Emmys 2014-17

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Red Carpet

Meg reports from the Emmys

by Meg Keene
This weekend I was down in LA, watching the Emmy Awards red carpet from the first row, thanks to the lovely team at Keurig. While it’s true that when it comes to my passions red carpets and good TV rank right up there with whisky and politics, what I was most excited about was reporting back on what the red carpet is really like. In all the years I’ve spent live tweeting from my living room every red carpet ever, I learned that you, like me, love a good show. So while I was super grateful to Keurig for their hospitality (they put me up in a... read more

Ask Team Practical: Dangerous Hobbies

If only he loved fantasy football.

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I have the incredible fortune of being with the man of my dreams (as uber-cliche as it sounds, it’s true). One of things that I am most grateful for in our relationship is how incredibly supportive we are of each other. There’s nothing begrudging about it; he greets my dreams and ambitions with genuine encouragement and the occasional round of playing Devil’s Advocate when the need arises (he helps keep me grounded). On the flip side, B makes me feel like I’m dating Superman in all his handsome, loving, muscular, shiny glory.... read more

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