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35 Stylish Wedding Invitations That Won’t Blow Your Whole Budget

Paper you can afford, in designs you won't hate

cheap wedding invtiations

The thing about choosing to have a wedding with guests is that you then have to actually… get them there. Hence, the importance of the wedding invitation: without it, nobody would know you’re getting hitched. So where to start? There’s not really a wrong way. Anything goes: from pressing send on a simple evite, to commissioning a renowned calligrapher who hand stamps each invite with a custom wax seal and has them delivered via the owl postal service (oh wait, sorry, that’s only for wizards). That being said, for some of us, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to getting a tangible letter in the snail mail. (Yes, even ordinary USPS.)

There’s generally four ways to get a physical wedding invitation: you can DIY from scratch (minimal $, but more effort), edit and print templates at home ($), commission an artisan ($$$$), or have someone else print from a modified preexisting design ($$). If dealing with glue guns and Photoshop and paper jams and toner cartridges isn’t your cup of tea, that’s totally okay. It’s not mine either. Having someone else print your invitations is both super easy (no papercuts) and pretty affordable. (Win!) There’s just one problem: the overwhelming number of wedding invites out there in the wild wild Internet. How to find the best ones? Not to worry. After strenuous hours of searching, I humbly present to you a collection of stylish yet cheap wedding invitations, all under $250 for a set of one hundred, designed and printed by someone else to show your guests the adventures that await them. Plus, hopefully these will inspire people to RSVP by the deadline so you can finalize that head count. (Just kidding! Nothing you can do will make that happen. But at least your invites will be super styling.)

Pro Tip: Almost all of the invitations below are available in a wide assortment of colors, so if you don’t see what you like here, click through and you can usually update the colors. Also, remember that many of your guests will be invited in pairs or family units, so a hundred invitations will cover way more than a hundred guests.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love your invitations even if they weren’t $$$$? Were they way less expensive than you expected? Do you have an awesome resource for affordable wedding invitations that we missed? Tell us all your secrets!

TYPOGRAPHY: Clean & Simple

Passionate Promise from Shutterfly ($248)

Funky Names from Minted ($234)

Modern Monogram from Paper Source ($218)

Pen-and-Ink-780x780 (1)Pen & Ink from Printable Press ($213)

Modern Palms from Shutterfly ($229)

Slated Forever from Minted ($234)

Studio from Paper Source ($218)

GATSBY: Gilded DECO Decadence

get_composer_image (2)Dynamic Lines from David’s Bridal ($183)

Elegant Lines from Minted ($234)

MIN-8F3-INV-001_A_PZAscot Chic from Minted ($204)

Deco Nouveau from Minted ($234)

Modern Deco from Minted ($234)

All Around The World: Places and Spaces

Skyline – New York from Minted ($234)2947_DB28699mnGlobal Romance from David’s Bridal ($183)

Mountain View All-In-One from Minted ($175)VintageDestination-780x780Vintage Destination from Printable Press ($213)Persian Poppy from David’s Bridal ($132)

Destination Union from Shutterfly ($249)

Abstract Art: Shapes and FormsGilt Agate from Minted ($234)

Sunrise from Paper Source ($218)

MIN-YMP-INV-001_B_PZAbstract Jewel from Minted ($234)

MIN-6TL-INV-001_A_PZMulberry from Minted ($234)

MIN-6TG-INV-001_C_PZMinimal Mod from Minted ($234)

Au Natural: Birds, Beasts, and BloomsDramatique from Printable Press ($209)il_fullxfull.688626145_6uqy

Woodcut Mountain Rustic via Paper Heart Company on Etsy ($200)

Eden All-In-One from Minted ($175)

Waverly Florals from Minted ($204)

BearingGifts-780x780Bearing Gifts from Printable Press ($213)

MIN-6TP-INV-001_A_PZOrangerie from Minted ($234)

KindredSpirits-780x780Kindred Spirits (choose your own animals!) from Printable Press ($213)

Simple Sprigs from Minted ($234)

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