December 17, 2014


What It Really Means When You Marry Into Family

Being a part of our team is no part-time gig

by Annie D.
This is going to sound like some bigger-than-my-britches bragging, but I need to say it: I’m incredibly proud of my family. My family is better than those big, happy, movie families. We are funnier, and sweeter, and smarter. We have our problems, of course, but we always seem to stick together. We help each other and celebrate each other. We enjoy each other’s company (truly). And while this has been a total blessing while wedding planning, it came at a high price. My younger sister (we are only fourteen months apart) has severe autism. She will... read more

The Year of Failing

365 days of refusing to stack the deck in my favor

by Kelsey Hopson-Shiller
In 2013, I read Rachel’s piece about choosing a verb for the year, and I loved it. I suck at resolutions (doesn’t everyone?) and December 31st isn’t my most reflective day anyway. A verb though, I could choose a verb. And the verb I chose in 2013 was Fail. Most everyone I told about this was indulgent, or thought I was joking. My sister-in-law, Jess, was the only one who called me crazy to my face, several months later over the Thanksgiving dinner table. “Fail?” she said incredulously. “Why would you choose failure as a theme for a year?”... read more


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