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APW Happy Hour

Going to the chapel with my BFF

by Maddie Eisenhart
HEY APW, After reading Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes earlier this year, I resolved to be more outgoing in 2016. Where “yes” used to be a bad word for me (it’s basically how I talked myself into being a workaholic for years), these days I’m using it to force myself to have more fun. Recent exploits include cooking up a day at the pool with the APW team in the name of work. And heading up for a long weekend on the river, wherein I will try and teach my now-hundred-pound dog to swim (wish me luck and buoyancy!). In other news,... read more

9 Fair Trade Wedding Companies You Want to Know About

Affordable (and stylish) ways to shop your values

by Maddie Eisenhart
The hardest part of making a billion wedding planning decisions is the near constant worry that every decision should be the best decision you could possibly make. Does it fit your values? Will everyone else like it too? And while there’s no magic formula to make everyone approve of your wedding, there are lots of ways to shop your values in wedding planning. Which is why today we’ve partnered up with Green Mountain Coffee (one of the largest roasters of Fair Trade Certified coffee) to share nine Fair Trade wedding brands that make... read more

May 26, 2016

bridesmaids standing together

I Don’t Have Enough Friends to Have Bridesmaids: Help?

AAPW: My partner has eleven groomsmen, and I'm stressing OUT

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I have always described myself as a man’s woman. I have two brothers, so I spent most of my time as a part of their friend group and doing typically male things with them, such as playing video games or making midnight treks to the gas station for Slim Jims and Gatorade. I would not, however, describe myself as a tomboy. I love makeup and glitter and shoes and all things girl; I just don’t like other girls. Growing up, I struggled very hard with building and maintaining female friendships, and it’s something that I still struggle... read more
Fig House Wedding

These High School Sweethearts Waited More Than Ten Years for This Modern LA Wedding

Plus a Mariachi band, peanut brittle, and traditional Vietnamese details

by A Practical Wedding
Zack and I have known each other since we were in elementary school but didn't start dating until high school. As such, we had been together for over a decade when we were engaged and knew each other's taste pretty well! For our wedding, we wanted a nod to tradition with modern elements infused in... read more

May 25, 2016


What Happens to Marriage When Babies Stop Being Babies?

And what happens to you?

by Stephanie Kaloi
I was twenty-four when I gave birth to my son, and now in 2016, I’m a thirty-one-year-old with a seven-year-old kid… and I have recently found myself with a whole lot of time on my hand. It’s not just me. My husband is experiencing the same thing. We regularly find ourselves meeting in the kitchen and sharing a pot of coffee, wondering what exactly happened to the tiny being who needed us all of the time, and what exactly it is we’re supposed to be doing with ourselves as he grows up. Even Toddlers Grow Up We had been married... read more

4 Super Easy Ways To Word Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Yes, you have to send them. No, you don't have to write them from scratch.

by Stephanie Kaloi
Now that we’ve established that you obviously have to write wedding thank you cards (I love you guys, I do, so I’m sorry about this), I figured it was only fair to give you a wedding thank you card template. Because while it’s easy for wedding thank you cards to feel like one of those overwhelming and anxiety producing tasks, they don’t have to be. As long as you can muster up a few heartfelt words, you can use the same template over and over (and we’ll even give it to you). But first, we need to take a moment for a [&... read more

May 24, 2016


How to Plan a Wedding as a White Person Without Appropriating

Intersectional feminism means woke wedding planning

by Najva Sol
Growing up as a Persian immigrant in America, one of my biggest young adult joys was getting to spend evenings at my friend Sarah’s house. Why? Because Sarah’s mom cooked up foods I only saw on TV or in restaurants… exotic delicacies like apple pie and meatloaf. My level of excitement was such that Sarah would look at me like I was crazy, shake her head, and say something offhand like, “But it’s so boring, I don’t know why you like it.” She was also stumped when I would giggle with abandon because her parents... read more
flush mount wedding photo album layout with cake

The High-Quality (Yet Affordable) Wedding Albums You’ve Been Waiting For

Enter Albums Remembered's giveaway to get yours free

by Najva Sol
When the dust settles after your wedding and you can finally take a moment to binge watch some Netflix and just generally start living life again, the last thing you probably want to do is one more wedding-related task… like sorting out a wedding album. If your wedding photography was important to you (and possibly something you spent quite a lot of cash on), there is something to be said for celebrating and immortalizing those images in an archival quality hard copy, rather than letting them sit neglected on a flash drive (that might fail,... read more

May 23, 2016

hillary clinton side eye

Q: Why Can’t a Man Pick out China in the White House? A: America.

Are you mad? I'm mad

by Stephanie Kaloi
Last week it was brought to my attention that if Hillary Clinton is elected as President of the (Fucking) United States, there is no way that Bill Clinton will find himself picking out china patterns or tending to the vegetable garden. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let me say this: we’re not talking about who you will or will not vote for this year. I don’t even care, unless it’s Trump. What we are talking about is that even though it’s 2016, America is still so deeply steeped in sexism that we, the general public, can&#... read more
Emily and Michael-206

This $49K, 300 Guest Wedding Was Basically a Rock Concert

When music is in your blood, why not get married on stage?

by A Practical Wedding
We got married on stage (after getting engaged on stage a year and a half before!) and had a Bruce Springsteen tribute band entertain the night. In addition to being in his own band, my husband comes from an incredibly musical family, and when we gave the band a break to chow down on dinner, his family took over the stage (with me on cowbell!). From there, the night escalated. Soon my husband’s own band was on stage, along with every member past and present (counting maybe twenty people?!), while kids, husbands, and wives rushed the stage—it was... read more

May 20, 2016

Four women sitting by the edge of a pool with drinks

APW Happy Hour

by Meg Keene
HEY APW, See that picture up there? That’s a picture of us, at work, doing our actual job on Wednesday. We were shooting photos for Modcloth’s swimsuits (more to come, but MAN do their swimsuits rock for all body types). And that meant we got to spend a very warm spring day by the pool, which was pretty magical. Plus, Maddie and I went to see Beyoncé on Monday night and it was AMAZING. (Jareesa, who flew out from Minneapolis for the shoot, is going this weekend, so don’t you worry about her.) Which was good, because while life can... read more

We Absolutely Love This Colorful Feminist Wedding

This wedding also comes with a flamingo cake and rainbow balloons

by A Practical Wedding
Peckham is our home, and we wanted to support the amazing local businesses in Southeast London and celebrate the local people we love who do such amazing things. Our caterer's (Papi's Pickles) are a social enterprise that serves incredible South Indian and Sri Lankan food, and also provides employment and support to South Asian women refugees living in London. The beautiful bunting was made by Buy Rice Back, which is part of a charity called My Name is Kumar (they fund an orphanage in South India... read more

May 19, 2016

wedding rings on map

Can We Spend Registry Gift Money on Something Else?

AAPW: Is it ever okay to let people think they're buying something that they're not?

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My fiancé and I have been living together for the last decade. We like nice stuff, we’re both working professionals, and over the years we’ve set up a great home, so overall we feel like we have everything we need. We were never planning on having a wedding. A couple of years ago we started to reconsider, and now we’re two and a half months out from our two hundred-plus person wedding. We’re also pretty financially conservative and place a very high value on experiences over stuff. But we also know that some people like to do... read more
bride dancing with drink

Drama-Free Wedding Planning (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Meet DC-based Lula Mae Special Events, with rates starting at just $65

by Meg Keene
Maybe you just started planning your wedding, and you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed. Fair. Maybe your wedding is coming up, and you’ve suddenly realized that you need someone to haul the beer, manage your mother-in-law, and set up the ceremony site that isn’t… you. Fair. Maybe you just feel like you deserve a break. The fairest. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, enter our girl Meigh of Lula Mae Special Events. She’s been hanging out at APW for going on eight years now, and she just gets you guys and your... read more

May 18, 2016

woman holding cell phone and sending message

No, You Actually Can’t Just Hashtag Your Wedding Thank You Notes

Because ungrateful never looked good on anyone

by Stephanie Kaloi
I’m not sure if it’s because I was born and raised in the southern US, because I’m over thirty, or a combination of both, but when I recently found out that people have decided it’s okay to text instead of sending the traditional post-wedding thank you note, I thought it was a joke. So when I was chatting with a friend who told me, “No, seriously. [Mutual friend] asked if she could just text her aunt and thank her for the toaster,” my face did this: Because guys, I don’t care if it’s 2016 and we all live on... read more
wedding suit crop

10 Ways to Style a Suit That Will Make Your Partner Look Hot as Hell

Be yourself, just fancier

by Maddie Eisenhart
We pretend that weddings are all dresses all the time, but unless you are having a two-dress wedding (in which case, #awesome. Two dresses are definitely better than one), someone in your wedding is wearing pants. And even more likely, they’re wearing a suit. The wedding industry likes to pretend that choosing a suit is like choosing produce at the grocery store: it’s all basically the same and you’re just looking for a good deal on something that isn’t bruised. But that assumption plays into all kinds of sexist stereotypes about... read more

May 17, 2016

addressed wedding invitation from printable press

The Feminist Guide to Addressing Wedding Invitations

AKA the five things you'll want to make sure you absolutely nail

by Meg Keene
It happens with startling regularity. An envelope comes to our house that contains a very formal wedding invitation. You can tell at a glance—creamy paper, fancy black script. And before I even pick it up, I know what it’s going to say: Mr. and Mrs. HisLast. Nevermind that my last name is MyLast, and as such I don’t use Mrs. (Ms. is my address of choice anyway—it’s nobody’s business if I’m married or not.) That means nothing on that envelope approximates my name…though since my husband isn’t married to... read more
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