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Jonas Seaman was the best vendor decision we made for our wedding. After falling in love with his authentic, emotional, and photo-journalistic style, we knew that he had to be there. He was worth every penny we spent on photography -- we'd hire him again without hesitation!

Kate M.

Travel Policy

We'll go anywhere in the world. We just need accommodations and transportation. There are no travel costs for weddings in the Seattle area of Washington State.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

I believe the APW couple comes to this blog for something that’s a little more than just pretty pictures. They want stories. They want something highly personal. They want something that communicates to them about their lives and not just their wedding. That’s also my aim as a photographer. Of course I want to make awesome images, but I also want these images to resonate with a couple in a highly personal way.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

I like to experiment and have fun when I shoot, but I also like to concentrate on the personality of the day and how it unfolds, the setting, the characters, the emotion, and all those little moments in between.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Coffee. Black. Or with Cream. Or even with Cream and Sugar. Sometimes with Chocolate.

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Lara and Nick


Jonas and Mary are bafflingly talented artists with an amazing eye for photographs that beautifully capture everything from the smallest details to the largest moments of a wedding. Which is, in itself, just amazing. But they're also just crazy-nice people. I can't express what a comfort it was to have these folks there on the day of my wedding. The prep work Jonas did to get a schedule planned out for the wedding day helped keep things running smoothly. Everyone who was there raved about how lovely Jonas and Mary were, and everyone who has seen the photos since has, basically, not shut up about how beautiful they are. And they're RIGHT. The work we put into making that day special and fun and exciting for our friends and family, and for ourselves, is documented so beautifully. The emotion of the day is captured so beautifully. And now we get to keep these beautiful photos forever. Truly the best choice we made for our wedding was to get these folks involved.


Literally not a single negative thing to say about any of it.

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I have been loving Jonas' & Mary's work for years, so it was no surprise that I booked them for my wedding. My husband and I were thrilled with the final product, as well as the organization and communication along the way. Highlights: He helped us shape our timeline, which became a major cornerstone for me to refer to when sending out time estimates to the venue and other vendors. Jonas responded promptly and very nicely when, a week before the wedding, I freaked out about rain and sent him a long run-on sentence email. During the actual wedding, he was ninja good at being everywhere (including the dance floor) and taking what turned out to be amazing candids! The resulting photos were amazing. My husband in particular was touched by a couple of photos wherein he looked incredibly happy, feeling surrounded by love. High praise!



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Arielle Robbins


I'll put a bullet point list below, but here's a brief testimonial of our time with Jonas and his second shooter and partner in crime, Mary. From the very beginning, Jonas was responsive and professional. Whatever system he uses is spot-on and helps organize all of our communications, deadlines, etc. Every Skype we had with Jonas lasted quite a good amount of time. He was really invested in getting to know us as a couple because we could tell he believes this is an important part of telling our story. Communication was always quick and smooth. The actual day, we received so much care and attention. Jonas and Mary truly spent and went above and beyond. Their kindness and gentleness made it easy to welcome them into the wedding itself as though they were old friends. The actual images blew our minds. We knew of their talent, but we couldn't have imagined how beautiful the images would be. Jonas is an artist, taking photos that could easily be in a museum. He works hard to refine a vision and to take that vision and make it personal to his clients. Thank you, Jonas and Mary! -timeliness (overall and with delivery) -high value (both cost and in terms of time given and final result) - gave us a box of images - beautiful and professional -great communication -friendly -detail oriented -a true artist If anyone would like to add me on FB (Arielle Robbins) to ask more questions, feel free to do so.


Only that I can't bring Jonas and Mary with me everywhere to help me remember my entire life! No real cons :)

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