How to Plan an At-Home Weddding

Standard wedding industry advice seems to be that if you’re having a wedding at home, you better start by renovating your house. If it’s in your backyard, you better re-landscape. Yeah…. about that. How about you just hire a cleaner to come before and after? Get these key tips and more in our How To Plan An At Home Wedding guide, by the ever stylish AndKathleen.

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

Chances are, if you’re doing this thing at home, you’re planning and managing the logistics by yourself. Let’s get started. Here is everything you need to know about event rentals. You probably also need to create your wedding timeline. Dig into our logistics posts, for all that and more.

Wedding Spreadsheets

You want them (you need them). We’ve got them.

DIY: Music, Flowers, Photography? We've got it all.

It’s perfectly possible to have a super traditional at home wedding. But most often, backyard weddings are characterized by a lot of DIY (by necessity). We’ve got you covered. You can read about how to self DJ your wedding, and then find inspiration for your wedding playlist. Then, check out our tutorials on flowers, our two part series on DIY photography (plus how to crowd source wedding photos on Instagram), and our DIY beauty tutorials.

Self Catering? Do-able.

If you’re getting hitched in a home or a backyard, you may be thinking of self catering. No matter what doomsday talk you hear, this is something you can manage if you want to. We’ve got tips on catering a dessert reception, or a cocktail party reception. Plus, (almost) everything you need to know about buying alcohol for your wedding.  You can check out all our posts on self catering here.

At-home weddings are magical

You said you vows by the windows over there, or by your mom’s fireplace, or back my your grannies climbing roses. We all need that little spark of the magic of our wedding day once in a while. You’ll get it when you walk into that house. Start getting inspired by browsing all of our at-home weddings.