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APW Happy Hour

Introducing APW's newest staffer! (And bidding a fond farewell to Lucy)

by Meg Keene
Hey APW, Before we get into happy hour, we’ve got some big staff news today! To start, we are sad to be saying goodbye to APW’s longtime Deputy Editor, Lucy Bennett. Lucy joined the team shortly after I returned from maternity leave in 2013, and basically whipped us all into shape. She’s possibly the most organized person we’ve ever had on staff, and definitely the most Southern. Lucy is leaving APW to focus on and launch Campfire Collective, a full service design and marketing group for spirited entrepreneurs and businesses. She... read more

15 Modern Love Songs To Steal For Your First Dance

Who knows, maybe it will be a classic one day!

by Lucy Bennett
Every so often, while riding in the car with Bryan, a song will come on the radio and I will remark that it would have made a good first dance song. It’s not that I didn’t love our first dance song—in fact I still do. But sometimes you hear a song that just perfectly encapsulates your relationship, and you get to be a little disappointed that it didn’t exist when you were making your original picks. (Or you file them away for possible vow renewal use, naturally.) I’m of the opinion that the song you choose for a first dance [&... read more

What the Father-Daughter Dance Is For

I won't be given away, but I am grateful

by Jennifer Tomscha
I come from a family of notorious criers. We’ll cry about almost anything and as a response to almost any emotion. So I’m surprised at how calm I’ve been about our upcoming wedding. I’ve cried once or twice imagining our vows, but for the most part I’ve been levelheaded and reasonable and generally just thrilled. Except when I think about the dance with my dad. Then I’ve cried, without fail. Several evenings now, I’ve perused YouTube and left tears in my wake. Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” (cried).... read more

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