All APW-approved vendors, agree that:

… A wedding is an awesome party, but it’s the marriage that really matters.

… It takes two people to get married. It’s not all about the bride (and sometimes there isn’t a bride to begin with).

… We support LGBTQ couples right to marry, and we are delighted to work with them.

… We don’t charge a premium just because we heard the word “wedding.”

… We will be upfront and fair about our pricing. We won’t surprise you with a secret fee because you want frosting on the cake, not just the cake.

… You don’t have to have cake at your wedding.

… However you decided to tie the knot, we’re on your team.

… Weddings come in all different shapes/sizes/colors/budgets/etc., but as long as you two end up married to each other, it will have been a successful wedding.