Below are the questions we ask in order to get to know what makes you and your business tick. We request that this information be submitted by 5 weeks in advance of your post date, so that we have plenty of time to get to know you, ask questions about your business, and figure out how to best market your talents to our readership. Of course, if you have any questions before then, or if you just want to talk strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Keriann by emailing Keriann (at) apracticalwedding (dot) com.

We can’t wait to work with you!


The APW Team

Tips For Your Sponsored Post

Our goal is to maximize the impact of your sponsored post. In order to do this, we have a few tips for what to include in the form fields below:

  • Consider your “hook:” There are two things every wedding photographer has in common: they love weddings and they love photography. Our job is to sell what is unique to you and your business. So tell us what makes you different from everyone else around you. (That’s your hook.) Do you have a degree in fine art? Is your business dedicated to making the world a better place? Are you building your business and looking to expand your portfolio by offering competitive rates? There is a client for every sponsor, and the more we know about the specifics of you and your operation, the better we can do to match you up with awesome clients.
  • Make It About Them: There’s a great quote about sales that goes, “No one cares about your products and services in and of themselves. They just want their problems solved.” APW readers just want their wedding planning problems solved. (A big chunk of which revolves around hiring vendors.) So make your post about what they want. For example, instead of saying, “I love working with laid-back couples because they make my job easier,” you can say, “I love working with APW couples, because I’m able to create my best work at the kinds of laid-back weddings APWers throw. And you deserve my best work.”
  • Be Clear About Pricing and Location: The first things I look for on your website are a) Where are you located and b) What are your prices. If that information isn’t available, clients usually assume that you are a) Too far away to work with them and b) Out of their price range. Which is often not the case! So we recommend that you make your location clear and known on your front page, and your pricing easily accessible (you don’t have to list out a full price sheet, but a base price and an idea of what that gets you are a good start.)
  • more is always better! We have found that the more effort sponsors put into this form, the better their final post tends to perform. This more we can come to understand you and your business, the better we can share what makes you special with our readers. And if writing doesn’t come easily to you, feel free to to use the form to brainstorm and ramble—the more information you can provide, the better. While there is no need to send us a perfectly polished finished product, please keep in mind that we may quote you directly, so if there’s anything you’d like to remain “off the record” please make a note of it. 

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