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May 27, 2015


Cheap (Cute) Decoration Ideas for Your Big Empty Space

Budget, meet paper. Paper, meet budget. Let's be friends.

by Maddie Eisenhart
Do you want to know why every Pinterest wedding (aka fake wedding shoot) is super tiny and only has ten people at it? Because decorating a small space is easy. And more importantly: decorating a small space costs significantly less than decorating a big space with the same amount of stuff. (Math! It’s never your friend.) So if your wedding plans involve a big empty space (think social hall, rec room), it’s understandable if the prospect of decorating might be… daunting. Big empty spaces come with their own set of challenges: tiny... read more

When You Reach the “Fuck It” Part of Wedding Planning

Made a choice? Any choice? You are winning.

by Jennifer Tomscha
Our apartment overlooks the Qipu Mall, a shopping complex famous with the fashionista set here in Shanghai. At night, the shipping trucks filled with literally tons of clothing roar into the docks below our windows. In the mall’s labyrinth of stalls, I can buy silk scarves, a full-body cotton dragon suit, three-inch fake eyelashes, and sweaters populated with tigers. But I can’t buy a single pair of shoes at the Qipu Mall; I’m gently waved out of stores when I ask for something in my size. There aren’t shoes for my giant feet in... read more


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