APW Happy Hour | A Practical Wedding

APW Happy Hour

Birthday, champagne, feminism

by Najva Sol
HEY APW, This week the APW staff and I figured out we rep all four Hogwarts houses. I’m a Slytherin (Ravenclaw cusp), if you’re wondering. Man, we Slytherins have such a bad rep, but we’re just intuitive, really down for the dark side (edgiest house, ha), and severely loyal. But wait, I should mention: It’s MY BIRTHDAY. Right now. Today. And if the image above didn’t give you clue, I’ll be hanging out with some #bossbitch feminist entrepreneurs at the Bullish Conference starting tonight. Champagne, feminism, nerd-... read more
15 Fictional Relationships That Give Us Hope | A Practical Wedding

15 Fictional Relationships That Give Us Hope

We all have that ONE couple on TV, right?

by Najva Sol
How often do you finish watching a TV show or a movie, and realize you’ve spent an absurd number of hours waiting for two love-torn characters to end up together? And what’s payoff? A kiss? Five to seven minutes of rushed montages of a “happy” future? I wrote a bit about how frustrating and un-helpful this pattern is and our EIC, Meg, commented on the crux of the issue: I believe that falling in love is essentially the same as your brain being very very high on drugs. Staying in love is… the dishes. Which explains why so... read more

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