Alexis Buryk of City Love Photography, one of APW’s newest sponsors, is a wedding photographer in the NYC metro area. Her dreamy images go hand in hand with her supportive customer service and warm personality—take it from us, Alexis is a gem. City Love’s rates begin at $3750, and as a special treat just for APWers, Alexis is offering a $500 credit toward all remaining 2015 weddings if you book before August 14th! (Or $250 toward any 2016 wedding.) So if you still need a photographer for 2015, or want to get a head start and a great deal for 2016, click to contact Alexis.



July 31, 2015

APW Happy Hour | A Practical Wedding

APW Happy Hour

Taking my show on the road

by Maddie Eisenhart
HEY APW, Hot damn, was it a long week for everyone else? Or maybe that’s just what happens when you try to squeeze five days of work into four. In any case, as you read this I am on my way to Los Angeles for wedding number two of the year right now. In case you’re counting, that is two more weddings than I normally get to go to each year, and I am stoked. Michael and I have been long overdue for a road trip, so I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the day cruising down the five, [&hellip... read more
If You Think You Want to Start a Business, Read This First | A Practical Wedding

If You Think You Want to Start a Business, Read This First

Free business advice from the CEO of Union Station. No business degree required.

by Maddie Eisenhart
Raise your hand if you have a really good idea for a business. Now raise your hand if you have no idea what to do next. Yeah, I totally feel you (say the half a dozen startups, apps, and inventions living inside my head right now). If I've learned anything from being on the business side of APW, it's that lots of people have awesome ideas. But taking an awesome idea and turning it into something that can get customers and money? That takes work. And when you're at square one, sometimes the hardest part of getting things off the ground is simply figuring... read more


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