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The Witching Hour

October 30, 2014


Open Thread: Making New Friends as an Adult

The hardest thing to find as an adult in a new town

If you would have told me when I was a teenager in the South that when I was thirty-four, I would be living in Silicon Valley, married, with a baby, I would have said that you’ve lost your mind. Yet, somehow that’s exactly what happened. After years of living in NYC, one fateful day I met an irresistible man at a dinner party, and life changed forever. We immediately fell in love, and I was more than happy to accept his marriage proposal and start a new life. When one dreams of a new life, one does not usually dream about the emotional components.... read more

Betty Clicker Photography in Richmond, Virginia (and Beyond!)

Art plus sanity plus affordable travel

by A Practical Wedding
If you’re planning a wedding and you’re not in one of the major coastal metropolitan areas (think New York, San Francisco, Seattle, LA, etc.) you’ve probably noticed it takes, um, a while for the cool wedding trends to make it your way. (I’ve seen what an issue if Southern Weddings looks like.) So if you’ve been frustrated that the quiet, maybe a little moody, artistic photojournalists seems to be everywhere right now except for where you are, the wait is over (at least for the Richmond, Virginia area and its surroundings... read more

Name Changing as a Gay Lady

A shift in identity

by Kelsey Hopson-Shiller
When my mom married my dad in 1972, her last name changed but her initials did not. She stayed a KJH. Funnily enough, my pops’ initials were also KJH before and after their wedding. They loved this coincidence so much, they thought the whole family should match, and so we do—we are a clan of KJH’s, much to my name-challenged grandmother’s consternation. It has always been one of our rallying points as a family. We often sign notes or gift tags to each other with KJH and our place in the sequence. Cards from our family were often accompanied by a... read more


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