Samantha is classically trained with a BA in fine art photography, and her work is a melting pot of photojournalism, fine art, and film-appreciation, mixed with a bit of rock ‘n roll—not unlike NYC itself. AND, she’s an awesome person—trust me, we’ve hung out IRL. Samantha’s packages start at just $2,860 in the NY metro area PLUS she’s offering 10% to the first five couples who book before 8/15/15. So if you still need a photographer for 2015, or want to get a head start and a great deal for 2016, click to contact Samantha.


Let It Go

July 6, 2015

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Where Can I Find a Foundation Garment that’s Comfortable AND Sexy?

Two Cents: I'm looking for the unicorn of bras here. Help a girl out?

by A Practical Wedding
Q:Hey APW! I’m in the process of designing my wedding dress with someone I’m super excited to work with. Since we’re designing the top from scratch, I figured we could benefit from figuring out the lingerie early so I know I have the right piece to go underneath the dress. Could you provide some suggestions on where to get wedding lingerie? Something practical, of course. Pretty, but practical. Especially for someone with a non-traditional “nude” skin tone and tiny breasts, picking out wedding lingerie is fraught. I was... read more
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A New York Camp Wedding with an ASL Friendly Ceremony

With super cute pink heels and sleeping bags (AKA #glamping)

by A Practical Wedding
Because our guests were split in terms of language (American Sign Language for Andrew’s side, English for mine) it was important to us that everyone had equal access to everything that was going on; our wedding was conducted in both languages simultaneously, from beginning to end. We also decided early on that we wanted to have two officiants: a close friend of his and a close friend of mine. She spoke her portions and he signed his, and with the assistance of two wonderful interpreters, they put together a ceremony that was as sweet and salty as they... read more

A People Pleaser’s Guide to Planning a Wedding

Check yourself before you wreck yourself (and other useful advice)

by Maddie Eisenhart
I used to say that if I could find a job making people happy for a living, I would take it. You can blame it on growing up the oldest child of multiple divorces, or losing a sibling at a young age and navigating my parents’ grieving process, or being reared with the Catholic urge to “do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Whatever the cause, when life was chaotic, it was reassuring to know that I could, at the very least, control how I was making other people feel. At first, it was a comfort, a coping mechanism. I was the... read more

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