July 24, 2016

woman working on computer

Saving for August: Feminist Career Advice for My Younger Self (SS)

What I wish I had known back when I started

by Jareesa Tucker McClure
Ten years ago, I was preparing to transition from graduate school to full-time employee. Throughout my years in school, I did the typical things that students do to prepare for their future career—I completed internships, participated in mock interviews, and attended career fairs. Yet internships, a work-study job in a student office on campus, and a summer working as a temp admin still didn’t fully prepare me for life as a full-time employee in a large corporation. Navigating career stuff can be hard for anyone, but sexism and biases can make it... read more

A couple of days ago

mother and son standing against a wall

APW Happy Hour

Kids can work as temp employees, right?

by Stephanie Kaloi
HEY APW, I am on day nine of a ten-day journey with my seven-year-old son. We hit Portland for a wedding and to see friends; LA to visit Universal, JPL, and friends; and rounded out our trip in San Francisco and Oakland to hang with Meg and Maddie, work in the actual #APWOffice, and eat so much (approximately three thousand Jupiters worth, if you ask my kid) ice cream. Somewhere along the way, Meg hired my son (for about five minutes). She offered to pay him in ice cream; he countered by requesting cash. So for a hefty $1, he took [&hellip... read more
early 61315

Wedding Hair, Don’t Care: This Couple’s Mid-Wedding Dip in the River Is Everything

#TreeLife is real

by Stephanie Kaloi
After all of our decisions to please others, we really needed a moment to relish in the excitement of being married, so we turned our sights on the river near our venue with the intention of cooling our nerves, literally. A dip in the cool running water seemed like the perfect way to spend some quality time with well-traveled guests, and just a grand way to spend an afternoon in Montana... read more

July 21, 2016

bride standing alone outside

My Whole Family Is Skipping My Wedding (but Going to My Cousin’s)

I didn't realize we were competing until they made it obvious

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My family lives on one coast, and we’re getting married on the other. I’ve lived there for years, my partner grew up there, and his family still lives there. But it has meant that one side of my family is simply not coming to the wedding. I’m not angry at individuals, but more angry at the feeling that I’m not valued by this part of my family on a larger scale. My partner and I have also really made the effort over the years to be present at family events—red-eyes across the country, scheduling important work trips to... read more

You’ll Get Twice the Awesome with This Photography Team

These trained photojournalists and second-generation wedding photographers won't miss a moment

by Maddie Eisenhart
There’s something extra special about having photographers who are partners in life as well as in business by your side at your wedding. So we’re excited to introduce Sarah and Jeff Porter of New England-based Two of Us Photography, with rates starting at $3,000. As a recently married couple, these trained photojournalists get what it’s like to be—together—on the other side of the camera. And as second-generation (!) wedding photographers, they are well versed in all the things that can go down at a wedding in a way most ... read more

July 20, 2016

man and grandmother holding hands

What Will Being Family Caregivers Do to Millennial Marriages?

File under: Things we should have talked about a decade ago

by Stephanie Kaloi
There are a lot of conversations my husband and I didn’t have before we got married almost ten years ago. For example, we didn’t discuss money, kids, or even really what we wanted to do with our careers. We got married after barely three months of dating. We were twenty-two and twenty-one, and just figured, hey, all that stuff? It’ll work itself out. So I suppose it’s not surprising that I can add one more topic to the list of things we never discussed: what will happen to our parents as they age, and whether or not we’ll... read more

Minted Has Four New Wedding Services That Will Make Your Day

Including a brand-new pop-up store in SF where you can see it all for yourself!

by Maddie Eisenhart
If I had to pick the two biggest headaches of wedding planning (besides family expectations and not being a millionaire, but what are you going to do about those), they’d have to be paper and décor. I just wanted things that felt like our wedding, and the options were either to spend all the monies to make that happen, or create everything my damn self. I chose door number two. Spoiler alert: It turns out I’m not as crafty as I thought. (Also, our apartment wasn’t nearly well-ventilated enough for all that rubber cement.) But if I... read more

July 19, 2016

gender pay

6 Steps That Will Help You Conquer the Gender Pay Gap

Splashing your office's Slack channel with fire GIFs isn't the answer (yet)

As a workplace advice columnist, I receive lots of letters about how to ask for a raise. One piece of advice I’ve traditionally given over and over is to base your raise request on your own work and not to use your coworker’s salary as an argument for why you should be paid more. But there’s one big exception to that: when the disparity in your salary might be based on gender. It can be incredibly frustrating when you realize or suspect that you’re being paid less than your male coworkers. A big part of that frustration is because many... read more
Amanda Summerlin Atlanta Wedding Photographer-23

Amanda Summerlin Will Take Photos You Love of the People You Love

Amanda gets real about why she's a photographer and why photography should be a part of everyone's life

by Najva Sol
If I had to summarize the one-of-a-kind Amanda Summerlin and her work in emojis, it would go a little something like 😂😢😍👏🙏. Longtime sponsor and APW favorite, Amanda is the photographer who will make you laugh so hard you cry, who will be a steadying presence when you actually do cry, who will deliver photos that give you heart eyes for days, and who will earn your eternal gratitude for being exactly what you needed in a photographer: a source of mood-lifting jokes, a shoulder to lean on, and most importantly, a keen eye that will... read more

July 18, 2016


What Harry Potter Did for My Wedding Day Anxiety

Sometimes you just need a little help from your (wizard) friends

It was my wedding day. I had spent the night before at my sister’s house. We arrived at the church three hours before the ceremony started, as everyone had agreed to do. But other than the wedding planner, we were the only ones there. There was no photographer. No groom. No mother of the bride. This last one was what almost sent me over the edge. I remember turning to my sister, the panic already building up in me and threatening to spill out of my eyes, and saying, “Where is Mother? Weren’t we supposed to meet her here? Where is she... read more

30 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Your Friends Will Actually Love

Plus tips for managing expectations and keeping everyone happy

by Maddie Eisenhart
Having been a bride once and a bridesmaid a handful of times, I’ve learned that the only rule of bridesmaiding is that there are no hard-and-fast rules: expectations around attire, bridesmaid hairstyles, and makeup can vary wildly from person to person. What one member of your wedding party considers totally normal might seem absurd to another (personal taste is personal, y’all). So it’s smart to lay your cards on the table good and early, before you get too deep into planning, to make sure everyone is on the same page. But how do... read more

July 15, 2016

woman staring at the ocean

APW Happy Hour

Herein we will collectively feel all the things

by Stephanie Kaloi
Hey APW! I can vaguely remember the beginning of this year, when I thought that the worst thing 2016 was going to throw at us was the death of David Bowie. Make no mistake—that death hit me hard. Now I’m beginning to think that we should have all seen this entire year coming. I don’t mean to say that his death is as terrible as the many, many horrific things we’ve seen so far in 2016 in cities around the world, including Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Baghdad, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas, and now Nice, France (where over eighty people were [&... read more

July 14, 2016


The MOB Is Freaking Me out (and It’s Not Even My Wedding)

The worst part is that the bride has no idea

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. We’ve been friends for over ten years, and she was a bridesmaid in both of my weddings. Even though I live on the West Coast and she resides on the East Coast, it was a no-brainer. Both my weddings were very simple: few guests, no shower, no bachelorette, and no need to buy a special dress. I assumed I’d need to buy a dress, but my friend never set expectations that I’d be involved much beyond that. Quite out of the blue, I found out that I’m being recruited [&hellip... read more

15 Modern, Ethical, and Beautiful Wedding Rings Under $500

Aide-mémoire creates beautiful, environmentally friendly rings that won't break the bank

by Stephanie Kaloi
By the time you’re shopping for rings, you’ve probably learned—possibly the hard way—that wedding planning takes lots of compromise. Sometimes the exhausting, “I never want to make another decision ever again” kind of compromise. Which is why we do a little dance at our desks every time we see a vendor like Seattle-based Aide-mémoire Jewelry, which will make your rings one area of planning that requires exactly zero compromise—from design, to materials, to customer service, to price. Founder and designer Aran... read more

July 13, 2016


Can I Survive a Wedding and a Divorce at the Same Time?

It's hard to keep it together for her when I just want to fall apart

by Laurel Fitzpatrick
When my best friend called me from Europe in the middle of a work day, I knew she had gotten engaged. I missed the first call, but I picked up the second one immediately. We switched to video chat; she and her fiancé popped up on my desktop computer. She held up her ring. “I knew it!” I shrieked. We chatted for a few minutes. I texted my then-husband the good news. She asked if I would be her maid of honor. They asked if he would play music for the ceremony. For the next few months, I gathered information [&hellip... read more
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