For twelve years, A Practical Wedding has been a pioneer of inclusivity and a go-to resource for thoughtful feminist weddings. Long before the other big names in the industry proclaimed “love is love” we were publishing LGBTQ+ weddings alongside straight cis weddings. Our pages are full of diverse couples who represent reality. Our real weddings, essays, social media, and vendor directory feature tall people, short people, thin people, fat people, queer people, straight people, non-binary people, people of color, trans people, religious people, secular people, and oftentimes an intersectional mix of the above. To us, our readers aren’t just statistics in a sales deck or potential clients for your business. We see our ultimate goal as being wedding matchmakers. Because we only do our jobs well when our couples have good people in their corner, and when our vendors have thriving businesses with kickass couples.

APW is run by real people you can interact with, who genuinely want to help your business grow, and our audience feels the same!

We work hard to win our reader’s trust, and that is why all the vendors in our directory must sign our Inclusivity Pledge. In order to advertise with us, you must be committed to treating your clients like people (not walking wallets), celebrating LGBTQ+ and POC couples, and to understanding that weddings look a lot of ways.

In return, you get the best clients. While most wedding websites are all style and no substance, with APW it’s the reverse: folx come from the pretty pictures on social media and stay for the helpful content, community, and conversation. They take our editors’ advice and trust our recommendations. Especially when it comes to making the actual wedding magic happen.

It’s not just how many readers we have. It’s the kind of readers we have. Our audience is made up of smart, educated, mindful couples who embrace the mission of our site and understand the value of your business. They are progressive, laidback, kind, and creative (AKA the kind of clients who are tons of fun to work with and help to build a portfolio of killer weddings.) We’re consistently told that APW readers are our vendors’ favorite clients.

So where do you want your advertising dollars to go? A publicly-traded company or a women-owned (and run) small business that’s been committed to intersectional feminism, inclusivity, and progressive values for twelve years who genuinely cares if your business succeeds?


We’re not going to bullshit you. There isn’t a single silver bullet for growing your business. But we’ve been in this industry for over a decade and we’ve helped launch countless wedding businesses from the ground up (is it a coincidence that our vendors are often featured as best-of picks in publications like The Huffington Post? We don’t think so.) This is why our advertising program is based on getting your business in front of the right clients. Real weddings, Instagram features (optional add-on), sponsored posts (optional add-on), and of course, your vendor directory listing.


When you join the APW Vendor Directory you’ll receive:

Vendor Listing A standalone page in the APW Vendor Directory with a 30 picture portfolio (plus the option to include video), a profile describing what makes you and your business unique, your travel policy, a client testimonial, customer reviews, your contact info, and links to featured work of yours on the site.
– Appears immediately after front page sponsor listings in search results.
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Get super-focused content and posts that showcase the magic of your business in front of our 350K+ monthly readers or our nearly 220K+ social media followers. 50% of sponsors say that sponsored posts deliver the greatest return on their advertising dollars. $1799 (Homepage) or $799 (Social)
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Brand/website/portfolio critiques and coaching sessions Add on private coaching to receive in-depth brand/website/portfolio/marketing critique and business advice from eleven-year industry veterans. $250 for one hour,
limited availability


In 2008, newly-engaged Meg Keene proclaimed that weddings could be fun, feminist, and laid-back and that the wedding industry could be an inclusive place—and these revolutionary ideas sparked a movement. For the past decade, the blog that she started at her kitchen table has been helping to change the face of wedding media with its focus on intersectional feminism and diverse stories of love and relationships (with a side of glitter). In that time, change has taken root in much of the industry, and APW has grown to be one of the largest independently owned wedding sites online, with one of the best communities on the internet (we’re only a little biased).

Our motto is “you do you”… and we’ll help you make it happen. As for what we don’t do, that has stayed the same for the last eleven years. On APW we don’t call people Bridezillas, we don’t call weddings the perfect day/best day of your life, or use pronouns assuming the gender of your partner. All of our small business advertisers must sign our Inclusivity Pledge, and we particularly endeavor to promote women, LGBTQ+, and POC-owned businesses.

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