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SO you’re planning a wedding, huh? You’re having a blast creating your wedding Pinterest board, and then suddenly it hits you. You need a wedding guest list template. And a day-of wedding timeline. And a vendor contact list. You’re throwing a massive event, and Pinterest alone is not going to cut it. While we at APW know that weddings have a certain kind of magic in them, we also know it’s not the kind of magic where the beer walks itself to the venue. But you’re in luck! Because we’ve partnered with Glö, makers of awesome wedding websites and the most useful RSVP software you could ask for, to bring you some serious, customizable, (free) wedding spreadsheet action.

WHAT’S IN our wedding spreadsheets?

Wedding Guest List Template: Keep track of your guests—arguably one of the most important things you’ll do. As a bonus, our guest list spreadsheet is compatible with Glö’s guest management tool, which means you can copy and paste your data into Glö’s upload file, and then invite, inform and interact with your guests on all things wedding related!

Wedding Vendor Contact List: When you hand off all these lists to someone else, that person needs to know how to contact everyone important.

Important People Contact: You’ll want your family’s and wedding party’s contact information all in one place. This also lets you file away their travel information, which will prove helpful.

Wedding Packing List: Half of managing a wedding is hauling all the stuff to the venue and getting it home again. Here we give you a sample pack list. Fill it out, print it out, and have someone check off each item loaded into a car on the way to the venue and on the way home.

Wedding Weekend Spreadsheet: Most modern weddings stretch out for a day or two, at least for the couple and their families or wedding party. You’ll need plans for that whole period, and this spreadsheet will help you do it.

Wedding Day Of Timeline (DIY, Morning): This is it. The mother of all wedding planning spreadsheets. The most important document you’ll have (and I’m not even joking). We’ve created two versions of the spreadsheet for you to modify to your heart’s content. This one is for a morning wedding with more DIY elements.

Wedding Day of Timeline (Formal, Evening): The mother of all wedding planning spreadsheets for an evening wedding with more wedding vendors.


Clicking on the icons below will open Google Drive spreadsheets in a new tab. From there, click on File and then Make a Copy to save the spreadsheet to your own account. (You need to be signed into your Google account to do this.)

complete wedding spreadsheets worksheet     complete wedding spreadsheets worksheet DIY


Don’t need the whole workbook? Download each spreadsheet individually. 

  Guest List Wedding Spreadsheets Vendor List Wedding Spreadsheets Contact List Wedding Spreadsheets Packing List Wedding Spreadsheets Weekend Wedding Spreadsheets Day Of Wedding Spreadsheets Day Of Timeline Wedding Spreadsheets Photography Shot List Wedding Spreadsheets

Want to seriously up your planning game? Once you’ve filled out each wedding spreadsheet, head over here and sign up for a free trial with Glö to set them in motion. Glö lets you create your (fully customizable) wedding website, order invitations (or send paperless ones), field RSVPs, and even communicate with guests about wedding-related events (only the ones they’re invited to, of course.) All in one convenient location. You get 21-days risk free, so click here to get signed up.

You’ll want the book A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration to go with all this. Spreadsheets are nice, but walking you through planning step by step and saving your sanity is way better.

Now, back to the site. More planning tools are over here, and don’t forget the APW Vendor Directory, and the APW Venue Directory. Plan safe, kids.

wedding spreadsheets