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Happy Hour


by Meg Keene
Hey APW, If life in the APW office in January was no-chill, February is shaping up to have at least some chill (thank the Lord). For the first time in a long time I’ve had a lot of work tasks on my plate that can (and should) be taken care of while binge watching Netflix. Which means, I got down and dirty with United States of Tara this week (a season in three days?), and it is excellent. I should have known, with Diablo Cody as showrunner. Otherwise, I’ve generally had time to chill with my kids and work on [&hellip... read more
two women dancing to Taylor Swift at a wedding reception

350 of the Best Wedding Songs to Pick from When You Get Married

From modern to religious to booty shakin'

by Meg Keene
Back when I got married, in the dusty distant past of 2009, if you were picking wedding songs for your reception, you were probably also wrangling an iPod, and wondering if you were going to be able to make a bumpin’ reception happen without a high-priced DJ. Thank goodness, in the intervening handful of years, we’ve ditched iPods, moved to iPhones, and some pretty awesome DJ apps have been launched, making “putting together your wedding playlist” the most fun item on tons of couples’ wedding to-do lists. But whether or not... read more

February 4, 2016


Should Our First Anniversary Be a (Awful) Wedding Re-do?

AAPW: I want a wedding do-over

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My husband and I got married in the fall of last year, but unfortunately I have nothing but bad memories of the planning process and the wedding itself. I let family pressures from both sides get to me, and the arguments we had over the wedding almost destroyed our relationship. To mark the recovery of our marriage and to make up for the miserable experience I had planning and attending our wedding, I would like to have an anniversary party in fall 2016. Is this okay? I don’t want any presents or anything, just a little cake and punch [&hellip... read more

Brent & Jess Make Fingerprint Wedding Rings So Lovely They Might Make You Cry

Because you know what's really forever? A fingerprint.

by Stephanie Kaloi
When you take a second to think about it, fingerprints are actually pretty incredible. Sure, these squiggly lines on the tips of our hands are easy to overlook or take for granted because hey, they’ve always been there. But they’re presumed to be unique (the debate rages on), difficult to change, and will likely be with your the entirety of your life. Fingerprints are also intimate parts of our bodies—our hands and fingers engage in some of the most gentle behaviors that we express. Anyone who has intertwined their fingers with those of... read more

February 3, 2016


APW’s Guide to Not Appropriating Other People’s Cultures

Is sharing always caring?

by Najva Sol
About once every month or two, I get a wedding that’s stunning. The story is aces. The vibe is fun. And I have to reject it because it’s absolutely culturally appropriating. When you work in weddings, you really want to say yes to everything. “The customer is always right” mentality becomes… even more personal. Because no matter what choices a couple makes, their wedding is still their wedding, and it’s an expression of their love. But just because it’s heartfelt doesn’t mean we can publish it. Because as a wedding... read more

What If Every Guest Could Give a Heartfelt Toast at Your Wedding?

With SpeechBooth, they can

by Maddie Eisenhart
If I had to choose the two biggest enemies of weddings, those would be time and money. I won’t go into what I could have done with unlimited piles of cash for my wedding, but time? Oh with more time I would have talked to everyone and drank all the beers and danced until my lungs gave out. Time is also the reason why you can’t have every single person at your wedding give a toast, even if those are one of the best parts. Alas, until one of us can get hold of a Tardis or Hermione’s timeturner, we’re saddled with all [&hellip... read more

February 2, 2016


5 of the Most Absurd Movie Weddings That Ruined You for Life

Because ice sculptures are totes normal, right?

by Eve Sturges
Suspension of disbelief is the philosophy that movies are made of; it invites us to believe that we might fall in love with an operating system, that time travel is possible, that the wildest coincidences can change lives all over the place. For the most part, we go with it. Except for all the moments that we don’t, because that would never happen. Wedding movies consistently push those boundaries. The movie 27 Dresses wants us to believe that a person could be a bridesmaid in two weddings in the same day, could zip between venues and... read more
Printable Press wedding invitations

This New Line from Printable Press Is Fresh as Hell

If only everything in life were as lovely as these invitations

by Stephanie Kaloi
When Kimi Weart, founder of Printable Press and fantastic person in general, was getting married, she spent about two months absolutely agonizing over the design of their wedding invitations. In fact, they kind of consumed her, and as she put it: It was the most important thing to me in the whole planning process, as I really wanted to capture our personalities and wanted the spirit of our wedding to be present. I wanted the invitations to express that we were getting ready to set out on our new adventure. Some might see this as a tall order for wedding... read more

February 1, 2016


What Are Your Financial Goals for 2016?

She works hard for the money

by Najva Sol
You know what January means? Time to examine what I did last year and set some intentions moving forward. I always think I’ll do it in December, but who am I kidding? The holidays trump everything. Among the list of things I’m proud of from last year (starting to work at APW being a big one) and goals for next year (South Korea, I’m coming for ya) is one major theme sticks out: money. Despite the fact that I’ve always prided myself on being “good with money” (never paid rent late, always won at taxes, etc.) I’ve never been… abundant [&... read more

How to Make a Simple Wedding Dress Look Badass

And still feel like yourself

by Maddie Eisenhart
Wedding dress shopping can be a daunting experience. There’s the pressure to find “the dress,” to give everyone you love an emotional experience with you, plus the regular old frustration of trying on clothing and hoping something looks good. Then there’s the fact that if you’re browsing online and you look at the photos of wedding dresses in online catalogs, it’s really hard to figure out how a wedding dress on a model will translate to you, a person who has not been airbrushed. Not to mention this scenario, which I... read more

January 29, 2016

Slack for iOS Upload copy

APW Happy Hour

What to do when you're snowed in to Salt Lake City

by Najva Sol
HEY APW, So my first Alt Summit was a whirlwind of meeting super kind, stylish, smart women and realizing they had like, 50 million instagram followers, ran three companies, had four kids, and knew how to walk in heels all day. (JK but sort of.) Not intimidating AT ALL. But then it was over and I was totally ready to go. I’d packed my bags and thought fondly of home…but a blizzard known as Jonas had other plans. Turns out I was stuck in Salt Lake for a few extra days. But, because my boss is awesome (her name is [&hellip... read more

How We Designed Our Cozy (and Body-Positive) $15K Brooklyn Wedding

And obviously, we rode the subway to the wedding. Because, duh.

by A Practical Wedding
I also kept myself sane by remembering I loved my friends and groom before this happened and I had to trust them to be themselves and do things their way. So I may be a planner who wanted to have everything lined up as soon the engagement ring hit my finger, but it was even more important to me that Wes be involved in the planning of the wedding, which meant his tasks were going to be on his time. Likewise my best friend and maid of honor is not a wedding person—I actually told her I made her maid of honor to torture her—so I wasn't going to expect... read more

January 28, 2016


Photojournalist Beck Diefenbach Delivers Wedding Photos Worthy of the Front Page

Yes, you can totally hire an actual award-winning photojournalist for your wedding

by Stephanie Kaloi
Imagine this: what if you could hire Clark Kent or Peter Parker (or some other pro photojournalist that doesn’t moonlight as a superhero) to shoot your wedding? Because that’s basically what you get when you hire San Francisco’s Beck Diefenbach to shoot your wedding. We are living in the time of wedding photojournalism, or so you might believe based on the number of times the word is tossed around when describing wedding photography, but the essence of what photojournalism truly means can still be easy to lose. This isn’t so with... read more

Will People Kind of Hate Me If I Have a Destination Wedding?

AAPW: Can I ask my wedding guests to drop $2k and travel 20 hours?

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My fiancé and I are are trying to decide where to get married (so far we have spent four months on this question). We are in the lucky situation of having two free venues available to us: my family’s home in Seattle and my family’s farm in Argentina. We are very interested in the second option because that is where we first went on vacation together and he got to know my family. Not to mention that it is incredibly beautiful and a really fun and relaxing place to go. However, we are very worried about anyone feeling obligated [&hellip... read more

January 27, 2016


Here Is Why Only Women Showed Up to the Senate After Snowmageddon

Why don't we run this motha, again?

by Maddie Eisenhart
I wish I was surprised yesterday, when I read the following report on the US Senate in the wake of Snowmageddon: Something was a little different in the Senate on Tuesday morning. And Sen. Lisa Murkowski noticed it. The Alaska Republican was one of only a few lawmakers in the Capitol building following the weekend blizzard, and it was her job to handle the formalities of delaying Senate business until her colleagues could get back to work. After finishing a bit of parliamentary business, she described what she saw in the ornate chamber. “As we... read more

45 Country Wedding Songs Even Your Hipster Friends Will Love

With minimal mentions of boobs, trucks, and beer...

by Stephanie Kaloi
Here’s the thing about country music: tons of people like it—the love is international. You guys probably already know this, because I bet a whole bunch of you aren’t from the southern United States, have never visited Dixie, and will never set foot in these waters… but you’re still totally pulling out your CMT faves and plugging in. Nashville artists are good at a lot of things, including pumping out heartbreaking ballads and tunes that make perfect country wedding songs. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you... read more

January 26, 2016


4 Tricky Registry Situations Thankful Registry Can Help You Avoid

Because gift giving is a two way street

by Stephanie Kaloi
Right about now you’re probably being bombarded with options for setting up your wedding registry. The good news is, that means there more options out there than ever before. While most registries boast about how easy they make things for you, the gift receiver, Thankful Registry stands out because they approach things holistically. They get that gifts are about both the giver and the receiver, and they’ve set up a platform that’s a win for everyone: for $30 per year, you sign up and get an all-inclusive (meaning you can register... read more