Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards from A Printable Press

Make sure you bring one for everyone in class.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The inner stationery and paper geek in me LOVES this holiday. I was that kid in school who thought that being required to give every kid in the class a valentine was a fabulous idea, because I got to play with more paper and glue and (you guessed it) glitter. I’m also that person who will buy you four cards for your birthday because I couldn’t pick just one I liked best. For Bryan’s birthday last year, we invited everyone via Facebook, but I made little invites to send out anyway. What can I say? I like cards.

So naturally, if you’re anything like me, these printables from Kimi of A Printable Press are just the thing for Valentine’s Day. A little quirky, not too over the top, and you don’t even have to pick just one. The instructions are simple too:

  • Download these cheeky valentines from Printable Press.
  • Print on heavy paper or card stock, or get them printed at your local FedEx Office or copy shop. Kimi says, “You can even print them at the office (if you work at the office), as long as you make sure to get to the printout before anybody else does.”
  • Cut out your favorite(s) and give them to a loved one! Or put them somewhere funny and wait for them to find them! Though your mileage may vary on that one—I have a tendency to lose things I hide until the following holiday.

Valentine's Day Printables | APW (5)

Surprise, loved one! You’re the best.

PS Check out the free printable Valentine’s Day matchbooks Kimi made for APW last year. If you want a ever so slightly more time intensive V-day craft, and one that promises dirty smooches, this is for you.

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  • emilyg25

    These are adorable! I got my husband this card:

    Now I just have to remember to stick it in his work bag on Valentine’s morning! Last time I sneaked a card into his bag, he ended up taking a different one. :/

    • M.

      I love MyZoetrope cards! And I have met Michelle, the artist, who is rad and so nice. Super cute. Love supporting the work of lady small business owners like Kimi and Michelle!

    • CUTE!!!!

  • swarmofbees

    I love the idea of putting the Awesomesauce card with the hot sauce. We keep ours in the fridge, though, so it might be odd to find a valentine’s day card it the fridge. Another hot contender is this one, I currently have it up in my office:

  • Kayjayoh

    One of these days I will actually make the “unenthusiastic Valentines” that my fiance and I joke about:

    1. “You’re in my top three!”
    2. Candy heart that says, “You’ll Do”
    3. Front of card: Conestoga wagon, Inside: “I’m settling for you!”

    They crack us up every time.

    • M.

      #3 wins everything.

    • Kate

      “You’re alright, I guess.”- From a Valentine-esque painting by my best friend

  • Shotgun Shirley

    These are amazing, and so timely b/c I’m stuck at home on bed rest and I can actually print these out and hide the all over the house for my over-worked, slack-picking-up, oh-so-appreciated spouse!

  • tiffany

    Hee hee hee! These are awesome! I usually get a big stack of random card stock odds and ends and hand make a lot of random valentines that get hidden all over the house, and especially on the floor on his side of the bed, though this year, I’m decorating a box and filling it up with some of my better old ones, and some new ones and a lot of quotes for him to find in his truck. i love hiding little notes like these all over for him to find. Even if he doesn’t find them all on V day, its a fun surprise later on for him!

  • um, AWESOME!!!! I love the awesome sauce one in particular… LOVE!

  • Emily

    Kimi! You always deliver with awesome designs!

  • Jane Patterson-McGuire

    I know the tagline was kind of a joke, but, well, awesomesauce is going to be in the valentine boxes of my oldest’s entire 4th grade class. (She picked it.)

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