Jamie Fischer Photography

Boulder, CO · Prices from $3200 to $3200

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

Simply put, I love APW people. I love to work with people that are grounded and thoughtful and lively. People that are witty and kind and relaxed. Basically, people that are awesome. APW is full of people like this, and they’re exactly the kind of people that get me excited about shooting weddings. I love APW folks, because they’re about people and relationships, and the awesome party that is a wedding is just a giant celebration of this.

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

I like to think that my love for photography was birthed because of my desire to remember life. I love to remember. Life passes more quickly that I like to admit, and so I hold tightly to remnants from the past, and the events and simple snatches of time that have built my life. Photographs help me to remember. To me, photography is all about this. About remembering. You can create an aesthetic photograph by manipulating a contrived pose, but my photography is more about capturing a moment that happens organically. The photos that I hold most dear are the ones that make me remember the emotion of the moment—not so much the ones that are perfectly staged. With that said, I do love a beautiful and well made photograph, and sometimes that means directing natural poses. But I like to think that you can have a stunning photograph that is magnificent and real. When I am taking pictures, I want to be first an observer, and second a creator.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Mountain walks in early morning sunshine. Making and eating anything chocolate. Trying to figure out why our tomatoes died this year. Planning the next adventure. Learning Spanish. Writing letters. Eating good food. Reading.

What’s your favorite book?

How can I pick just one? Our Town…anything by Annie Dillard…The Old Man and the Sea.

Explain your travel policy:

I’m offering a $500 flat-rate travel fee for anywhere in the US.

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