August 1, 2014

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APW Happy Hour

Instagram takeover! Amazing rings (and maybe even boobs)

by Meg Keene
HI APW! So, this week I slept through the night for the first time in… twenty months at least (hi, adorable toddler), but really for the first time in years. So obviously I want to gab about what happened, which is: I saw a (really good) chiropractor. I figured my shitty sleep was due to having a baby who was a shitty sleeper, and my back pain was due to holding a 26 pound bundle of loves-his-mama-a-LOT. NOT SO. One good whack at my neck and my insomnia left the building. CRAZY RIGHT? Crazy enough that I have to talk about it on the Internet. (For... read more

A Glittery, Boozy Illinois State Park Wedding

Set to the sound of Queen

by A Practical Wedding
Our wedding was the culmination of sixteen months of hard work and planning. Jessica did a majority of the planning while going to nursing school full-time and working part-time as a laboratory technologist. It was a huge undertaking, but looking at sequin table runners and taste-testing wedding cakes was a bright spot in the midst of my chaotic life. Austin worked hard and we both saved enough money to pay for the wedding ourselves, with help from our friends and family with the food and catering... read more

On Moving In Together

Independence isn't something you lose

I did what I said I would never do. I agreed to move into his house—to leave the mountains and move ninety miles south to the city. To move into the building that had housed his previous marriage. I loved my wood and stone cabin with deer and elk in the backyard; leaving it wasn’t the future I had imagined. But after years of living alone in the mountains, I hesitantly agreed to move to suburbia. “Are you sure you’re okay?” my boss asked. “Maybe this is one of those tough compromises of mature love,” my mother said. “I can understand... read more


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