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Submit your wedding in one of three ways:

  • How We Did It: This is the post you wish you had when you were wedding planning; a breakdown of how you made this thing work, logistically and financially. So tell us how, exactly, you pulled off that rooftop pizza party in Brooklyn for $15,000. Or art gallery wedding in Maine for $5,000. Or San Francisco City Hall wedding for $200,000 (there’s no budget shaming here, in either direction.) Because let’s be honest, that’s what everybody’s really after. (See an example of a How We Did It post here. Submit yours here.)
  • Wordless Wedding: A wordless wedding is a wedding story told mostly in pictures. (See an example of a Wordless Wedding here. Submit yours here.)
  • Wedding Graduate: A wedding graduate is a wedding post in short essay format. It’s for those of you who have a story you want to tell about your wedding. The original idea of wedding graduate posts is that it was an essay about what you wished you’d known when you started planning—a letter to your pre-wedding self, in a sense. What’s most important is that you focus on the story you most need to tell. (See an example of a Wedding Graduate post here. Submit yours here.)

Submit an essay, a question for Ask Team Practical, or anything else:

  • Essays, Ask APW and everything else go right here.
  • How We Do It goes here.


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Photograph by Photographer: Stephanie Rae Hull of Centric Photography (see the wedding)