Pitcher Cocktails: The Muddle-Free Mint Julep

Derby hats not required.

by Lucy Bennett
Ah, the mint julep. The quintessential drink of the South. The drink of the Kentucky Derby! But more importantly, mint juleps are what you drink when it’s over a hundred degrees outside, the humidity is at one hundred percent, and all you want to do is lay on a hardwood floor under a fan on its highest setting. Which, here in Georgia, is the entirety of July and August. Oy. The real key to a mint julep is to not use a lot of sugar. Mint has a sweetness to it, so you should always, always have a higher ratio of bourbon and soda water to simple... read more

A&Bé Bridal Shop in Denver Is Expanding to Minneapolis

White hot dresses by indie designers

by Meg Keene
Every so often (not often enough) a wedding business comes along that feels like it was picked out of some magical dreamscape just for you. And you want to kiss the founders on the mouth, and then immediately fly to wherever that business is to do your shopping. And pretty often that means flying to one of the coasts, leaving the middle of the country wondering when they’re going to get the next hot wedding business. Well, if you’re in Denver or Minneapolis, the answer is right now. A&bé Bridal Shop is one of the coolest wedding dress... read more

Ask Team Practical: Should I Invite Mom?

Mom + drama, or no mom at all?

by Liz Moorhead
Q:My fiancé, J, and I have been struggling lately. We’ve been dodging this because of all the feelings it brings up, but in light of our wedding next year, we have to address it. My mother disregards our relationship’s validity. As a woman who has (slowly) been addressing past abuse by my mom, along with getting over constantly seeking her approval, it gets confusing for the both of us to discuss how much she sees our relationship as pointless and idiotic. My childhood with her was destructive to my self-esteem and outlook on life, and I&#... read more

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