August 20, 2014


Pitcher Cocktails: Bee’s Knees

The name says it all

by Maddie Eisenhart
The running joke around here is that I drink like a teenager discovering alcohol for the first time. Throughout college and most of my early twenties, the only booze stocked in my bar were Disaronno and Malibu, and my favorite drink to make at parties was a modification of a “birthday cake” shot invented by a friend that involved Frangelico, Stoli Vanilla, and pineapple juice. But now that I’m in my late twenties, and my body no longer processes sugar the way it did in my youth (which was by shouting “more, more more!”... read more

How We: Planned Our Laid-Back, Utah National Park Wedding

A labor of love, put together by family and friends

by A Practical Wedding
About half of our budget was food and drink. Our friends at the fabulous Rocking V Café of Kanab, Utah, helped set a deliciously simple and laid-back tone for our day with deep-dish enchiladas and black bean cakes. It’s a business we are proud to support, and it was great to have a meal that effortlessly accommodated a range of dietary restrictions. Chips and salsa appetizers came from our other favorite restaurant in town, Escobar's Mexican Restaurant. The beer was mostly Flagstaff local brews and wine came from Trader Joe's, but still added up... read more
Day In The Life-6

A Day in the Life

Twelve hours with APW's Editor-in-Chief

by Maddie Eisenhart
Since I started reading APW at the ripe age of twenty-one, I've been using this site as a virtual big sister, helping me transition from one life stage to the next, both in my marriage and my career. I didn't grow up with a lot of married role models, so I'm constantly looking online for examples of lives being led in a way that resonates with how I envision my future self. But it's hard to do that in a way that doesn't lead to comparing your insides to other people's outsides. Which is why, the more curated our online lives become (thanks Pinterest and... read more


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