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The Witching Hour

October 22, 2014


How To Sell A Wedding Dress

Or in this case, how not to

by Carolynn
Finding my wedding dress was stressful and not fun. I was on a budget and fighting an emotional battle with my mom who believed that $200 was an appropriate amount to spend. Ever the pragmatist, she was convinced that I was dashing around to fancy New York wedding dress shops, a la Lady St. Petsois JuJu, and would hear none of my explanations that under $2,000 was considered so budget that many places didn’t carry anything in that price range. Even the Bridal Garden—a nonprofit that sells used wedding dresses and donates proceeds to charity—rolled... read more

An Elopement in Rio De Janeiro

We brought back marriage as a souvenir

by A Practical Wedding
As our wedding planning began, we knew exactly what we'd like to have. The focus had always been to have an extremely intimate ceremony focusing on uniting our families as we create our own addition and to celebrate with our friends and family in reception, remaining true to ourselves incorporating our love for music, good drinks, and dancing. The difficult part was finding a way to keep it within a budget that wouldn't interfere with our love to travel. Along the way of our wedding planning, we decided to book a trip to Brasil... read more

Millennials and Marriage

For better or worse, for a limited time

by Hayley Cotter
Recently, I read an article in Time magazine entitled “The Beta Marriage: How Millennials Approach ‘I Do.’” The article described a survey in which trend researchers asked respondents how they felt about different types of “test” marriages, entered into for various renewable terms ranging from two to thirty years. The idea is that you can use these trial periods to “test and de-glitch” your marriage, before fully committing to “till death do us part.” If you run into trouble along the way, you... read more


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