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The Witching Hour

October 20, 2014


How To Wear a Wedding Cape

Hint: you'll wear it after the wedding too

by Maddie Eisenhart
When I was in high school, I bought a pink vintage cape coat for something like seven dollars at my local Goodwill. (I shopped there so frequently that my mom and sister used to give me gift certificates for Christmas, just in case anyone wanted to know what to get me this year.) It was, hands down, the most awesome thing I owned at the time. (Still own? Reminder to self: check closet at mother’s house.) Whenever I wore it wore it, my outfit was instantly transformed into one that said, “I’m going somewhere important and I should have... read more

Ask a Psychologist: My Parent Has Dementia

How to support your family, while supporting yourself

by Shara M. Brofman, Psy.D.
Q: My fiancé and I had planned for a long two-year engagement to save money for our wedding and to alleviate stress, as we both had started new jobs at the time. We are almost one year into our engagement, and I’ve finally gotten to planning. I’d already booked our venue; I’ve had it booked for seven months now in over-preparation. It was the only venue we saw in the city where we met and live. It’s a perfect reflection of us: rustic, casual, natural, intimate, and plenty of possibilities for a really fun event, which is what... read more

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