I knew we were getting something special when we signed on to be APW sponsors. But there is no way I could have anticipated the quality of inquiries we would get through the site. We have had such a high success rate of bookings through APW, and it’s largely because Meg takes a lot of the work out of the equation for couples. When they send us an e-mail, they are already familiar with not only our aesthetics, but our ethics as well.
Here is how APW’s Vendor Directory is different:
  • We’re built around philosophy. All vendors in the directory have signed our sanity pledge. They promise to treat their clients like people (not walking wallets), to work with LGBTQ couples, and to understand that weddings look a lot of ways. Since APW readers pick vendors based on philosophy and values, this lets you join a pre-selected group of awesome vendors.
  • We pre-screen all members of the directory. If we don’t think you’re a good match for APW readers, we won’t take your money.
  • We’ve got excellent search and sorting functionality. Unlike most existing Vendor Directories, you can search without ever reloading the page. Looking for Photographers in California with a starting price under $3500? Check off those options and you’re done. Then you can sort them A-Z, or by price, or a number of other factors.

APW Vendor Directory: Getting Started | A Practical Wedding

The Vendor Directory on APW includes:

  • A unique page on APW that explains who you are, why you’re a fit for the site, a little about your personality, and how you work. (Think of it as a permanent and searchable sponsored post!)
  • Six pictures.
  • A direct link to your site, your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, and your Flickr account.
  • Your listings will stay on the site for one full year.
  • Your listing is a static post. The text and photos you submit will be what runs on the site.
  • All listings are fully searchable by region, type of vendor, and price range. Regional vendors (photographers, officiants, planners, anyone who shows up on the wedding day) will be listed in regions where they do not charge travel fees. Online vendors will be listed in all regions that they ship to.
Every time I renew my ad or buy a sponsored post on A Practical Wedding, I earn my money back in 24-48 hours. Without fail.

Rates are $425-500 for a full page listing for 365 days, and is free to all current front page sponsors of APW.

How the sign up process works:

  • You’ll sign our sanity pledge. Please note that the pledge is binding.
  • You’ll fill out a form, answering profile questions. You can be as wordy or concise as you want. You can be hilarious, or super serious. Up to you. The idea is to give readers an idea of who you are and why you do what you do.
  • You’ll upload up to 10 images. We’ll use 6 images in your profile, but feel free to upload 10 and let us pick the six we think will best speak to APW readers.
  • Submit your post. We’ll check to make sure that we think you’re a great fit for readers. We’ll approve or decline your submission in 48 hours.
  • If we approve your listing, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice (you can pay with all major credit cards, and we accept international payments). You’ll have 48 hours to pay your invoice in full.
  • After payment, your post goes live! Hurrah!
Want to apply? Great, we’re thrilled. Let’s do this thing!

APW Vendor Directory: Getting Started | A Practical Wedding