August 16, 2016

bride and groom in front of wall

Who You Hire If You Want a Personalized Destination Wedding in Hawaii

All the ease of a destination wedding with none of the compromise

by Keriann Kohler
I always wanted a destination wedding. In fact, we came this close to having a destination wedding. We were going to go somewhere warm with only our closest people, and it was going to celebrate our love of travel and nature, all while being stress-free and totally removed from the wedding traditions and expectations of my hometown. And then, as it turned out, one compromise I couldn’t make was giving up our aesthetic and creativity to pick generic “Flower Package A” and “Cake Package B” from a resort. Easy, yes. But us... read more

August 15, 2016

boat docked in the ocean

What’s Happening with Honeymoons Right Now?

What are your plans?

by Stephanie Kaloi
I‘m coming up on my tenth wedding anniversary in a few months… so suffice it to say, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve even paused to think about honeymoons. In general, I love the idea: I’m all in for travel, and have always found that road-tripping two states (or counties!) over is just as exciting as visiting a foreign country. I think travel with your partner will only do wonderful things for your relationship, and also, a trip without your family after the (sometimes stressful-ass) wedding is just a really good thing.... read more
woman with curly hairstyle

33 Modern Curly Hairstyles That Will Slay on Your Wedding Day

Updos and down-dos that work WITH your natural texture, not against it

by Maddie Eisenhart
If you've ever looked for curly hairstyles online, you may have noticed something funny: curly wedding hairstyles, it would seem, are not actually for girls with curly hair. Almost all of them are straight hairstyles in disguise. Which is why for so many naturally curly-haired girls, formal hairstyles can be a nightmare. First there's the "let's just pile it all on top of your head and call it an updo" technique. Then there's the "let's blow-dry your hair straight only to re-curl it" routine that leaves you praying to God no moisture comes within a ten-... read more

August 12, 2016

APW Happy Hour


by Stephanie Kaloi
NBC has more or less royally fucked up coverage this go-around (I've been streaming it online with my sister's cable login, so prime time hasn't been a concern), but I think we can all agree that the network (or the IOC) did *one* thing right: scheduling gymnastics right at the very beginning. Because seriously, they know why we're watching. Yes, I love diving and swimming and track and field (also curling? Because it's nuts) and maybe weight-lifting (though truth: I'm only interested because Kendrick Farris is vegan and I think that's hardcore!)... but... read more
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Finally! Beautiful and Affordable Bridal Separates

Create your wedding look for $500 to $1,000

by Maddie Eisenhart
I am convinced that bridal separates are the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Because you literally get two dresses for the price of one. Want to wear a long formal gown and a cute cocktail dress to your wedding, but don’t want to buy two dresses? Boom. Separates. Want a skirt and a top you might actually wear again? Separates! And if you don’t want to sacrifice a beautiful wedding dress for the convenience of separates? Then you want Lace & Liberty. Because their new collection is off the hook. Why Bridal Separates? Founders... read more

August 11, 2016

dog sitting next to window

My Pet Sitter Lost My Dog on My Wedding Day and It’s All I Remember

Worse still, this is what everyone else remembers about my wedding, too

by Liz Moorhead
Q: Okay, so I read a few articles about women not loving their weddings, and I can totally relate. I got married over a year ago and almost every night I think about how I was so disappointed. I was never really into being a bride, and if it were up to me, I would have eloped. However, both of our families would have been incredibly upset if we’d jetted off to an island and gotten hitched! I always wanted a marriage, not necessarily a wedding. So, fast-forward to the day of the wedding: everything went smoothly (looking back at my pictures, I [&... read more

This Is How We’d Register for Our Wedding Now That We’re About to Be Parents

Forget the kitchen, let's talk about sleep

by Jareesa Tucker McClure
It was pretty early in our wedding planning process that I realized there was a ton we didn’t know, and how to make a wedding registry was at the top of the list. I understood the purpose—after all, I’ve purchased gifts from registries—but I didn’t have a good idea of how my husband and I should create one for ourselves. With no clue of where to start, I did what my scientific training taught me to do: research. That’s how I found Crate and Barrel. I was super excited when Maddie told me that APW was partnering with them on... read more

August 10, 2016

woman holding a bag

When You’re Proud to Be Black but Terrified for Your Black Husband

I'm proud, I'm happy, and I'm also scared

by Jareesa Tucker McClure
A few weeks ago, The Atlantic published this piece titled “‘The Very Real Racism’ Within the Black Community.” I approached the piece with high hopes, but I was immediately disappointed when the opening letter from a reader, Allene, included this quote: For the life of me, I cannot understand how black people are so quick to recognize racism as directed towards them from whites, Latinos, Asians, et al, and miss the very real racism that exists within our race from one another. This gave me pause, but I soldiered on and... read more

Looking for Somewhere to Host Your Wedding Shower? This Is the Spot

9 creative shower, rehearsal, and party locations that don't require cleaning your house first

by Maddie Eisenhart
Converted General Store in San Francisco Did I ever tell you the story about my bridal shower? It goes like this: I never wanted a bridal shower, but agreed to a small, casual event at my mom’s house for the sake of the aunties. We hosted a potluck, and I’m pretty sure everyone wore jeans. When the other half of my family found out about said shower, they immediately went to work setting up a nicer, more “appropriate,” surprise shower event at a fancy restaurant that floats on water. I was never supposed to know about it, but by... read more

August 9, 2016

Ink With Intent (5 of 14)

The 7 Secrets I Learned in 7 Years of Marriage

And a beautiful anniversary certificate

by Meg Keene
The other week, I went to dance class for the first time in years, after having two babies back to back. I was hoping for anonymity as I worked my way back from inflexibility, so I blocked out the possibility that anyone in that class might recognize my face. But of course, in a room packed with women of marriageable age, that was not to be. After class, drenched in sweat and lamenting not warming up properly, I heard, “Hey! Are you Meg Keene?” and saw the smiling face of a woman telling me she was getting married in August. “August [&... read more

Two Derby Girls Got Married in the Desert—and Brought Their Cute Dog With

When sunshine, the desert, and a dog named Pippa make your day

by A Practical Wedding
When we first got engaged we started planning for a wedding, but the deeper we got into planning, the more it started to feel like something that wasn’t for us. Our biggest hesitation with scrapping the whole wedding idea was our families. We didn’t want to upset or disappoint anyone by not having a full-out wedding. We finally decided to talk to our families, and once we explained our perspective on things they were super supportive of our decision. No wedding, no problem... read more

August 8, 2016


What Do You Think About This Approach to Extramarital Attraction?

I didn't say you'd like it

by Meg Keene
If there is one truth about marriage, it’s probably that at some point in your life (or every day, depending on your hormones), you’re going to be attracted to other people. That’s being human, after all. We all go into marriage knowing this—the question is how we choose to deal with it. For a long time, I assumed most couples (except for the ones in open marriages) dealt with potential attraction more or less like we did. In short: we acknowledged it as fact, trusted that the other person wouldn’t act on it, had the realistic... read more
couple eloping in las vegas

All the Things You Need to Know About Eloping (Before You Actually Do It)

It might be easier, but there are still plans to make

by Stephanie Kaloi
Nine and a half years ago, my husband woke up one morning and asked if I wanted to head down to the courthouse and get married. We had been engaged for a month, together for just four, and were feeling overwhelmed. We weren’t overwhelmed by our quick decision to get married, but by the reaction to our wedding plans—our day of choice was shot down (it was on a Wednesday, six months in the future), our diet of choice was nixed (we’re vegetarians), and it felt like anything we said would immediately be vetoed by people who had nothing to [&... read more

August 5, 2016


APW Happy Hour

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter. There, I think it's out of my system

by Stephanie Kaloi
Hey APW, After spending months ignoring the fact that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was coming out, I ended up ordering a copy last minute, going to two Harry Potter parties in a day, and reading the script in two hours before coming away from it all with an empty feeling inside. Am I happy to have more Harry Potter in the world? Eh, sure. Would I have preferred it if Queen JK Rowling had graced us with another book? Obviously. Besides that, my kid is back in school! But we’re (secular) homeschoolers, so that just means… we’re doing... read more

Our Alaskan Potluck Wedding Was One Big Community Lovefest

How two performing musicians made it happen (with a little help from Costco)

by A Practical Wedding
We’ve been together eleven years and had always planned on not getting married. When we changed our minds we decided we were going to “go big or go home.” Since we're living in Alaska, 1,000-4,000 miles away from many of our friends and family, we really wanted to bring everyone to our home and show them why we love this place so much. We had so many of our friends and family take us aside to tell us that they finally “got it” and that they couldn’t be happier for us living in such an awesome community and amazing place. We wanted to put on... read more
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