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The Witching Hour

October 31, 2014


APW Happy Hour

Happy Halloween!

by Meg Keene
Oh Hey Everybody, It’s Halloween. Or as I like to call it, “Basically the reason to have kids.” I mean, other than the lifelong love and companionship and stuff but… OMG TINY GOBLINS AND WITCHES AND WIZARDS AND GHOSTS. I’m sorry, where were we? Oddly, I found that a lot of Bay Area parents of small children stay home on Halloween, because… kids are tiring and there is a lot of other kid-centric Halloween stuff that’s already happened by Halloween night (I think). But I guess I’m a little old school. I like... read more

Ten Fall Cocktails

Drinks to sip while crunching leaves

by Meg Keene
Since having a kid, we have a semi-secret new Halloween tradition, which I will tell you about just because I like you. On Halloween, we take our kid to one of the Bay Area’s destination trick or treat streets (think thousands of kids and adults all in costumes, ranging from adorable to insanely imaginative). We first stop off for a Halloween party at our friend’s who lives on the street. When we’re ready to go out, we pour our seasonal drink into a mug, and then head downstairs, adorable kid in one hand, seasonal cocktail in another.... read more

My First Call with a Psychic

Maddie test runs California Psychics, Happy Halloween!

by Maddie Eisenhart
My alarm goes off at 12:40 A.M., waking me from a half-sleep on my couch that’s been plagued by the gong of a Law & Order marathon. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it until 1:00. (Hence the alarm.) I brush tortilla chips off my sweater, switch off Law & Order, and reach for my phone, my nerves vibrating at a frequency that falls somewhere between job interview and pap smear. I’m nervous, but mostly I’m excited. I’m about to call a psychic. It’s my first time. Back when I was a practicing Catholic (I... read more


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