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The Witching Hour


backyard Massachusetts wedding photography

APW Happy Hour

A note about book club!

by Lucy Bennett
Hey Apw, It seems we’ve all been a bit snowed in by this work week (if you listen closely, you’ll hear the sounds of Meg and Maddie shuffling to get out from under their respective piles of work) so I’m taking over Happy Hour! Muahahahaha! Which is kind of fitting, since our link roundup starts with “cats” and ends in dog worship. What? I like animals. Also, a little housekeeping about book club. We’re moving our discussion of Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl to November 4th, so you’ve got a little bit... read more

This Magic Moment

A relationship, measured by minutes

by Lisa M. G. Dennis
A moment. A brief instance in time. Our days are full of them. One following immediately after the other. Most of them pass without any notice. But some. Some insist we take note. They whisper to us. They shout. They insist they are something bigger, something magic, something larger than ourselves, larger than time. If our relationship were mapped on a clock, these would be those moments. 2:17 AM: The room is dimly lit. The rhythm of her heart over the monitor fills the silence. I look down. My doula is dozing at my left and my husband is dozing at my... read more

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