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Goal Digger

March 3, 2015


What Happens When Your Role Models’ Marriage Hits The Rocks

If they can't make it, is there hope for us?

by Kelsey Hopson-Shiller
I remember when I got together with my first girlfriend in college. I wanted us to work—I wanted us to be great, actually, in order for me to justify my gayness with my perfect relationship—so I looked around for someone to look up to. At that time I did not know one married, stable, “grown up” queer couple. And between my fellow-college-student peers in LGBT relationships, and in the lesbian relationships I saw on TV (I came out when the L-word did), I mostly saw examples of the kind of relationship I didn’t want. So, my girlfriend... read more

Kristen Schueler Photography Has New England On Lock

Also: how being an introvert makes me a better photographer

by Maddie Eisenhart
Who: Kristen Schueler Photography Why: You don’t want trendy wedding photos, but you also don’t want stuffy old school wedding photos. And you’ve spent most of your wedding photography search wondering if there is a New England wedding photographer out there who falls somewhere in the middle, and won’t cost half your budget, and will maybe make you feel better about the fact that you really hate having your photo taken. Good news! Kristen Schueler is that, and way more. Where/How Much: Kristen is based in Boston, and shoots all... read more

How We Planned a Wedding for 255 People

Our semi-DIY huge blowout bash

by A Practical Wedding
We allocated the most funds to our caterer, who also coordinated all the rentals (tables, chairs, linens, etc.) for the day. We are huge Tex-Mex and margarita hounds and were hosting a number of guests who had never been to Houston, so a major priority was making sure the food and drinks were killer. Barbara McKnight and the team at Culinaire totally understood our ambitious vision to bring together all the best elements of Texas cuisine—BBQ (ribs and duck legs), Tex Mex (fajita stations), and Gulf Coast seafood (campechana). Babs didn't even blink... read more


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