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APW Happy Hour

Sometimes you just gotta get away for the weekend

by Meg Keene
HEY APW, So! After I finished the book and had a meltdown (which is literally the only way I know how to finish big projects/process extremely good news), we got out of town for a twenty-four-hour babymoon. I’ve been told by people that the term “babymoon” is dumb, and I should never use it because it’s embarrassing. But to hell with that. Getting away before you have an infant and can’t get away for… awhile… is basically the best idea anyone ever came up with. (As are we-don’t-need-an-excuse-but-if-we-did-... read more

10 Alternative Rehearsal Dinner Ideas to Fit Any Vibe

You can have your cake, and eat it too

by Alyssa Griffith
Want to know something truly, mind-blowingly exciting about wedding planning? Somewhere, in the midst of place settings and dress fittings and venue deposits, you are figuring out how to get almost all of the people who are important to you (and your partner) in one place, at one time. (Obviously, if you’re eloping, that’s pretty rad in and of itself, but this post is pretty useless for you, so my apologies.) For everyone else: when else in your life does this happen? It’s a rare and magical occasion that inspires people drop... read more

Five Hacks That Help Keep Our Marriage Sane

What's In My Bag: Marriage Edition

by Maddie Eisenhart
Everyone will tell you that marriage is hard work. Nobody, it seems, will tell you why. Or at least that’s how it felt when Michael and I got married. I’d heard all the warnings: about what a challenge marriage would be, about all the compromise. But nobody could put a finger on where the challenges would come from, or what we’d be compromising on. I had always thought that our biggest struggles would be over big picture issues: the kids/no kids discussion, career trajectories, where we would live. And while those things are part of... read more

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