Around this time last year, NYC-based APW sponsor Carey MacArthur made a birthday wish to make shooting your weddings her life’s work. And now, to celebrate her one-year anniversary as a full-time wedding photographer, she’s offering a 25% discount on everything booked during the month of July. Carey’s a college-educated fine art photographer who brings rich life experience, a killer eye for capturing amazing moments, and a tremendous amount of love and gratitude to her work. And her package prices start at $3200 (before that 25% discount!), so this might just be the best deal you see all year. Click here to contact Carey and find out more.


Let It Go

A couple of days ago


APW Happy Hour

What are you doing on 'Merica day?

by Maddie Eisenhart
HEY APW, In classic four-day-week fashion, this week has been simultaneously too long and too short, and every day felt like Thursday (at least today I’m right!). It probably didn’t help that it was over a hundred degrees in my neighborhood this week, which always makes the days drag on. Meg and I did manage to squeeze in some time to go look at what may end up being APW’s brand (!) new (!) office (!) space on Monday, though. Which means my summer just got awesome. Because, decorating. (P.S. If you’re curious and want a sneak... read more

My Wedding Guests Were Terrible

AAPW: How do I forgive the bad behavior and move on?

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I’m having problems forgiving some people who were at my wedding, which was one month ago. We planned our wedding to be fun, very practical, and easy. It was a laid-back California affair, with a taco truck, open bar, and beautiful location. The problem is that some people are fussy and have told me in the month since our wedding that they did not like certain things about our wedding. Just last night, at a party, a guest of ours said, “People did not like standing around on the grass waiting for their tacos… they were complaining... read more

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