Meet APW’s newest sponsor and contributor, Alyssa Griffith, who is the owner and lead event planner for Rose Gold Events in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been officially rocking the wedding industry for the last four years since becoming a Certified Wedding Planner in 2011, and unofficially since she planned her mom’s wedding as a teenager. Alyssa—who is so much our people she has her own planner-centric version of the APW Sanity Pledge—is so excited to work with you guys she is offering $250 off to the first 2 APW couples who book Rose Gold Events for 2015.



January 27, 2015


Should I Have Kids?

I have decided to be a mother. Someday. Maybe.

by Lydia Keaney Reynolds
All of the books about pregnancy start at the moment of conception. All of the books about conceiving assume that the reader desperately wants a child. And while there are several books that will provide a robust, and much-needed, discussion of the flaws inherent in the way contemporary American society addresses pregnancy, childcare, and motherhood in general—Jessica Valenti’s Why Have Kids? comes to mind—there is no book, blog post, magazine article, video diary, podcast, or anything else on the Internet that can adequately answer vastly my... read more


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