December 19, 2014


The Best of APW 2014

Our favorite posts from the past year

by Meg Keene
Dear APW, As usual, the whole APW staff is taking a (well deserved) holiday break! There are some wise souls who publish during the two-week Christmas to New Years downtime, but then there are other wise souls (um, us) who have cocktails and naps on the brain. Naps we haven’t gotten in all year, because 2014 was a doozy for work (a good doozy, but a doozy). For you regular readers, this is where we leave you. We’ll meet again on Monday, January 5th, when we have the best line up of January and Febuary content that we’ve EVER had. But... read more
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APW Book Club: Bad Feminist

We'd rather be bad feminists than none at all

by Lucy Bennett
Around APW this week, we’ve been hard at work preparing to settle down for our winter’s nap (more on that a little later today). Not one to do things half-assed, I’ve already got a hefty stack of books on my nightstand that I’m excited to dig in to. And one of them is our next APW Book Club pick! I only picked up and started reading Bad Feminist about a week ago, but already, I’m hooked. This is one of those rare books that feels like it was written for all of us here at APW, or really any woman living in the present day.... read more


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