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It is almost difficult to write a review because my mind is cluttered with a thousand wonderful things I want to say. I LOVE my wedding pictures. But I knew I would even before I saw them. Because the whole day of my wedding Gina was EVERYTHING i could have ever wished for in a wedding photographer. I so dreaded hiring someone for an insane cost only to have them dictate when and where and how I stand and desperately cling to the timeline. Then after searching for what seemed like forever, I found Gina. Gina is warm and approachable, but never invasive or unprofessional. Her photo-journalistic style was exactly what I wanted. Wonderful warm, candid moments that are a true testament to her talent and ability as a photographer. She captured every weird tradition and curveball with absolute grace and enthusiasm. The portfolio of our wedding pictures, everything from the detail shots, to the family portraits to the candid expressions of all the people we love, build a perfect time capsule of everything our wedding day was. All the tiny little moments you want to capture from the day - holding hands under the table, throwing your head back laughing, the embroidered handkerchief you thought you forgot to ask her to photograph, the quiet moments you stole with your new spouse - she got them all, and in the sneakiest and least obtrusive way. Thank you Gina.


Travel Policy

I'd love to travel to your wedding and I am competitive with my travel fees. Please reach out with your specific needs, and I'll send you a custom quote.

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

I’m a Los Angeles based photographer with a documentary sensibility. With a gentle eye, I will steer your formal photographs to best reflect your personalities, while simultaneously documenting those subtle yet profound candid moments that make up such an important day.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

I’d love to link up with like-minded individuals who crave to make their wedding-day experience their own. APW couples are thoughtful, smart and adventurous. Whether you choose your wedding day to be rooted in family tradition or throw a wedding that’s re-invented by design, I believe weddings should not fall within the one-size-fits-all model and I’m certain APW couples would agree.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

I would describe my style of wedding photography as photojournalistic. While capturing formal portraits of the couple are important, I also believe that catching the ambiance of your day and the life-force of your invited guests is of equal priority. With a gentle eye, I will steer your formal photographs to best reflect your personalities, while simultaneously documenting those subtle yet profound candid moments that make up such an important day. I keep a keen watch as the day naturally unfolds so you have a document long after the day has passed you by.

My camera and I stay vigilant throughout your day, which no doubt will have many moving parts, while maintaining an unobtrusive and honest presence. Stay in the moment and I will do the rest.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Art, music, and my love of Los Angeles history weave in and out of my day-to-day. When I’m not taking photographs for work or for play (or even just thinking about photography), you might find me watching a band play in a dark bar somewhere or strolling down the streets of Los Angeles, soaking in my city while daydreaming of a Los Angeles of yesteryear. And one day when I figure out the cure to sleep, I’ll start producing that L.A. history podcast I’ve been yappin’ about for years now!

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Without a doubt, R.E.M.’s “Happy Shiny People”. Something about that song really gets-me-goin’. It’s strange actually, it pumps a kind of adrenaline in me that is simply supernatural.

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Marissa Aguiniga


Let's be real, having your wedding photos taken is awkward AF. Combine that stress with wanting to find a photographer who "gets" you and your vision. Gina delivered on all accounts and then some!! Before the wedding, Gina was professional, communicative and offered wonderful suggestions for scheduling. She frontloaded the formal portraits so we had more time to enjoy ourselves and our guests during the event. She immediately made us feel at ease and it showed in how natural our portraits looked. After we received our photos I couldn't stop staring at them! The colors, the faces, the details she captured just brought me so much joy. Weddings go by so quick but having these beautiful photos just takes me back to that day. Please do yourself a favor and hire her.

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Rose Costello


When we started looking for a wedding photographer, we were drawn to the photojournalistic style. We wanted beautiful photos, but ones that captured and reflected our day rather than just hitting all the traditional marks. I found a write up of Gina's work on A Practical Wedding and when we looked at her website and sample galleries we agreed that she had that exact style that we were looking for. When we looked at her pricing we worried that it was too good to be true. We contacted her about possibly coming to the East Coast for our Summer Camp wedding and lucked out that she was in fact available! We had a phone call meeting and then met her while she was in NYC opening a show which featured her work documenting an artist. In person she was relaxed, fun and very competent. When the wedding weekend finally arrived she arrived early and greeted us like old friends, she explored out site and mapped out potential photo moments, and potential problems. She did her absolute best to minimize the time for the few portraits we needed, and then found a few moments to shoot just the two of us. Neither of us felt super comfortable with the idea of a photoshoot focused on us, but Gina totally made us feel comfortable the whole time. She even made a 200+ Person "class photo" work quickly and beautifully! The pictures turned out incredibly. She captured so many wonderful quiet moments that we would have otherwise missed, the way the flower petals fell at our ceremony, our grandmothers chatting with one another, the smiles of our friends bartending for us, our little nieces and nephews rolling down the hill behind the reception! And she also managed to get all the big moments too, from the speeches, the first dances, and the the feel of the dinner and party! We absolutely recommend Gina to anyone who wants a painless and fun experience as well as photos that not only capture the moment, but are themselves objects of art. Rose & Ben


It might not be for everyone to have a twelve week waiting period between the wedding and getting the photos. We did get a preview and a specific shot for our thank you cards about a week and a half after the fact. For us it was well worth the wait. It’s the only drawback I could see.

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