Fireseed Catering

Langley, WA · Prices from $1500 - $10000

What we loved about this venue:

We loved everything about Fireseed! We loved the owners, Dave and Dawn, the food, the place, the service, everything! Dave and Dawn are a married couple; Dave is the chef and Dawn is the baker. They are incredibly genuine and wonderful people and so easy to work with. Dave coordinated just about everything for us, and he was very open to all of our ideas. He helped us plan the menu and figure out the timing, hired all of the staff, and lined up all of the rentals. They are pretty much an all in one service. They left very little planning for us to have to do on our own. In the end, you are paying for the venue, all of the food, the staff, and all of the rentals.

You also get the venue for a full three days, and this was the weekend pricing! You have plenty of time for set-up, a rehearsal, tear-down, and a full day in between for the wedding. They were also very flexible in allowing us time on the property.

The venue itself is gorgeous. They have lush lawns and gardens surrounded by tall tress and a big beautiful renovated barn. The place overlooks a lake and you have the run of the entire property during your wedding. On top of all of that, the food was amazing! It is almost all fresh and local. They grow much of it in their own garden. They are perfect for a smallish wedding (about 40) like we had but would comfortably accommodate a much larger crowd (probably up to 300). We were ecstatic with them and will definitely be returning for future parties.

Tips for working successfully with this site:

They are beyond easy to work with. They are very quick to respond to e-mails and calls. They are also very relaxed and friendly in their communication. They are also very flexible and honest. They were able to provide us with everything we wanted for a good price.

The drawbacks of this venue were:

It is located on Whidbey Island, so for some guests travel can be a little inconvenient. It is less than an hour away from Seattle, but you have to take a ferry to get there. You can drive to the bridge crossing, but it is much longer from Seattle. The island is very beautiful, though, and we found that our guests were very excited to visit it. Some guests decided to make a weekend trip out of it. We rented houses and turned it into a vacation for our family and wedding party.

You are also obligated to use their catering service. I think you can bring desserts in from outside. We didn’t find this a problem because we loved their food and it eliminated a lot of worry and work for us.

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