September 15, 2016

bride modeling celia grace gown

10 Beautiful Ethical Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Feel as Good as You Look

Wedding fashion + ethics? Yes, please

by Stephanie Kaloi
Diana ($2,150) Depending on how old you are (and how long you’ve been eyeing wedding gowns), it might come as a surprise to know that the world of ethical fashion we know today hasn’t always existed—and what was out there wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, when Celia Grace Co-Founder and CEO Marcie Muehlke was getting married in 2009, she couldn’t find a wedding dress that matched both her personal and political tastes—nothing was equally aesthetically pleasing and sustainably made. So, like all #BossQueens, she... read more

September 14, 2016

Gaia (12 of 12)

The Surprising Things a Puppy Taught Me About Marriage

Practice makes perfect, right?

by Maddie Eisenhart
When you first get a puppy, they tell you to socialize it as often as possible. Get her comfortable around new people, introduce her to new smells, teach her how to be polite, to ask for permission, encourage her to be friendly and non-fearful. It turns out those things are not inborn. Like anything worth having, a good dog is something you have to work at. Particularly when said dog stands a good chance of outweighing both you and your partner in adulthood. Beta Testing for Babies There are many reasons couples choose to get puppies. Companionship.... read more

This Is What Our Universal Registry Redo Would Look Like

Hindsight is 20/20

by Maddie Eisenhart
When Michael and I started registering for our wedding, we quickly realized that the system wasn’t set up for us. First, we were planning on moving apartments exactly ten days after our wedding. And second, it became painfully obvious that our tastes were not exactly what you’d call… big-box registry tastes. The thing is, we wanted to build a registry that reflected us. We were young, we needed stuff, and our families were going to gift us housewares whether we liked it or not. But figuring out how to do that without reinventing the... read more

September 13, 2016

bride and groom standing together

My Expensive Wedding Still Makes Me Feel Really Guilty

I wish I could stop thinking about it, but I can't

I was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding day. In fact, I was fairly certain I would never get married, but then I met Nate. He’s the partner I never knew could exist, and I thought, “Yeah, I could raise a family with this man.” I couldn’t wait to marry him, and in less than a year and a half, we were engaged. But as soon as we were engaged, it became very clear that although we were aligned on how we wanted to spend our lives together, we were not aligned on what we wanted for a wedding. [&hellip... read more

You Can Count on This Photographer to Deliver the Best Photos Every Time

Christina Richards is an APW favorite for good reason

by Stephanie Kaloi
Christina Richards is a little like a photographer fairy tale: yes, there is a woman who shoots in San Francisco, Boston, and New York; who is a calm, consummate professional; and whose work is… incredible. We’re talking sunset-on-point, magical-sprites-in-the-forest, yes-I-want-to-hire-her-for-everything incredible. In fact, APW has hired her for everything from personal family shoots to editorials for our brand partners. Christina is a downright joy to work with, and our go-to girl for consistent artistry and flawless execution. And... read more

September 12, 2016

woman taking photo of a man

Do You Think Emotional Affairs Really Happen?

Is an emotional affair just the first stop on the way to full-blown affair land?

by Stephanie Kaloi
In general, if you ask someone what an emotional affair is, they’ll probably rattle off a list that includes at least three or four of these characteristics: You are physically, mentally, and emotionally attracted to a “friend” You find you’re thinking about your “friend” more than you think about your partner You share important life changes, events, or great news with this person before sharing with your partner You start suggesting changes your partner can make, and those changes would make your partner a lot more... read more

September 9, 2016


APW Happy Hour

See you in San Francisco!

by Meg Keene
Hey APW, Because I didn’t do a book tour with my newest book (something about having just grown a second human and all that), I haven’t gotten to do an in-person event with readers in ages. And I love those events more than anything. So I’m pretty stoked that I’m going to be doing a very book tour–like event at Minted’s San Francisco popup shop next Tuesday. Basically, Minted and APW are cohosting a low-key engagement party, where we give you all the information and support you could possibly need. We’ll have... read more
2015-08-08 15.53.05

Who Needs Cake When You Could Have Hookahs and an Ice Cream Truck?

Mideast meets Midwest... and they do the wobble

by A Practical Wedding
At the beginning, our parents were the enemy. I felt suffocated that they were imposing their will on us left and right with regard to how things should be for this wedding. But then, something happened. I don't know if it was time, or what, but we received such an outpouring of love and support from our parents. Whatever we needed or wanted, they were there. And that feeling we had of "This is our wedding" kind of went away, and we were more like, "This is for all of us as a family. Because at the bottom of all this pomp and circumstance, we actually do... read more

September 8, 2016

bride and groom sitting together

Do I HAVE to Invite My Dad’s Girlfriend to the Wedding?

We haven't even met yet

by Liz Moorhead
Q: My sweetie and I are getting married and having a very small ceremony/reception (thirty to forty people). We aren’t inviting extended families, family friends, or plus ones for our friends unless we know them well. The question I have is about plus ones for my parents. My parents divorced recently. At the time of the wedding, it will be about two years since their divorce. My dad currently lives with a new partner, and my mom is dating, but not in a serious relationship. While they are generally pretty good at being around each other, my dad&#... read more
Zazzle Bridesmaids (4 of 159)

9 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts You’ll Actually Want to Give

Swag for your #squad

by Maddie Eisenhart
When Michael and I got married, we faced the normal barrage of pain-in-the-ass things one deals with when planning a wedding: family being family, us not being millionaires, having jobs, etc. But despite the myriad things stressing us out, our friends were like shining beacons in a storm, particularly our wedding party. Which is probably why we both became obsessed with choosing just the right gifts for them. Gifts that would say, “Thank you for calming me down while I was having that epic fight with my mom,” or “I appreciate you... read more

September 7, 2016


These Women in Tanzania Are the Change We Need in the World

Boy, bye

by Stephanie Kaloi
On my bad days, I like to pass around this video and talk about how we all probably need to be more like the female praying mantis. When it comes down to it… just how useful are men, anyway? “Thanks for the kid(s), dude. See ya!” I’m kidding, mostly, but whenever I stop and think about my life and the lives of my friends, it seems like women are actually running the show in even the most egalitarian households. My male partner is incredible, and yours probably is too (if male partners are your thing)… but are they vital? (... read more

5 Tips That Will Help You Pick the Best Wedding Band

One of our longest longtime sponsors is back and better than ever

by Stephanie Kaloi
I have a tattoo of my son’s feet on the back of my right calf. I love this tattoo because it reminds me of so many things: my son, obviously, but also of his early struggle (he spent a month in the NICU), and how tiny his feet once were. While this tattoo is perfect for me, tattoos aren’t for everybody—which is why the custom fingerprint wedding bands from Brent&Jess are genius. These rings are such a great option for anyone who loves the idea of permanently inking the fingerprints of the one they love on their own body… but... read more

September 6, 2016

bride walking up to groom

This Is What It’s Like to Be a Bisexual Woman in Love with a Man

I'm always going to be bi, it just won't be as obvious anymore

by Amy Elizabeth
I’ve been bisexual since I first learned it existed. I was thirteen. Someone told me they were bisexual and, “That’s an option?!” was literally the thought that ran through my mind. In that moment, I knew clearly that bisexuality was part of who I am. At thirteen I was far removed from any real-life dating, political implications, or the social stigmas that go along with bisexuality. In that moment, I felt peaceful and powerful to have learned this great truth about myself. Fast-forward to my late teens and early twenties, aka the dating years,... read more
bride and groom dancing

70 Underrated Love Songs That Will Make You Teary at Your Wedding

Bring on the heart eyes

by Stephanie Kaloi
If you’re playing music at your wedding, chances are you’re going to want the best love songs to set the tone—I mean, right? There are stories of people who gtet so obsessive about their wedding playlist that they scour every song for its meaning, and cut anything about broken or bad relationships—which, you know, cuts out a lot of great music. But even assuming you’re not doing that (don’t do that—it will drive you mad), you still probably want to pack your playlists with love songs about LUV, because… that’s... read more
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