by Margaux Paperie via Etsy

Box Set of 40 Cards via Michael’s

Elegant Flower Cards (Set of 50) via Amazon

simple typographic wedding thank you cards

100 Premium Paper Cards via Amazon

blue and white card

Blue Bordered Cards (Set of 50) via Target

modern thank you card set

Gold Foil Thank You Cards (Set of 48) via Amazon


what about you apw? have you thought about thank you cards yet? Have a favorite that we didn’t include? Share the details, please! WE’re big fans of paper products around here, but also huge fans of being kind and gracious… send those notes!

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