If you’re having an unplugged wedding, the best place to communicate that is usually at the wedding itself. But it doesn’t hurt to lay the groundwork with your wedding website, especially for the folks who won’t know what an “unplugged” wedding is to begin with. Here’s how one on-the-ball APW reader did it:

It was important to us to have an unplugged ceremony, so we had the first link on our website be “Unplugged?” On that page we briefly explained what we were hoping for and promised to share professional pics later. We also linked to the Unplugged page from the FAQ. It worked so well. We did digital save the dates and invites, and clicking them took everyone through to the site. We didn’t have to explain to one single person about the no cameras or phones situation. Maybe we were partly just lucky, but putting it prominently on the site was the real kicker.

And the same thing goes for wedding hashtags. If you are big on Instagram and want to show off your wedding festivities, put your wedding hashtag prominently on your website. That, plus signage at your wedding, will significantly increase your chances that they, you know, actually use it (and spell it correctly) when posting photos. 

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“How We Met” is Actually Helpful

I used to think that the “About” pages on wedding websites were a waste of time. Then I went to a family wedding where I only knew the groom and desperately wished I knew more about the woman he was marrying, because now I really want to be her friend. Over the course of the wedding, I found out that their “How We Met” story was particularly sweet, and I wished I’d taken the time to learn more about them as a couple before going to the wedding. So while it might feel redundant to tell your guests about yourselves (especially if you’re not having a lot or any plus ones), even the people who know you personally will be coming to the wedding with differing levels of knowledge about your relationship. So feel free to get everyone up to speed, and take this opportunity to put your story into words for posterity. Luckily, most of Squarespace’s wedding templates already include an About page, so you don’t have to worry about creating one from scratch. But if just the idea of writing about yourselves feels particularly torturous, then take a page from Meg’s handbook and have someone else write your bio for you (I won’t tell anyone). Your partner is a good place to start, given that they probably have nice things to say about you.

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How to DIY Your Engagement Photos

répondez s’il vous plaît

Most wedding websites come with RSVP software. (Squarespace is one of them.) Use. It. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Tracking down RSVPs is a pain in the ass, so help your guests help you by giving them multiple points of entry to the RSVP. The one wedding I responded to on time last year was the one with an online RSVP option and the wedding website URL printed directly on the invitation. You can still do traditional paper RSVPs and use the online RSVP as a backup for your slacker friends who can’t ever seem to get to a mailbox (aka me). And you’ll thank yourself later for being an organized badass when you’re only making a handful of “Are you definitely coming?” phone calls the month of the wedding, instead of a few dozen.

Pro tip: If you need a place to convey information about showers and other invite-only events to your wedding party (or any other special guests for that matter), Squarespace makes it easy to keep those pages password protected to avoid any hurt feelings (get the how-to on that right here).

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For more information about how to build an A+ wedding website using Squarespace, check out our tutorials: How To Build A Beautiful Wedding Website In Under An Hour and How To DIY Your Engagement Photos So Your Wedding Website Looks Fly AF.

Now I kick it to you. What kind of information did you include in your wedding website? What kind of information do you look for as a guest?

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