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Goal Digger

March 4, 2015


APW Is Hiring!

Content Manager, 30 Hours A Week

by Meg Keene
As many of you know, I’ve been running APW for almost seven years now (insert various shocked emojis here), and it’s been my full-time job for the past four years. In the beginning, the “company” (such that it was) was me, on my couch, doing every single job after work and on weekends (and after a year or so, not sleeping very much.) Sometime around year three, I started very slowly bringing on other people. Almost all of them started as unpaid interns, or just dedicated readers who offered to help out. Over the years I learned a... read more

How To DIY a Floral Urn Centerpiece

Impactful flower decor that won't sink your floral budget

by Lucy Bennett
Creating centerpieces for your wedding is an undertaking. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a manageable undertaking, but it’s a project you should be going into with as much information at your disposal as possible. The problem is, there are tons and tons of centerpieces that are lush and big that you see on Pinterest, but then once you decide to tackle it yourself, you realize on shopping day the flowers are so expensive you can buy like two stems instead of twenty. Or you show up at the venue and realize you have half the amount of flowers... read more

At 28, I Threw Out My Whole Career to Start Over

A shavasana a day keeps the inner critic at bay

I stare at the Post-It stuck to my palm. There is a circle inked on it, thick and dark and empty. Across the table, the woman leading our teacher workshop describes how the shape we chose reflects our learning style. Maybe the circle means something positive, but I can’t tell you for sure. I don’t hear anything she says. Right now, at eight o’clock on a Thursday morning, I am being sucker-punched by the evidence drawn in my own hand. I have to get out of here. “Excuse me,” I murmur, and slip into the hallway. Forehead pressed into the [&hellip... read more


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