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Do You Know What the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Website Is?

Nope, not that.


squarespace wedding websites

When it comes to wedding websites, my standards are not lofty. I don’t think you need to have a huge page introducing every member of your wedding party (hot tip: nobody really cares). I don’t think you need to have a long section where you write about how you met and your love story (though I obviously did, because I’m a writer, and that is how I entertain myself). You don’t even have to have a bunch of fancy pictures of the two of you perfectly in love frolicking on the beach in the golden hour.

But there is one thing that, if I’m invited to your wedding, I really really want you to have: I want you to have an easy URL that I can remember.

I know, I know, it’s so easy to sign up for It’s also fun to get quirky and sign up for a totally-obscure-slightly-misspelled-cute-phrase (save that for your hashtag). But then you know what happens? I’m on the way to your wedding, but I can’t quite remember how to get there, and I’ve left the invite in the hotel room, and I’m frantically yelling at my husband, “Wait was it, or was it…. OMG OMG WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE, TURN AROUND AND GET THE INFO.”

Which fine. That’s annoying for me, but it’s okay for you, because you’re busy getting married. But here is something that probably is more important to you: me buying you a present. (I mean, obviously you front like you don’t care, but between the two of us, I know you want that Kitchen Aid.)

squarespace wedding websites

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So let me tell you a true story. First, let’s just acknowledge that I’m a bad present buyer, so I fully lean into the rule that I have a year after your wedding to buy you a gift. (What? It’s fun to get that expensive thing you thought nobody bought you in the mail, six months after your wedding.) But we went to a wedding in 2016 where the wedding website had a particularly complex and confusing URL. And then I lost the invite. And I wasn’t going to email them and be like, “Oh hey, I lost your invite can you send me your wedding website,” because whatever I have standards. So instead I just prayed to the Gods of clutter that it would show up at the bottom of one of the many piles of paper in my kitchen. And guess what! It finally did! And I put it in a place I can find it easily. But I still haven’t bought a gift, because I never seem to have the card on me when I’m ready to buy, and I can’t remember their URL, which holds the keys to their registry information. (Please don’t worry, this story will end happily because I clearly can’t let this get published on the Internet without purchasing said gift, because that would be extra embarrassing.)

TL;DR: You should get an easy-to-remember URL for your wedding website. And more to the point, you should probably get it now, while you’re thinking about it. You can build the website later. But snap up a solid URL while it’s still free. (Trust me on this, because I own more URLs “just in case” than any single human should.) Our friends at Squarespace have not only made it super easy and clear to snag a domain, but it’s also pretty damn fun.


So what do you have to do to make a solid domain?

  • Keep it easy for people to remember.
  • Use only your first names, if possible.
  • If that’s not possible or right for you, go with something that’s simple to remember. And for goodness sake, do not spell it incorrectly in an attempt to be clever.
  • Feel free to add the year, but not the whole date (since people tend to forget dates).
  • If you can get a .com domain, do it.
  • If you use a vanity top-level domain, go with something obvious like .wedding or .love, if you can.

Here’s how easy Squarespace makes it: Type any combo of names or words into the builder and voila, you’re given a list to choose from. You’ll automatically be shown if a domain is available and what the cost is, so you don’t have to guess. Choose from top-level domains like .com, .org, or .me for $20 per year, or go a little fancier and use vanity options like .wedding or .love for $50 per year.

squarespace wedding websites

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So why Squarespace? Well, for one, because they are the only place that makes it super easy for you to nab your own (easy-to-remember) domain.

And if that isn’t reason enough, they also win on pretty much every other category: You don’t need to be a coding expert to set up a website. They’ve got fresh, modern templates for every style (translation: no cheesy graphics). They have awesome features like Google Maps and Zola registry integration

Plus, pro-tip: Check out some previous posts about what to put (and omfg, what not to ever put) on a website, so you’re covered.
So, where were we? Oh right. You were taking this moment while you were thinking about it to grab your own, easy-to-remember URL. Website building can come later.



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