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Kelly is simply amazing. We discovered her through APW, where she had a guest post describing her philosophy as a photographer. Instead of mimicking the latest trends on Pinterest, Kelly has a knack for capturing even the subtlest feelings of the day. She accomplishes this in part with her secret ninja skills. As someone who is normally incredibly self-conscious in front of a camera, I could honestly say I barely noticed her there. And when we reviewed all the photos for the first time, our most frequent reaction was, “How did she manage to capture that?!” It’s like she was in many places all at once—and there were few (if any) posed smiles in any of her wonderful candid photographs. Although we wrung our hands about it at first (after all, we kept thinking, couldn’t we have found a similar photographer more locally?), we flew her out from Boston to Ann Arbor to capture the full weekend of events, and had absolutely no regrets. Kelly was a calming presence throughout all of our interactions, collaborated well with our videographers, and was meticulously organized. Since we had an ethnic wedding, there were a lot of traditions and moving pieces that were perhaps unusual to her, but she was completely cool with it all. And the resulting photographs? Absolute works of art! We made photo books as Christmas gifts, and they were a huge hit. We’re still making more prints and thank you gifts (it’s been six months since the wedding), and we keep finding something new with every pass of the photo books. Her work inspired our family so much that my sister-in-law is flying her out to San Francisco for her own wedding this year! Book her now; she is absolutely worth every penny.


Travel Policy

Travel within 75 miles of zip code 02360 is included.

Elopement Policy

Custom pricing is available for weekday elopements.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

APW readers are kind, generous, and thoughtful, and their weddings are so full of intention, crafted to be true to them as a couple, and fun and welcoming for their guests. Add in their serious smarts and sense of humor and style, the truth is APW couples have some of the most fun weddings around.  

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

For me, wedding photography starts with the people, and great photography is built on trust. We work together closely before your wedding, so I can learn about you as a couple, and who and what are most important to you in your celebration. 

I believe that clients should have the chance to be fully-present at their wedding, without turning it into a photoshoot. That’s why I take a photojournalistic approach, documenting all the expected and unexpected moments as they unfold before my lens. These moments of love, joy, energy and emotion – shared between the couple and with their families and guests – they fill my heart.

Inspired by my own wedding experience, and the memory of the day feeling like one big communal hug, I want to deliver images that will wrap couples in the warm embrace of these memories. I strive to create images that are candid and classic. Others have described my work as poetic, exuberant and having emotional depth. 

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

I love to read, walk my rescue dog Jasper, do yoga, visit farmers markets and museums, try new restaurants, cook (especially with my sisters and mom), and travel with my husband.

What's your favorite book?

A hard question for a bookwork. Pride and Prejudice is my long-standing favorite. Newer loves include The Night Circus and A Gentleman in Moscow.

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