April 2022 Wedding Planning Open Thread

When uncertainty, reality, and joy collide


We’re back with another installment of “What Is Time?” (alternate working titles: “Am I Doing This Right?”, “To Have A Wedding Or Not To Have A Wedding?”, “Did I Just Un-invite My Unvaxxed Mom?” or “Wait… People Are Acting Like This Pandemic Is Over?!”.) No matter what step of this wedding planning journey you’re on, I can bet that you’ve had some or all of these thoughts. As a fellow COVID Bride, I get it. For two years now, y’all have been keeping it real in our comments as we have offered up this space for venting, questions, camaraderie, and more. And as we enter into the second quarter of 2022… we’re back again.

I know, from reading the comments on these posts for the last two years… some of you are finally, blissfully wed. Some are planning a sequel wedding / reception. Some have delayed, postponed, almost canceled, and are now in the midst of uncertainty (and global/political instability), facing the daunting task of deciding if you should charge forward now after all.

Here’s what I can say… I’m sorry, you’re doing great, and the fact that you’re here in the comments asking questions and analyzing your choices means you’re doing more than most. The pandemic fatigue is all too real. If you’re prioritizing any variation of vaccine ‘mandates’, testing, masking, etc for your wedding… you’re doing more than many of our government organizations are at this point.

If you’re holding your finger over the ‘eject from wedding planning’ button, watching the statistics, and quivering because you just don’t know if another wave is on its way to ruin your well-laid (and relaid) plans… well, we see you. Two years ago, we were the outliers when we recommended that folks get real about alternative options or postponements. Now, we don’t really know what to say or what’s to come, and for that we’re sorry. I sure wish I had a crystal ball.

So… here’s to you. If you’ve gotten married already… go you! If you’re getting married this weekend… congrats! If you’re counting down on your calendar to next month or next year and just hoping it all goes okay… we’re crossing our fingers right along with you.

Wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart. Wedding planning in a pandemic… that’s a whole other level of messy. This is your open thread, friends. Share your wins, tell us stories of your joy, vent about your in-laws or your own pandemic planning fatigue, ask questions, or just shout into the ether… whatever you need it for, this monthly open thread is here for you.

Good luck out there.

Alyssa + The APW Team

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