The Love Club Syllabus

Masterclasses with our team of wedding industry experts and guest speakers will cover topics like:

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Defining Your Brand & Marketing

We kick off The LOVE Club with a deep dive into your brand. It’s time to dig into your website, your social profile, and how you position yourself in the market. What are your brand strengths? What are your weaknesses? We’ll discuss the best ways for you to message and market to that dream client. We’ll also dive into inclusivity and diversity, and how you can best showcase a broad range of bad-ass human beings in your portfolio.

Converting Leads

When you advertise, the goal is to get leads. What you do with those leads, is up to you. This month we’ll discuss how to take a ringing phone (JK, a full email inbox) and turn it into a packed booking schedule. How can you emotionally hook a client, to make sure they feel invested before their email even hits your inbox? On a fundamental level: does your online presence match your in person vibe? Are you getting the right clients to reach out to you in the first place?

Policies, Pricing, Travel… And When To Cut A Deal

If there is one question that never dies, it’s this: how should I price my work? What should my image delivery and travel policies be? What do my real life cost numbers look like, and how can I make sure I’m not working for free? Plus, the age old question: when should I cut a deal for an amazing client? Figuring out the right policies and pricing isn’t just key to getting clients, it’s also key to making sure you don’t burn out and never want to shoot another wedding again.

Building a Network & Building Your Referral Business

All the entrepreneurial messaging out there is about hustle and grind. And while we firmly believe that you are going to dream it, work hard, and grind till you own it…. you also can’t do this alone. Beyonce has a support team, and you need one too. This month we’ll do a deep dive on how to create a culture of mutual success to surround you, and support you.

Getting Published And Catching The Zeitgeist

We all know those wedding vendors. We see them everywhere. Their weddings are published on all the major websites and blogs. They land on all the Buzzfeed roundups. They win all the awards. And while their work is really good, your work might be even better… so how are they everywhere? This month we’ll discuss what it takes to get consistently published, how to develop long term relationships with editors, and how the editorial cycle works. We’ll discuss what’s not worth your time (cough, styled shoots) and why you should focus on the stuff that really matters.

PLEASE NOTE: Topics and Guest Speakers are subject to slight change, as we will tailor this program specifically to the needs of the participants.


the L.o.v.e. Club

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