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Ok. Today’s post. Just whoa. Awesome whoa. For a very long time I’ve been a very big proponent of the fact that You Can’t Be In Charge On Your Wedding Day. Maybe it’s because I started out as an event manager, but I’m very aware that managing an event is a job, and getting married is an experience, and you can’t have both at the same exact second. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to hire someone to help you out ( you don’t), but you have to get someone to help you out, and sometimes hiring is the way to go. And there is this other problem: sometimes you want someone to help you with wedding planning itself. Because, you know, you have a job, and you’re not actually that good at organizing things in the first place. And help. But then the problem comes: finding a wedding planner who’s not bat-sh*t (and is affordable). Which is tricky. Which is where today’s post comes in. By which I mean to say, I could not be more delighted to introduce Ang Jandak, the powerhouse behind Lowbrow Events.

Ang is also community manager of the Offbeat Bride Tribe, which means you know she’s good people. Plus? I really, really like her. She is not even a little crazy. Ang’s company is Lowbrow Events, a virtual/remote wedding planning service, aimed more at DIY brides who need someone to talk logistics with, brainstorm, occasionally vent with. The service comes with a log in for the Lowbrow site, so you have a wedding related email that you can give out to vendors instead of opening up your personal account to spam, as well as a series of spreadsheets and documents to keep track of all the wedding-ness. Ang describes what she does this way:

You want to know what supplies are left on your DIY list?  BAM!  Heard a song on a commercial and want it at your wedding?  Send me an email, not only will I find it, but I will update your wedding playlist sheet, and include a link to the MP3 if you want to buy it.  By the time the big day comes around, you will have a somewhat anal retentive, but completely idiot proof schedule/checklist/detail set of documents that you could hand to a wandering vagrant, and as long as they follow it, your wedding will go off without a hitch.

Which leaves me to wonder if she has a monthly rate for organizing one’s life, but I digress.

Lowbrow Events offers several services:

  • The Booty Call – For $250 (Marked down to $110 for APW couples, holy what!), you get two hours of phone consultations (in one session or two), and a log-in for Lowbrow Events, with scads of wedding planning documents and a personal wedding email adress. Or! As an APW couple, you can start with two hours of phone consultations for $75. Bam.
  • Remote Wedding Coordinator – You can hire Ang to be your everything, up to the day of, for $1,500. And may I just emphasize, even on a small budget, this might be the best money you ever spend. Serve cheaper wine and save your sanity.
  • Day-Of-Coordination – starting at $700 in the Massachusetts area, with reasonable travel fees everywhere else. So New York City ladies? You are SO SET.
  • The Something Else Package – Yeah. Are these packages not working for you? Contact Ang. She’s not all about the rules. She’ll work something out with you.

Just in case you didn’t believe me about Ang being super awesome, and totally who you want to work with, she told me this:

I want to work with APW couples because their heads are in the right place.  It hurts me to see couples setting themselves up for failure, of having this expectation of this ginormous epic day, with little to no thought of the marriage that follows.  In what universe do you plan to launch an enterprise and focus all your time and energy on the launch party without giving a thought to actually running the enterprise and making it successful? With APW couples there’s no un-brainwashing, they WANT a wedding to strengthen and celebrate their relationship, they have the right priorities and it makes them a joy to work with.

My big philosophy is, “A wedding is a party.  A marriage is forever and as such, the greater part of your focus should be in preparation for the forever thing.”   Good God, you have found someone who loves you, who wants to spend the rest of their life with you!  Who wants their names next to yours on ancestry.com for the next thousand years.  Who wants to make sure that their identity is tangled up with yours forever.  All the place settings and flower arrangements in the universe pale in comparison to that.

And beyond all the philosophy stuff, which is key to working together, there is the Ang-has-mad-skill stuff. She has a background in everything from venues, to offbeat weddings, to budgeting and spreadsheets, to customer service. She’s going to take your wedding and kick it into shape, leaving you time to stop crying in the corner, shake it out, and go to the beach. But the thing that sold me on Lowbrow Events more than anything else? It might just be this testimonial from our very own APW-er Tanya:

Would this be an inappropriate time to tell everyone how much I love Ang? I think that woman needs to get a job as a mind reader, and get paid a f***ton of money for it, like as a consultant for wayward companies that are too incompetent to figure out what they want out of meetings. She just walks up to the CEO, reads his/her mind, and comes up with a mission statement. Come to think of it, I think every CEO should have one. Anyway, Ang rocks in that apparently you can send her long paragraphs of disorganized wedding-related vomit, and she can figure out the exact right two sentences to summarize it into something coherent. It’s like a super power. All Hail Ang.

So ladies. If you are needing some wedding organization, even if you’re not sure how much you need yet, email Ang. She’ll help you figure it out. And with the $75 APW rate for two hours of consultation with an organizational goddess? Yeah. You pretty much can’t go wrong, by which I mean it will go so, so right.

PS Also, you really want to check out her Wedding Guidance Counselor jam, which is a series of e-courses and workbooks taking life skills and applying them to wedding planning. It’s a kick-*ass series with information on conflict resolution, budgeting, negotiating, and goal setting. Yum.

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  • KMA

    YAY! We found Ang on APW, and are working with her for our wedding in a few months. Let me tell you, folks, she is awesome and so earth-shatteringly sane it made me want to cry. Seriously- do yourself a favor and talk to her!

  • Oh wow, the timing on this could not have been better. I have all the big pieces in place, but I really need help with figuring our logistics.

  • Jen

    Omg. Every time I need something for the wedding, APW posts about it the next day. WHAT ARE YOU, MIND READERS?!?

    • meg


  • Amy

    I’ve told every person who will listen to me that a good Day of Coordinator is worth their weight in gold. Seriously. Finding one who isn’t horrified when you don’t have a “theme” for your wedding is another story entirely…
    Ang sounds awesome, and sane, and with reasonable prices to boot!

  • I feel like I should add that when my official DOC backed out 2 weeks before my wedding, Ang totally kicked ass for me– last minute emergency style.

  • Kirsten

    Ang is seriously awesome. I know her from Offbeat Bride Tribe and the woman has mad skillz. She really does care about the people she works with and is honestly invested in not just the wedding day but in the relationship behind it. She’s easy to talk to and you can bet your stuff will be in good hands.

  • I wanna know who does her art, because I’m kind of in love with it.

    • I commissioned a metric s*** ton of my favorite artists to do some work, so there’s a whole bunch of different art on there. Here’s the list of what’s showcased here, email me if you want to know prices, how they were to work with, etc:

      Logo – http://leighyoung.com/
      Undercover Punk – http://s-harkey.deviantart.com/
      Rockabilly – http://nojitsu.deviantart.com/ *WARNING* Bare boobies on her front page

      There’s more on the website too, but Meg has picked some of my faves.

      • YES! Thank you! I’ll definitely check them out and contact you if I want to scoop on them. You’re the best!

  • I love Ang’s view on weddings! And I adore the artwork!!!

  • Laura

    Ok any tips on how to convince my FH that we need Ang? There’s a year until the wedding and I’m clueless on what all else I need to do without going crazy. He doesn’t see how it will help to hire someone who doesn’t even live nearby.

    • meg

      I’d suggest you sign up for the two hour consult ($75? Super affordable for what you’re getting). Maybe that ends up being all you need, maybe that helps you both figure out that you need more. But at the very least, that will probably lay out all the stuff you need to take care of, at which point he’ll be like, “I’ve got this! We’ve got this!” or he’ll be like, “Whoa. This is a lot of work.” Either way you’ll figure it out.

      Put it to him this way: when you don’t know what you don’t know, sometimes you want to find out what you don’t know… and not the hard way. (You can give me credit for that sentence structure.)

      • Jen

        We just had a call with Ang and when she asked us what some of our concerns were, my fiance said “I’m worried about Jen taking on too much for the wedding day.” (HOLY CRAP, I AM MARRYING THE RIGHT DUDE.)

        So I second the notion that just having you guys in a conversation about all that there is to do and who is going to do it, prompted by Ang, might be all he needs!

  • Katarina Sengstaken

    I am not one to write a negative review, but I did give Ang a fair warining and tried to tell her this is not the way I wanted things to go.
    I found her off of Offbeat bride, and after looking up her references and talking to her I thought her personality totally synced with the vibe of my wedding. Boy was I wrong.
    I should have seen the signs when she constantly did not respond to emails, at first I believed her about server issues but she did nothing to remedied the problem. I live overseas so I needed her to step up and contact the vendors herself to introduce herself to them, she never did that.
    The fist face to face meeting we had with her she was over an hour late, granted that there were other factors involved, she still never called or contacted me to let me know she was stuck in traffic. I should have seen that as a warning, but she seemed cool and laid back and I thought no big deal about it.
    Then weeks before the wedding, no word from her no email, no calls nada! I was mega stressed about all sorts of wedding details and then additionally I had to babysit the planner who once again did not contact the vendors or me about plans.
    I had given her a binder with a time plan, contact info, list of guests, and all of the details at our first meeting. Additionally I had emailed her with updates to plans and info weeks before the wedding. Still nothing, but I had a lot of other things on my mind.
    Then the day before the wedding she shows up late, getting lost, but I had sent her a detailed email with directions to the location because where we were getting married the GPS messes up the maps, but she paid it no attention. So now I was concerned, luckily my Aunt stepped up and I started to walk her through the things that needed to get done. By the time Ang arrived the priestess was there and wanted to do a rehearsal with us, but I had to take the time to walk Ang through the space and tell her what needed to get done. I had given her detailed notes, and I saw that she had a timeline with her so she knew who had to be where and when. She didn’t ask for too many clarifications and seemed to follow what I needed done the day of, but she did not take the time after the rehearsal to familiarize herself with the location. But hey I was busy and assumed she was a professional.
    The day of the wedding and where was she? I was at the barn the time she was to arrive and I was helping my mom and Aunt take care of the things that were supposed to be her tasks! I tried to call Ang and she didn’t answer her phone! I had to go back to get my hair done, and leave my mom there doing the tasks that were left to Ang! So instead of having a relaxing morning getting my hair done and spending time with my mom and friends getting ready I was stressing out! The person I had hired to make my life less stressful was creating all this stress! My mom showed up to the house an hour later and she said Ang had not arrived yet. I tried Ang’s phone again to no answer, it wasn’t like she didn’t know where the place was, she was there the day before, she blamed her tardiness on traffic, but no other vendor was late!
    She then proceeded to go around the whole day doing things out of order, seeming more concerned with her cellphone then she was at the event. I used to do wedding videography so I know you only have one day to impress, and that everyone has bad days but she made no effort to compensate me for her lack of effort and tardiness. Because of her I had to pay more for a boat rental because my guest were late, and she did not usher them to the bus! Additionally she did not help out the photographer or the caterer, or the musician! She just did the bare minimum and sulked around, most guest said they saw her sitting around outside more then she was working. Luckily my mom, aunt, and caterer really stepped up! Unfortunatly she had been asked to have the final payment before the event. -My biggest mistake, so I am out a good deal of money on a person who did not do their job, or a person who has the morals enough to realize that they should not except full payment when they were late, broke contract and disrespected me and my family.

    • CaitlinSumner

      Ugh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I actually have a contract with Ang now for my April wedding (signed last June, when she was an APW and OBB sponsor and had nothing but great reviews elsewhere online). Over the past few months I’ve sent many emails that have not been responded to (she responded once saying she’d get back to me quickly; she never did). While this was a little concerning, I brushed them off (we only have a contract for month-of services, she’s probably busy, etc.) mostly because she had such great reviews online and was an approved vendor on sites that I trusted (like APW).

      The turning point that caused me to actually look into her current reputation online was a comment posted on the budgets open thread from last month–that I just got around to reading through this week–from a Boston-area bride who was disappointed in her APW-advertiser coordinator. This rang an alarm bell for me; I went back to WeddingWire for the first time since June and saw your review there as well as two other zero-star reviews.

      I know people are not always what they seem or who they say they are online, so I contacted another vendor whom I know to be legitimate who appeared to have worked with some of the same people who left those zero-star reviews. She was able to corroborate at least two of these reviews for me, so I now have established that I am under contract with a coordinator who cannot be trusted to perform her job on my wedding day (the one job that I can’t do without and can’t do myself).

      Your story is a nightmare and I’m so sorry you had to deal with it, but I’m grateful that you didn’t just write it off–hopefully I’ll be able to avoid that nightmare thanks to you speaking out about your experience. I’m working on engaging someone else to cover those duties (Ang still hasn’t responded to my email expressing my concerns).

      When I discovered the negative reviews I checked APW and OBB again, and she is no longer in the vendor directory or a current advertiser. I’m assuming someone on APW monitors all comments, even those on old posts like this. It would be great to know what it would take to get this post edited to reflect the current state of her business, or removed so that she no longer has the tacit APW stamp of approval.