May 17, 2016

addressed wedding invitation from printable press

The Feminist Guide to Addressing Wedding Invitations

AKA the five things you'll want to make sure you absolutely nail

by Meg Keene
It happens with startling regularity. An envelope comes to our house that contains a very formal wedding invitation. You can tell at a glance—creamy paper, fancy black script. And before I even pick it up, I know what it’s going to say: Mr. and Mrs. HisLast. Nevermind that my last name is MyLast, and as such I don’t use Mrs. (Ms. is my address of choice anyway—it’s nobody’s business if I’m married or not.) That means nothing on that envelope approximates my name…though since my husband isn’t married to... read more

This Photographer Will Make Your Real Life Look Like a Storybook Romance

Also free engagement sessions. Just because.

by Najva Sol
One of the best things about APW (in my biased opinion) is the people that hang out here. And I love that in this crowd, practical and pretty aren’t considered mutually exclusive. What’s great about New York City (and LA and Mexico) based Eager Hearts Photography Co., is that somehow both of those things are effortlessly blended. When you look at photos taken by photographer Dacia, at first glance you think you’re looking at editorial magazine work, complete with models. But then you realize, nope! She’s just shooting real-... read more

May 16, 2016

woman holding engaged woman's hand

Does Being Engaged Ever Make You Feel Like Crap?

"I had no idea what kind of transition I would soon find myself in."

by Meg Keene
Getting engaged is wild. Or more specifically, it’s a wild card, because what you think you’re going to feel and what you actually feel are not always the same thing. Moments after I got engaged I went from top of the world to a full-on ugly crying anxiety meltdown, right there on the ground, with a ring on my finger. We can talk about getting married as much as we want, but the truth is that when the actual event is set into motion, there’s no way to predict how we’ll feel. And for some people, getting engaged can feel like [&... read more

8 Lingerie Brands You Need to Know About

An NSFW guide to lingerie for all body types

by Stephanie Kaloi
warning: NSFW Content Georgia Mesh Dress via Unluky ($120 AUD) I went to my first bachelorette party a month or two after I got married. I had no idea what actually happened at such events, but I assumed the bride-to-be would be opening up bundles of honeymoon lingerie, which is what happened after our meal at our local Mexican chain restaurant. Trust: Once she opened one bag, our fellow diners were increasingly interested in what else we had in those bags. The guest who gave the second or third gift prefaced her bag by saying, “I got you... read more

May 13, 2016

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APW Happy Hour

by Meg Keene
HEY APW, If you haven’t seen me writing a mile a minute on APW in the last few weeks it’s because I’ve been… moving. Buying a house and then moving. The whole thing has been intense and wonderful and intense and sad and intense and OH MY GOD MY HOUSE IS A MESS. I’ve always sort of liked moving. It’s a chance to reorganize, get rid of half my stuff, and turn over a new leaf. But this time I was moving away from the house we brought both of our babies home from the hospital to, and apparently there are [&hellip... read more

May 12, 2016


My Partner Says He’s “Feminist,” but He’s Not Helping with the Wedding

Is this the lack of support I can expect in my future marriage?

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My partner and I are getting married in August. I have always seen him as an ally, a feminist; he never diminishes my feelings, strives to understand my experience, and advocates for the Diva Cup to his co-workers. In our home life, we definitely have gender roles, but they are usually explicitly talked about and agreed upon until we understand what the other is comfortable with. Much of our partnership is shared on a basis other than gender. So why, when it comes to wedding planning, does everything feel so gendered, stereotypical, and awful all of... read more
manayunk_16 (1)

Let Manayunk Calligraphy Teach You How to Do It Yourself

Without the pressure of perfection

by Keriann Kohler
Confession time: I totally fake-calligraphied the addresses on our wedding invitations. I grabbed a fountain pen my artist fiancé had lying around, Googled basic letter shapes on the Internet, and then… just kind of wrote names and addresses. While I don’t think any human needs calligraphy on their… anything… I was already in pretty deep with the skills I’d learned to create my wedding invites. I’d spent countless hours creating the invites—brainstorming, designing, paper shopping, printing, assembling, and HAND... read more

May 11, 2016


Does It Really Matter If You Share Interests with Your Partner?

I'll have what she's having

by Maddie Eisenhart
Do you want to see how far I can spit? This is the one of the very first things I said to my husband when we met as teenagers. At fifteen, I was at the peak of my “cool girl” phase. I had recently purchased the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Football, was considering taking a shop class at the vocational school so I could learn how to fix a car, and had been diligently practicing my distance spitting, all in the hopes of impressing boys. Spoiler alert: it worked. In the early parts of our relationship, Michael and I bonded over a mutual admiration... read more

How to Write a Cover Letter That Actually Gets Noticed

7 tips for making it into the "yes" pile

by Maddie Eisenhart
When I first started applying for jobs, fresh from college, I would spend hours agonizing over the perfect cover letter. Did I sound professional enough? Was I writing too much? Did I effectively convey my enthusiasm for the company? Over time, I perfected a formula that I was sure would wow prospective employers. But now, as one of APW’s hiring managers, I realize I was doing pretty much everything wrong. Cover letters are hard, y’all. You get one shot to make an impression, with only an educated guess as to what the person on the other... read more

May 10, 2016

woman holding cup of coffee

What I Didn’t Post on Facebook for Mother’s Day

Left out in a sea of happy hashtags

by Najva Sol
In case you managed to miss it, Mother’s Day was Sunday and the Internet was once again awash in cute photos of generations of women and their families. It felt like everyone I knew took a #Igetitfrommymama moment to pass on some seriously deserved gratitude to the mothers who raised them while also working through everything else that women (and specifically, mothers) contend with. Imperfect Mothers, Imperfect Daughters It’s not easy being a mom in America, and my own mom learned that firsthand. She was in a crappy, yet familiar immigrant... read more

This Wedding Photographer Will Capture Your Inner Free Spirit

She's based in Atlanta and has free travel nationwide for $2599

by Najva Sol
By this point, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s your day,” once or twice (hah) in the context of wedding planning. And while we can discuss the problematic repercussions of that cliché all day (get it?), there is one part of that phrase that we hope is true. We hope that on your wedding day, you and your partner get to be your most authentic, badass, dance-like-no-one’s-watching, wear-your-sunglasses-at-night selves. Lucky for you guys, new APW sponsor Kelley Raye Photography is all about facilitating that—both... read more

May 9, 2016


The Feminist Case for Wearing a White Dress When You Get Married

Queen Victoria wore white because she's fabulous, not because of the patriarchy

When I first got engaged, I had certain ideas about what my wedding dress should look like. I decided it wasn’t feminist to wear white. Instead, I thought I’d go for a blue gown like Blair Waldorf when she married Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, the greatest television show of our time. I also flirted with the idea of sporting big florals down the aisle, because floral patterns are basically as much a part of my body as my right arm. Then my mom took me to Kleinfeld’s and everything changed. Within forty-five minutes of going dress shopping for the... read more
bride and groom playing giant Jenga

12 Wedding Games to Make Your Reception #Slay

Because sometimes you don't want to dance

by Stephanie Kaloi
When it comes to wedding receptions, we know that not everyone wants to dance. Or hell, maybe you like dancing, but your reception location just doesn’t have space. Because we’re all so trained to think of wedding receptions as following a very specific format—meal, first dance, boogie, cake cutting, crazy dance party—it can be confusing to envision what a reception can look like without dancing. And almost inevitably, you start to worry if a wedding without dancing will even be fun. TL;DR: Of course a wedding without dancing will be fun... read more

May 6, 2016

Slack for iOS Upload-17

APW Happy Hour

Yes, there is a wedding street in Seoul

by Najva Sol
HEY APW, Najva here, reporting from a cafe in Seoul. It’s Saturday for me here, which means I’m in the future right now. I’ve only been here six days (and the first few were eaten by jet lag). HOWEVER, APW needs to know that Seoul has a dedicated wedding shop district. No joke. It’s a few blocks away from the biggest and most prestigious women’s college in all of Korea, in an area that’s basically 100 percent designed for femmes. So many shops full of frilly socks decorated by lace curtains. In other news: I met my... read more
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