We’re looking for up to three writing interns! Two of those slots will be open to people in the middle of wedding planning, who will be getting married in mid/late 2015 or early 2016, and who are interested in writing about planning every other week over the course of the next year. The final slot will be open to anyone, though we are particularly interested in somewhat recently-married writers who are interested in writing about their lives at the moment. Get the details on what to include in your application here, and make sure to submit by Sunday, November 23rd!



November 21, 2014


APW Happy Hour

Bring on the holiday movie marathon.

by Meg Keene
hey apw, Before we get into TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY (just kidding, I actually don’t like turkey very much, give me a roast chicken any day of the week, but I’m all about stuffing and pie), we have to remind you about APW writing intern applications. The final date for applying (a.k.a., the day we expect to receive ninety percent of your applications, as ever), is this Sunday, November 23rd. After that, I’ll print them all out and take them with me on a twelve-hour roundtrip drive with a toddler. (Don’t pity me too much; we drive... read more

How To DIY Geometric Block Place Card Settings

Inexpensive, adorable, done.

by Lucy Bennett
Thanksgiving is approaching fast. Here at the Bennett house, we’re prepping for our usual jaunt through several homes, followed by a Friendsgiving feast that we’re hosting the next weekend. This time of year always gives me that perfectionist, decorator’s itch to have the most crazy awesome, fully decorated table spread for the holidays. Centerpieces, table settings, the works. However, the time I have to put forth to make that awesome spread? Oh, I think I’ve got maybe forty minutes? Tops. Usually, I can make one cute thing,... read more
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The Last Time We Got Married

The second time was just as good as the first

by Kelsey Hopson-Shiller
Exactly one month after our September 6th wedding, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that, in highly truncated summary, stated that they would not be interfering with state and circuit court decisions regarding marriage equality. It was, to mangle T.S. Eliot, changing everything not with a bang, but a whimper. Not because the action itself was wimpy, but because it wasn’t immediately understood what the consequences would be. I was working my way through an endless series of special education plans and meetings when Meg emailed me to find... read more


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