January 27, 2016


45 Country Wedding Songs Even Your Hipster Friends Will Love

With minimal mentions of boobs, trucks, and beer...

by Stephanie Kaloi
Here’s the thing about country music: tons of people like it—the love is international. You guys probably already know this, because I bet a whole bunch of you aren’t from the southern United States, have never visited Dixie, and will never set foot in these waters… but you’re still totally pulling out your CMT faves and plugging in. Nashville artists are good at a lot of things, including pumping out heartbreaking ballads and tunes that make perfect country wedding songs. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you... read more

January 26, 2016


4 Tricky Registry Situations Thankful Registry Can Help You Avoid

Because gift giving is a two way street

by Stephanie Kaloi
Right about now you’re probably being bombarded with options for setting up your wedding registry. The good news is, that means there more options out there than ever before. While most registries boast about how easy they make things for you, the gift receiver, Thankful Registry stands out because they approach things holistically. They get that gifts are about both the giver and the receiver, and they’ve set up a platform that’s a win for everyone: for $30 per year, you sign up and get an all-inclusive (meaning you can register... read more

My Sister’s Divorce Made It Impossible To Be Happy About Wedding Planning

We are family, and I just want my sister with me

by Stacey Gawronski
There was never any question that if I were to have a wedding, my sister (I’ll call her M) would be my maid of honor. In spite of several disagreements throughout the years, some of which lasted longer than either of us probably expected (in our family, with age comes stubbornness), my sister and I have always been close. Our girlfriends without sisters often remark how lucky we were to have each other. We know it too, understanding their envy even as we bicker and say the kind of hurtful things one can only say to family (and have them [&hellip... read more

January 25, 2016


What Career Conversations Should We Be Having This Year?

Because you're not JUST planning a wedding (and maybe you're not planning one at all)

by Maddie Eisenhart
Last fall marked four years working at APW for me. The funny thing is, when Meg hired me (for a part-time editorial assistant position), I told her that under no circumstances did I ever want this to turn into a full-time job. After three years in the corporate grind, I knew one thing to be true: I just wanted to work for myself. Fast-forward a few years and it is painfully obvious that I am not cut out to be my own boss. Someone else’s boss, sure. I do that with joy. But not The Boss, in the Soprano’s sense [&hellip... read more

Free Printable Belly Bands and Tags for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Plus tips for fancying up your invites without blowing your whole budget

Here’s the first thing I will say: do not feel pressured by anyone, especially the Internet, to fancy up your invitations to impress your loved ones. When an invitee opens an envelope and pulls out a grandly embellished wedding invitation, sure, they may say, “How beautiful! I can tell they put a lot of time into this. I’m so impressed!” When an invitee opens an envelope and slips out just a simple card inviting them to your upcoming nuptials, they will still clutch their hand to their heart and say, “Oh my God, they’re getting married! I’... read more

January 22, 2016

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

Happy Hour

#squadgoals achieved (with a baby)

by Meg Keene
HEY Apw, Hey guys, we’re at our big conference for the year in Salt Lake City. I wrote about how women centric Alt Summit is, and this year I brought my six month old baby, and a whole girl squad. (Eighteen year old cousin helping with the baby, Najva, Maddie, me, and baby girl are all having a wonderful time.) So let’s kick it to happy hour, because I need to go get ready for our big talk (and get the babies two hairs cut by a friend who also does Paris and New York fashion week, I KNOW RIGHT). [&hellip... read more

Our 200-Guest, Punk Rock Joshua Tree Wedding Was the Stuff of Legends

What's more punk: members of L7 and The Go-Go's performing or the flower girl's pink hair?

by A Practical Wedding
After the reception we had a shuttle bus transport guests to the after party at Rancho De La Luna, which is a famous recording studio and also the personal residence of musician Dave Catching. We have a lot of friends who are musicians, so we held a sort of mini-concert under the stars. Jane Wieldin from the Go-Go's was a guest at the wedding and performed "Our Lips are Sealed" with Donita Sparks from L7. Our friend Dave dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and did "Dancing in the Dark." Bryan and I sang "I Was Made for Lovin' You" by KISS while everyone in... read more

January 21, 2016


Want a Photographer Who Won’t Cut Out Your Wedding’s Blooper Reel?

When fine art and fun combine, the result is Lucille Lawrence Photography

by Stephanie Kaloi
Wedding days tend to bring on the feels, and with any luck you’ll experience the whole gamut: nervousness, butterflies, excitement, joy, and flat out rapturous happiness. Hopefully, your wedding day will be chocked full of happy tears and so much laughter that your sides ache for days—and hopefully you’ll have a photographer like Lucille Lawrence Photography on hand to capture every single silly moment that comes your way (especially if you have hamburgers, cake, and cute kids on hand): That’s not to say that our girl Lucille... read more

How Do I Tell My Mom I Hate Big Expensive Wedding Dresses?

AAPW: I just want one thing to be simple

by Liz Moorhead
Q: I love my mom, but she can be… intense. She is so excited about the wedding, in a totally exhausting way that has sucked the joy out of planning for me. I have tried to be very kind to her—I know it’s just because she loves us—but I am thinking about doing something hurtful. I am dreading dress shopping because I know it will be difficult. My mom has a lot of feelings invested in The Dress and nothing less than an outrageously expensive gigantic gown will do. It’s her dream to see me as (her version of) a Real [&hellip... read more

January 20, 2016

Suiting Tips

Four Things You Need to Know About Suits

And how to avoid looking like you're going to the junior prom

by Maddie Eisenhart
In the wedding space, there is lots and lots of talk of wedding dresses. If you’re just starting planning now, you’ve probably already skimmed over dozens of articles extolling the virtues of various wedding dress necklines, how to “dress best for your body,” and a bunch of other stuff that assumes ladies are the only people showing up to a wedding wearing clothes. But when it comes to suits… the wedding industry is basically like, “We’re sure you’ll figure it out!” And I’ve been to enough... read more

This Is What It’s Like to Accidently Take a Tantric Yoga Workshop

Or how turning my sex life into a project was sort of a disaster

by Anonymous
For our first married Valentine’s Day, my wife gave me a partners’ yoga class. This was a genius idea. Yoga is one of the few fitness activities that we both enjoy, and the class was billed as an acro workshop, which was something both of us wanted to learn more about. The posters advertising the class seemed to use the term “partner” broadly—a person you wanted to do balancing tricks with as opposed to a person you make out with more often than other people. It sounded delightful. The night of the class, we grabbed a bite to eat and [&... read more

January 19, 2016


Here’s a New York Photographer Who Will Capture You Like You Are: Relaxed, Informal, Fun

Jubilation, delight, and exultation: a few words for what you're about to feel

by Stephanie Kaloi
Real talk: planning a wedding in NYC can be overwhelming. There are a zillion vendors for every possible aspect of your wedding that you might be into, and whittling down the possibilities that exist within your vision and your budget is a formidable task. Enter Samantha Gore Photography, who stands out in the crowd simply because she dares to deviate. Where you might find plenty of photographers who are into overexposure and wistful gazes in a field (which is lovely), or moody intense shots that kind of ache (equally delightful), Samantha Gore is into... read more
bride being helped into her wedding dress by friends and family

Engagement Was the Saddest Time of My Life

My mom died before I found my wedding dress

My mom had cancer twice. The first time I was six. We were living in Minnesota and would go to the Mall of America. We would window shop at the Disney Store and eat at the Rainforest Café. It was magical. It was distracting. And most importantly it made positive memories. I was twenty-three when she started chemo the second time. We were living in Ohio and we would go to Target. Buy silly things: sandals, mixing bowls, super hero pajamas. It was more practical. But we laughed and smiled and it made positive memories. Honestly retail therapy was as [&... read more

January 15, 2016


APW Happy Hour

Mercury Retrograde and Coloring Calendars

by Najva Sol
HEY APW, Najva here. Last week’s post may have been a “Happy Hour” in name, but the big ass giveaway we’re doing didn’t have our link roundup (though, you can still enter… and there’s some new podcasts to check out, so click on it or click on any of the links below to go straight to listening). Stuff Mom Never Told You: Episode One, A Practical Wedding Stuff Mom Never Told You: Episode Two, A Feminist Marriage Save the Date Podcast: Episode One, Interview with Meg Save the Date Podcast: Episode Two, Wedding Q... read more

The Most Important Thing I Learned in 2015

And how YNAB helped break me of my worst habit

by Maddie Eisenhart
There’s a running joke on staff that I’ve got gamblers’ blood in my veins. I like projects with quick payoffs, and I like tangible success. It’s why I’m in charge of the money stuff and not social media. Because the long game is my least favorite kind of game. And because I’m sort of a gambler, I’m the worst at saving. I like to make the money, spend it, and then enjoy the adrenaline high of trying to figure out how I’m going to figure my shit out next month. It means I’m a great partner, in both... read more