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April 15, 2014


Separating The Joy From The Pain

I can’t remember my wedding day without remembering the eight months before it

by A Practical Wedding
“Well. Hell.” That thought danced around my head regularly for the eight months of my engagement. Six months of indecision, misery, fighting, crying, and panic attacks followed by two months of quick decisions, fighting, ugly cries, guilt, depression, love, and joy. I don’t regret my wedding. I love my wedding day. I should love it: I fought for it, cherished it, defended it, excused it, explained it, loved it, planned it, and, finally, experienced it. But I’m still resentful. Resentful of how unhappy my husband and I were. How many weeks my... read more
allium and crescent enamel

Bario-Neal: Ethical Stones and Fairmined Gold

Plus all the pretty that passes muster

by Maddie Eisenhart
I haven’t always had the easiest time shopping for ethical jewelry. (I know. I’m sorry!) I want so much to like it, and I appreciate sustainable jewelry in practice, but a lot of ethically produced wedding jewelry is just… not my cup of tea. (My tastes run a little shiny, so shoot me.) But if you gave me a few thousand dollars, I could clear out Bario-Neal’s stock in half an hour. Bario-Neal’s designs are pretty much the best. They’re organic without being crunchy, and blingy without being blinding. Bario-Neal is... read more

What I Thought I Wanted

A Venn diagram of potential suitors

by Molly
Recently, on a trip back to California to visit family, I found a scrap of paper wedged in between course papers and handouts from college in a pile on the floor of my childhood bedroom. On a piece of lined yellow paper torn from a mini legal pad was a Venn diagram, with a list of qualities written in my dad’s doctor scrawl. These characteristics included: six feet tall, blonde with blue eyes, smarter than Molly, not too smart, and on and on. In my dad’s hand, arrows pointing to the Venn diagram: on the left, a big circle, boys in Molly’s... read more


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