Fairmined gold is a label that assures gold is coming from responsible and empowered artisanal and small-scale mining communities. The mining community receives a fair price and premium for the gold in exchange for meeting the strict Fairmined standards for health, labor, and environmental impact. You get to see the premium at work as it is democratically reinvested into the community –going toward social development and other projects that improve efficiency and environmental protection at the mines, like a new high school for the community surrounding the Aurelsa mine in Peru. Bario Neal is always working to expand their commitment to ethical sourcing and initiatives that directly support responsible artisanal and small scale mining. You can visit their Sustainability page and blog to learn more about their ethical sourcing and studio practices, including Fairmined gold.


April 17, 2015


APW Happy Hour

by Meg Keene
Hey APW, Oh hi guys. So this week I… finished a book, is what. My second book, more specifically. And the photo above is the flowers to prove it! I know that sounds probably like fireworks and magic (and hopefully it will be at some point), but it actually felt mostly like seven months of extreme exhaustion hitting all at once. Because I started writing a book, and two weeks later got pregnant (don’t pity the fool, and the fool is me) and have powered through all 66,000 now edited words with various levels of illness, exhaustion, and health... read more

Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Planner or DOC

A mini-compatibility test before you hand over that check

by Meg Keene
If you’ve already hired professional vendors for your wedding, you know that some are easier to gauge than others. Photographers? Well, you should make sure you like their personalities as much as their portfolios, but you can generally get a pretty clear understanding of what the finished product will look like just from their websites alone. Officiants? It’s a little harder to tell if they’ll be great or if they’ll turn into that scene from The Princess Bride, unless you actually, you know, see them perform a ceremony.... read more

Caught Between a Name Change and a Hard Place

I didn’t want my birth last name, but what comes with this new one?

by Chelsea Risley
I no longer share a last name with my father. I carry another man’s name, and it still tastes strange in my mouth. On legal documents, I check the married box, and I had to change all my emergency contact information. No one prepares you for the paper trail that comes with marriage. No one says, “Congratulations on your engagement! Have you thought about writing your wills?” At least, no one did for me. No one told me that I’d have to pay extra attention when signing my name. No one told me I would look at my driver’s license, [&hellip... read more


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