Meg and I are headed to The Bold Italic’s Love/Make expo in San Francisco this weekend and you should come too! There will be free bubbly, even free-er wedding advice, a slow-motion photobooth, and lots of other reasons to come hang out even if you’re not engaged. Tickets are only $10 in advance, or $15 at the door (buy tickets right here.) We can’t wait to see you there!


The Stories We're Told

April 24, 2014


Bri McDaniel Photography In Atlanta

Reflecting you, not the wedding industry

by Meg Keene
Most of my personal favorite artists (wedding photographers, regular photographers, musicians, artisans, you name it) have two things in common: they’re trained artists and they have something to say. Like knows like, and there is something that speaks to my soul in the shared (arduous) process of going to art school and having been tortured getting formal training that forced us to think about what we want to say with our work. Also, possibly, there is something that speaks to my therapy bills, but I’ll keep that between me and the art... read more

Hayley: How Will It Feel?

Because you can't put emotions into a spreadsheet

by Hayley Cotter
In the days leading up to our wedding, people kept asking me if I was nervous. I kept saying no, but that wasn’t quite true. I was nervous, just not in a way that I could easily articulate. To be honest, I was just trying very, very hard not to think about the wedding day at all. I thought about the logistics, of course. Logistics are unavoidable, particularly in the last few days before the wedding.  (Nick frequently grumbled, “I don’t feel like I’m planning a wedding. I feel like I’m planning a land invasion.”) Thinking in terms of trolley... read more


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