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APW Happy Hour

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Meg Keene
hey apw, It’s my kid’s second birthday! I know, right, time flies. Four seconds ago I was meeting him in the hospital for the first time, and now when I walk out of the room the sound of his nonstop conversation follows right behind me. In short, I’m off eating cake and making pie, and I hope you all are getting ready for a lovely holiday. Next week we dive into all the fun of gift guides and more, but for now, pie break! For those of you hanging out at your desks waiting for the damn office to close, may I present to you this list of... read more

Holiday Gift Guide #1: For Your Minimal Boyfriend

Who will scream if you bring one more functionless thing into the apartment

by Emily Threlkeld
As someone who tends to, for no particular reason and with no foreseeable endpoint, collect small, cute things that are on clearance at Target, dating a minimalist is a good thing for me. But being with someone who takes great care when choosing the objects in his life can make gift giving a challenge. Lucky for you, I spent a bunch of time on Pinterest and Google and Amazon, and then picked my boyfriend’s brain to find some good minimalist gifts. Of course, I can’t give him anything from this list now—no element of surprise!—but I... read more

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